Scientists have found that the Panamanian monkey may have entered the stone age, and there is hope that it will evolve into an intelligent creature?

After entering the era of science and technology, human beings began to explore and study all things in the world. Among them, the origin of life is the focus of scientists’ research and exploration. Before Darwin put forward the theory of evolution, people were superstitious in the theory of God’s creation for the origin of life and human beings. They believed that human beings were created by God. In ancient Chinese myths and legends, there was also the legend that Nuwa made man.

However, after Darwin’s theory of evolution was put forward, people realized that the core of life was evolution. We don’t know how the earliest life on earth came from, but later life evolved step by step from the previous simple life. Including the birth of human beings is also a step-by-step evolution of life.

As for the origin of human beings, according to the theory of evolution, we evolved from apes. About 5 million years ago, some apes came down from trees and began to live on the grassland. In order to adapt to the environment, these apes began to learn to walk upright, thus opening up the development of the big brain. Later I learned to use tools and make tools.

In particular, the use and manufacture of tools is an important feature that distinguishes human beings from other animals. It is the ape, the ancestor of human beings, who has learned to use and manufacture tools that marks the birth of human beings. It indicates that these apes have begun to move towards the road of intelligent evolution. After millions of years of evolution, they have finally grown into Homo sapiens, the ancestor of modern human beings.

At the stage of Homo sapiens, its brain capacity is almost the same as that of modern people, and it is also the closest to that of modern people, about tens of thousands of years ago. Therefore, the use and manufacture of tools is an important feature of the evolution from a race to an intelligent race. Once it is found that a certain kind of creature can use and manufacture tools, scientists will be absolutely shocked and worried.

So, among the millions of creatures on the earth, besides human beings, will there be a second one that can use and make tools? In the eyes of many people, there may not be such a species on the earth, but in 2017, German scientists made an unexpected discovery on a remote island in Panama.

It turns out that on this remote island, there live a group of small white capuchins, which scientists call Panamanian monkeys. Looking back 5 million years ago, monkeys and humans all share a common ancestor. Therefore, monkeys are very intelligent animals in the natural biological world, and they are very good at imitating human actions. But on this remote island of Panama, these little white capuchins can’t get in touch with humans. We can’t learn to imitate some human actions and behaviors.

However, scientists have observed an amazing discovery on these little white capuchin monkeys, that is, these monkeys can use tools. They use stone tools to obtain fruits. This is a wonderful discovery. Scientists speculate that these monkeys may have entered the stone age. As soon as this important discovery was published, it caused a lot of people’s discussion that the Panamanian monkey may be evolving towards intelligent life and may threaten human beings in the future.

So do these Panamanian monkeys really hope to evolve into intelligent creatures? It’s just that people think about it. The evolution of any life to intelligent life is not a simple process, but a complex and changeable goal, which needs a long time to complete. It took millions of years for human beings to evolve into intelligent life, while dinosaurs did not evolve into intelligent life after living on the earth for 160 million years.

Even if the Panamanian monkey is evolving to intelligent life, it may be hundreds of thousands of years, millions of years later. Some people may think that Panamanian monkeys can use stone tools, indicating that they have evolved towards intelligent life. In fact, this kind of cognition is one-sided. It’s true that the Panamanian monkey learned to use stone tools without any contact with humans. It’s really a wonderful thing.

This shows that these Panamanian monkeys are indeed much smarter than ordinary monkeys, but it does not mean that these monkeys are the key to the evolution of intelligent life. We should know that the important characteristics of an organism’s evolution to intelligent life are the use of tools and the manufacture of tools, of which the manufacture of tools is the main feature.

The important sign of the evolution of ape to intelligent life is to make and use tools, and manufacturing is an important part. Panamanian monkeys only use natural stones as tools. They don’t make tools, so these monkeys are still smarter monkeys, not monkeys that start the evolution of wisdom.

With the evolution of human beings, the tools used by human beings have become more and more complex. There are not only bone needles, but also stone axes, stone knives and other tools with complex structures. Obviously, the Panamanian monkey has not learned how to make tools, and it is not only the Panamanian monkey that can use tools in nature. Some chimpanzees also know how to use stones to break fruit, and some chimpanzees also know how to open bottle caps. It can be seen that even if we can use tools, it does not mean that we will evolve towards human beings.

Even in the future, these Panamanian monkeys have learned to make simple tools, which does not necessarily mean that they will evolve into humans. We should know that the direction of biological evolution is not a fixed line, but like the branches of a tree, there are many forms. Only those branches that can adapt to the environment will be preserved by nature and continue to evolve.

In fact, from ape to human, there are also many branches, most of which disappeared in the process of evolution. Scientists believe that many of the branches of human ancestors that we have discovered on earth did not continue to evolve, but disappeared. Only the African one survived and eventually evolved into Homo sapiens. Therefore, it is generally believed that the ancestors of modern humans may have originated in Africa.

The Panamanian monkey has its own branch in its own evolutionary tree. It is as lucky as Homo sapiens and has been preserved. But it doesn’t know what it will evolve into next. It’s like we humans don’t know what we’re going to be like in the future. So it’s ridiculous to worry that Panamanian monkeys have evolved intelligence and pose a threat to humans.

In fact, instead of worrying about what kind of creatures in nature will evolve into intelligent life in the future, thus threatening the supremacy of human beings, we should worry more about the threat caused by human beings themselves. We all know that human beings have entered the era of rapid development of science and technology, and the power of science and technology is endless. When science and technology develops to a certain extent, it will really form a threat to human beings. Instead, it is something we create ourselves, such as artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is a symbol of human scientific and technological strength, which can help human beings develop faster. Similarly, artificial intelligence poses the most threat to future human beings. It is possible that it will continue to upgrade and evolve through self-learning, and eventually give birth to its own thinking consciousness and become an intelligent life.

The evolution process from artificial intelligence to intelligent life is not as complicated and long as natural creatures. It is possible that artificial intelligence can evolve into intelligent life in hundreds of years. In addition to artificial intelligence, the rapid development of human gene technology may also create new intelligent life in the future. I believe many friends have seen “the battle of apes”, which describes that human beings, through genetic technology, have raised the intelligence of apes to the level of intelligence in the laboratory, thus creating an intelligent race on the earth.

From this, we can see that there will be new intelligent life threatening us in the future that mankind is worried about. Probably it will not be a natural creature, but a product of human science and technology. This is what we should be most worried about. Once human science and technology develop to a certain extent, anything impossible will happen. It will be a beautiful era, and it may also be an era full of dangers.

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