Scientists have found that the end of a long-lived creature is bleak, and perhaps immortality will never come true!

Immortality goes against the rules of the universe. Why are there still long-lived creatures? Maybe they don’t end well!

Since ancient times, any emperor has pursued immortality. In fact, immortality has the same meaning as immortality. The purpose is immortality. However, life, aging, illness and death are eternal laws in nature, and everyone can’t escape. If someone can realize this illusion, the world will change.

There are many myths about immortality. You must have seen journey to the West. It has been clearly pointed out in journey to the West that immortality can be achieved only by eating Tang Seng’s meat. As a result, many demons and ghosts are trying their best to arrest Tang Seng. Unfortunately, none of them succeed. In our real life, Tang Seng’s meat really can’t exist, even if we want it Now immortality can only be achieved by other scientific means. At present, immortality is still in the illusion of human beings, and all things in the universe have the end time, which can be predicted, no matter who can not escape fate. Immortality goes against the rules of the universe. Why are there still long-lived creatures? Maybe they don’t end well!

No matter what the result is, human beings are still pursuing a longer life span, and using medical or scientific means to reach the limit of life. In the end, no one can achieve immortality. On the contrary, the longer the life span, the more miserable the end will be. In people’s eyes, the tortoise is the longest living creature. It is understood that the oldest tortoise in the world has reached 175 years old. According to such a life span, human beings certainly can not reach it. In fact, the tortoise’s life span is not the longest.

In addition, scientists discovered a round clam that has lived for more than 500 years during their exploration. For more than 500 years, humans dare not even think about it. In fact, the longest-lived one in the world is not a turtle or a round clam, but a jellyfish. What many people don’t know is that when jellyfish reach a certain stage, they will rejuvenate and grow again, which is almost immortality, realizing the infinite cycle of life. Although the vitality of jellyfish is fragile, its fecundity is amazing.

The longer a creature lives, the more vulnerable it is to external interference. Human beings are unable to break through this limit. Everyone will enter the end of life. This is an eternal law, and no one can change it. Everyone’s life is only once. It’s not easy for most people to live to 70 or 80 years old. If we want to get a longer life, we can only use some health preserving methods or exercise to make our body function stronger. If we are lazy for a long time or don’t pay attention to our living habits, one’s life won’t grow anywhere.

Every life on earth should follow the laws of nature. If you change your life against the weather, the outcome will not be much better. Immortality is a goal that can never be achieved. Someone once did a freezing experiment. It is expected that it will be revived in 50 years, and the outcome is not impressive. It can be seen that immortality is impossible. Everyone should follow the law of nature and live a valuable life in the limited life. How do you understand eternal life? You can leave a message for interaction.

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