Scientists have found that the Arctic permafrost has shrunk again, which may trigger a virus crisis

The earth is a beautiful ecological planet, the surface has a very warm environment, and it is in this environment that life can develop steadily and rapidly. Although the earth is generally a warm environment, it does not mean that there is no particularly cold place on the earth.

In fact, the two poles of the earth are still relatively cold places. These two places have been covered with ice and snow for tens of millions of years. It’s basically the two coldest regions on earth, and the cold environment makes most organisms unable to survive. Of course, the north and south poles are not without creatures. There are also some rare creatures like to live in the cold north and south poles, such as penguins in the Antarctic and polar bears in the Arctic.

Originally, cold regions like the north and south poles should be two good pure lands on the earth. However, when mankind enters the era of science and technology, with the rapid development of industry and the continuous emission of a large number of greenhouse gases, the greenhouse effect of the earth is becoming more and more serious, and the global temperature is also rising.

The rising ambient temperature also affects the temperature of the north and south poles. The north and south poles, formerly known as the forbidden zone for human beings, are no longer so cold. There are not only scientific research stations from all over the world, but also many people travel to the north and south poles every summer. The old cold zone is now more and more crowded.

Maybe in the eyes of many people, the rising temperature in the north and south poles is a great thing. We can finally go to the north and south poles for sightseeing, to see those lovely penguins and other animals. You know, in the past, because the north and south poles were very cold, people had to take a lot of risks to enter and explore. If not, there was no way out, and they were directly frozen into ice sculptures.

But now the temperature there is also rising, especially after the arrival of North and south every year and summer, the temperature has also increased a lot, and the melting of glaciers has also formed beautiful rivers, and there are more and more green. It’s a beautiful experience for tourists, but it’s not a good phenomenon for scientists, who are full of worries.

Scientists are not only worried about rising temperatures and melting glaciers, but also about melting permafrost. I believe many people know that permafrost exists in both the north and the south poles, especially in Siberia, where permafrost is world famous.

Permafrost, also known as permafrost or permafrost, refers to the earth rock layer frozen for many years. It can be divided into two layers: the upper layer melts in summer and freezes in winter, which is called active layer, also called ice melting layer; the lower layer is frozen all year round, which is called permafrost or permafrost. They generally occur in high latitudes or high altitudes.

The area that can form permafrost must be very cold all the year round, and this place has only the South Pole and the north pole on the earth. Therefore, there are permafrost in these two areas, but the permafrost will not melt easily, especially in the lower layer, which has been frozen for tens of thousands of years or millions of years.

So what’s in the permafrost? We all know that carbon dioxide in the air will form dry ice because of the low temperature, and methane will also form methane ice. In the north and south polar regions, the temperature is very low. Although the temperature in these two regions is not so cold now, in ancient times, it was so cold that we were afraid.

Moreover, the freezing point of carbon dioxide and methane is not particularly low. The low temperature in the polar regions is enough to make the carbon dioxide and methane ice continuously, and then seal them in the permafrost. So there’s a lot of solid carbon dioxide and methane in the permafrost, which we all know are greenhouse gases.

The reason why the earth’s temperature is rising is that the content of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases is increasing. In general, the gases in the outer layer of permafrost will slowly release into the atmosphere and participate in the atmospheric cycle. Take methane as an example. During the great ice age when the temperature is very low, methane in permafrost will also be released, but the amount released is very small.

But the rapid development of human industry has released a lot of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, so the greenhouse effect of the earth has intensified, and the temperature has been rising. At this time, the thawing rate of the permafrost is also accelerating, and more importantly, the permafrost under the permafrost that has not moved for more than ten thousand years is also beginning to recover. That’s when more carbon dioxide, methane, is released from the frozen soil.

This will aggravate the global greenhouse effect, which in turn will make the permafrost melt faster, and this vicious circle will become more and more serious. If it’s just the continuous emission of greenhouse gases in the permafrost, it won’t worry scientists very much. What really worries scientists is the ancient bacteria and viruses frozen in the permafrost.

Virus is between living things and non living things. In nature, the virus can not survive, but it will not die (under ultraviolet radiation, alcohol and other conditions, the virus will die).

We know that many creatures once lived in high latitudes, such as mammoths, polar bears, penguins and so on. If the remains of these organisms are not eaten by other carnivores or scavengers after their death, they are likely to be frozen under the permafrost and decomposed very slowly by microorganisms. Therefore, many biological remains are frozen under the permafrost and glacier.

If it’s a normal death of animals frozen in the permafrost, we don’t have to worry too much. But if the animals that died of virus or bacterial infection were frozen in permafrost, they might have carried ancient viruses. Once the permafrost melts, these ancient bacteria or viruses may enter our present ecosystem.

You know, the creatures that can be frozen in the permafrost, especially those in the lower layer, must be very old creatures. At least tens of thousands of years ago, if they carry bacteria or viruses, they are very old. And the ancient viruses and bacteria have basically disappeared in the earth’s ecosystem.

After a long time of evolution, great changes have taken place in gene structure and other information. The same is true of viruses. Today’s viruses are certainly different from the ancient viruses tens of thousands of years ago. Through the collection of some ancient virus samples, scientists found that the ancient virus is much larger than our current virus. It’s not too much to call it a super virus.

The obvious difference of size is only the external performance, and the internal information difference of gene structure is also very obvious. It can be said that we basically know nothing about ancient bacteria and viruses. If such ancient bacteria and viruses enter our present ecosystem, if they have no effect at all, it is absolutely self deception.

If the ancient virus has a very strong harmful transmission, such as can infect people, it may be a terrible virus crisis for human. This year’s virus crisis is still ongoing, and scientists still have no particularly good means to completely eliminate this new virus. And this new virus is at least within the scope of human understanding. No matter how it mutates, it is also developed on the basis of modern virus.

But we don’t know about the ancient virus at all. Once it is highly infectious, it will not be at the same level as the current virus crisis. It is possible that there will be a terrible doomsday crisis like that described in some doomsday novels. Therefore, to protect and cherish the environment is actually to protect human beings. We are constantly destroying the environment, which is actually to lead human beings to a more dangerous situation.

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