Scientists have found that the abnormal magnetic field in the South Atlantic region may cause some unknown changes

The earth is a beautiful planet of life, and also the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. So why can the earth become a planet of life and give birth to human beings? You know, human beings have been out of the earth for more than half a century, and have also carried out preliminary exploration of the planets in the solar system. So far, no second living planet has been found.

It can be seen that life planet is also a very rare existence in the universe, and the birth of life needs to meet many conditions. And the earth can become a beautiful planet of life, nature also needs to meet a lot of conditions, these conditions are from various factors outside the earth, such as in the livable zone, with the protection of Jupiter and the moon.

There are also various advantages from the earth itself. One of the most important conditions is the strong magnetic field. With a strong magnetic field, we can not only effectively control the loss of the atmosphere, but also effectively defend against all kinds of radiation from the universe.

Mars is the neighbor of the earth, and it is also in the habitable zone. Through the exploration of Mars, scientists found that long ago, Mars may also be a beautiful planet of life. It was only after major changes that Mars became what it is now. One of the main reasons for Mars becoming desolate is the disappearance of Martian magnetic field.

Without the protection of the magnetic field, the Martian atmosphere will continue to lose and become thinner. Without the protection of the magnetic field, the liquid water on the surface of Mars will also be continuously carried away by the solar wind, and other kinds of cosmic radiation will continue to invade Mars without hindrance. Finally, Mars became a desolate and lifeless planet, which shows how important a strong magnetic field is for a living planet.

It is precisely because the magnetic field is so important to the life of the earth and human beings that scientists have been monitoring the changes of the earth’s magnetic field. Through continuous exploration and research, scientists have found that the earth’s magnetic field does not show the principle of average distribution. Some places have strong magnetic field, while others are very weak. On earth, the most abnormal region of magnetic field is the South Atlantic region.

The magnetic field in the South Atlantic region has become weaker and weaker in recent decades, and this trend continues. Moreover, according to the European Space Agency (ESA), global magnetic field strength has fallen by 9% in the past 200 years. The South Atlantic anomaly seems to be a special change point. Now, the results of satellite survey of this abnormal area show that the geomagnetic intensity is increasing and weakening in Southwest Africa, indicating that the South Atlantic abnormal area may be divided into two separate low magnetic areas.

The continuous decrease of the earth’s magnetic field and the anomaly of the magnetic field in the North Atlantic and the South Atlantic tell us that the earth’s magnetic field is changing. It is not clear whether this change is good or bad. However, the weakening of the earth’s magnetic field is not good news for mankind. We should know that many scientific and technological equipment and applications of human beings now depend on the earth’s magnetic field. For example, the normal operation of compass and global positioning system (GPS) depends on the earth’s magnetic field. In addition, a large number of electric equipment, satellites, space stations, etc. on the earth should be protected by the magnetic field. If the earth’s magnetic field continues to weaken, then the damage from solar particles will increase, and a large number of electric equipment may be constantly damaged.

Some people may worry that the weakening of the earth’s magnetic field will eventually make the earth, like Mars, completely lose the protection of the magnetic field? In fact, the possibility of this happening is very small. Even if the earth’s magnetic field will not disappear, the anomaly and weakening of the magnetic field in the South Atlantic region still make scientists feel a crisis. This crisis is the exchange of the north and south polar magnetic fields.

In the long years of the earth, geomagnetic reversals have happened many times. It seems that the reversal of geomagnetism also has a certain periodicity. When the time comes, there will be a reversal of magnetic pole. The main reason is the transposition of the north and south magnetic poles. Such a huge change will certainly have a great impact on the earth’s ecology.

If the reversal of magnetic field occurs in the life time, it may also lead to the extinction of organisms. Therefore, we should not underestimate the reversal of magnetic field. Since mankind has not experienced the reversal of magnetic field since its birth, we do not know how it will be carried out and what kind of development process it will have. If the magnetic field reverses, we have no idea what major changes will take place in the earth’s ecology.

However, if the current weakening of the earth’s magnetic field and the abnormal magnetic field in the South Atlantic are a signal of geomagnetic reversal, then the process of geomagnetic reversal may be a process of weakening, disappearance of magnetic field, reversal of magnetic pole and strengthening of magnetic field. Even in the process of geomagnetic reversal, if the magnetic field does not disappear completely, then the magnetic field may weaken to a very low value.

At that time, there must be some major discoveries in the earth’s ecology, and for life and human beings, they may have to face all kinds of strong radiation from the solar wind and the universe. Especially for mankind entering the era of science and technology, the impact of geomagnetic reversal may be even greater. At that time, those satellites and space stations in earth orbit would be affected by radiation, resulting in a series of effects such as communication interruption and electronic product failure.

So can the geomagnetic reversal be prevented? Of course not. As long as we know the origin of the earth’s magnetic field, maybe we can change it through the power of science and technology. Now scientists believe that the earth’s magnetic field comes from the stirring of the molten iron core. As we all know, the earth’s internal structure is divided into three layers: the crust, the mantle and the core.

When it comes to the mantle layer, the material has basically shown a state of molten flow. When it comes to the higher temperature of the core, it is a molten world. Core scientists at the center speculated that it might be a metal core, a solid substance. It is the movement of the earth’s core that gives the earth its magnetic field.

The weakening of the earth’s magnetic field indicates that some small changes have taken place in the movement of the earth’s core. According to the fact that the reversal of the magnetic field is a periodic activity on the earth, it indicates that the movement of the earth’s core may also have a certain periodicity. This periodic change may be a regulatory role of nature.

If we want to really solve the problem of geomagnetic reversal, we must first have a comprehensive understanding of the movement of the earth’s core. In addition, by understanding the relationship between its motion and magnetic field, we can really trace its origin and finally solve the problem of magnetic field reversal.

Of course, with the current science and technology of mankind, there is no ability to really enter the earth’s core. Naturally, we don’t know what’s going on there. However, we need not worry too much about the reversal of the magnetic field. Even if it will happen in the future, it will be a very long time ago. Such a thing will not happen for a long time in the future.

Moreover, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, in-depth exploration of the earth’s core can also be achieved in the future. At that time, when we fully understand the core of the earth, we may be able to find the final solution, keep the earth’s magnetic field in a stable state, and protect the earth’s ecology and human survival.

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