Scientists have found that the Martian environment is far better than we think, and it may become the second earth

There are eight planets in the solar system. There are three planets in the habitable zone, namely Venus, earth and Mars. Among the three planets, only earth is a beautiful planet of life, while the other two planets are worse than one, especially Venus, which is a purgatory planet.

Mars is the neighbor of the earth, and it is also the most explored planet since mankind came out of the earth. Maybe many people don’t understand why scientists spend so much time and energy exploring Mars? Some people may think that scientists explore Mars to find life on Mars, but the fact is far from as simple as we think.

Whether there is life on Mars is actually not important to human beings, and the purpose of scientists’ continuous exploration of Mars is not here. The real purpose is for the survival home of human beings in the future, for the future of human beings. We all know that the earth is the home of human beings for millions of years, so can we survive forever?

Some people may say that the ecological environment of the earth has been maintained for 4 billion years, and it should be OK for human beings to survive on the earth for billions of years. So is that really the case? Without the birth and development of human beings, the earth has always maintained a primitive life planet, so the earth’s ecological environment should be no problem for several billion years.

However, after the birth of human beings, the earth’s ecological environment is undergoing significant changes step by step. As we all know, the largest desert in the world is the Sahara desert in Africa, covering an area of 9 million square kilometers, which is close to the land area of one China. How did such a vast desert come into being? Is it natural?

In fact, the Sahara desert is not formed naturally, it is caused by the activities of human ancestors. As we all know, Africa is the origin of modern human beings. Homo sapiens, the direct ancestor of modern human beings, was born in Africa. One day, our ancestors discovered the vast oasis of Sahara and settled here.

After the human ancestors lived down, they began to carry out a large number of breeding, and the green areas disappeared continuously. Before long, the original oasis disappeared. Our ancestors walked out of this land and began to search for a new oasis. With the passage of time, the Sahara, which lost its green color, gradually became the present desert.

This is only a small destruction of nature by human ancestors, but with the rapid development of human beings, especially after entering the era of science and technology, a large number of industries are developing rapidly and resources are rapidly consumed. At the same time, the ecological environment of the earth is also deteriorating rapidly. Only a hundred years later, the earth has become very strange to many old people. In the past, the beautiful environment of blue sky, white clouds, birds singing and flowers fragrance is rarely seen.

From this we can see how serious the damage of human industrial activities to the environment is. Moreover, it is difficult for us to effectively change this kind of damage. The reason is very simple. We can’t give up industry to protect the environment. In that case, the pace of science and technology will stop and the development of human civilization will stop. Therefore, scientists clearly know that the root of the earth’s ecological deterioration lies in industry, but we can’t stop it. We can only take some environmental protection measures to slow down the speed of ecological deterioration.

At the same time, scientists are also actively exploring to find a second earth suitable for human survival. Due to the speed limit, we have not been able to carry out interstellar navigation, unable to explore other galaxies and find a new earth suitable for human survival. The only hope is to carry out alien migration in the solar system, and the choice of migration planet is Mars.

Mars is also a habitable planet. Although the surface environment is not suitable for human survival, it may become the second blue planet after some modifications. To transform Mars, we need to have a comprehensive understanding of it. If you want to successfully transform Mars and make it a livable planet, one of the core factors is water.

If Mars does not have a little water, it will be difficult to transform successfully, and without water, human beings can not survive. To know that human survival is inseparable from water, then Mars has water? At first, the probe did not find any water on Mars, but with continuous exploration, scientists have found a lot of water ice in the north pole of Mars.

At the same time, the probe also found many ancient river beds on the surface of Mars. Through these river beds, we can draw a conclusion: Mars was also a beautiful blue planet long ago, and life may have been born. But scientists are not sure how many years ago the water on Mars dried up.

According to the model and reasoning analysis, the rivers on Mars have completely dried up 3 billion years ago, and Mars has long been a dry and cold planet. However, according to the latest observation data, scientists have pointed out that Mars once had rivers, most of which existed for more than 1 billion years, and even many rivers dried up about 1 billion years ago.

So when did the Martian rivers completely dry up? Whether it was 3 billion years ago or 1 billion years ago, it’s a huge time gap. The conclusion will be completely different. If the water on Mars dries up in 3 billion years, the cause of Mars ecological deterioration may be sudden upheaval, such as the impact of a huge asteroid.

But if the water resources on Mars were exhausted only one billion years ago, the environment on Mars would be better than we thought. The reasons for the deterioration of the Martian environment might be very complicated, and it might be caused by Mars itself. At present, most scientists still agree with the latest research results, and think that the water on Mars dried up a billion years ago.

Scientists believe that the latest achievement is due to the fact that Mars Express has captured nearly 200 rivers crisscrossing on the surface of Mars, many of which are much wider than the common rivers on earth. According to the structural characteristics of the river, combined with the soil samples collected and tested by the equipment, the age of the soil near the river should be about 1 billion years old, which further supports the latest view.

In this regard, scientists said: the scenario of ecological deterioration on Mars should not be a sudden accident, but has gone through many alternate periods, and it took a long time to gradually become what it is now. If so, it means that the ecological environment of Mars is far better than we thought. It is possible that there are a lot of underground water resources under the surface of Mars.

You know, in the long years, although the surface water resources are slowly exhausted, but the water resources under the surface can be stored and consumed slowly. According to the distribution of the earth’s water resources, the water stored underground is no less than that on the surface, and it may be more than that on the earth. If there is still a lot of water resources under the surface of Mars, it will be a great help for the future transformation of Mars.

You know, water plays an indispensable role in transforming a planet. As long as we can heat Mars in the future, melt the water ice in the Arctic, and guide the groundwater to the surface, the transformation speed of Mars will be greatly accelerated, and it will become a livable planet in a few years. At that time, a large number of earth people would migrate to Mars and become Martian people.

It is not difficult for future technology to heat up a planet. Scientists have a variety of ways to heat Mars to make it suitable. We are looking forward to that day.

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