Scientists have found that the prehistoric aircraft 3000 years ago may be related to prehistoric civilization

Scientists infer that since the formation of the earth, there may have been five eras, each of which is a civilization, while our generation is only the fifth. The degree of civilization development in the first four eras is different. Some people pay attention to the development of their own potential, and their individual strength is extremely strong. Some characters in ancient myths may be one of the descriptions of civilization in the first four eras. There are also epoch-making civilizations that have gone along the scientific and technological route. Their scientific and technological strength is far beyond ours, and they have been able to carry out interstellar navigation. Later, because of the great changes in the earth’s environment, they are no longer suitable for living and immigrate to other planets.

Some people may say that prehistoric civilization is impossible, but in recent years, archaeologists on the earth have discovered some ancient modern technology, some even hundreds of millions of years ago, including airplane models. In 1912, the staff of the Oklahoma electronics factory signed and confirmed the discovery of an iron pot that fell from 300 million years ago coal. In 1851, scientific America published that a delicate metal vase, estimated to be 100000 years old, was found in a rock blasting in Massachusetts. In the private museum of Dr. Javier Cabrera, Peru, there is a stone that was used to observe the sky before Galileo invented the telescope. Even scientists have discovered a nuclear reactor billions of years ago.

If there were no prehistoric civilization, where would these modern civilization come from? Especially the nuclear reactor billions of years ago is a good proof. What we are talking about today is the plane 3000 years ago. Was there a plane 3000 years ago? How is that possible? Yes, you’re right. It’s a plane 3000 years ago.

We all know that the plane was made by the Wright brothers in 1903. Until now, it has become an indispensable means of transportation for people to travel. At the beginning, scientists did not believe that 3000 years ago humans could build airplanes, but archaeologists found some murals in an ancient Egyptian temple. These airplanes described in detail the model of airplanes, the structure of airplanes, and even the pictures of pilots flying airplanes. The internal structure of the aircraft is also extremely complex. In some places, it may even surpass our current aircraft.

How did the ancient Egyptians make airplanes 3000 years ago? Maybe you think these murals may have been invented by the ancient Egyptians, but after analysis, scientists think they can’t be imagined. If they haven’t seen or piloted, it’s impossible to describe the plane so clearly. There was only one conclusion. At that time, the ancient Egyptians could see airplanes often, and they also flew airplanes. Scientists can’t understand why there were airplanes in ancient Egypt. This may become an eternal mystery. Like the pyramids of Egypt, there are many conjectures, but they don’t know which is the truth.

Some netizens with big brain holes may have a new point of view. They think that the Egyptian pyramids were not built by aliens? Could these airplanes be the aliens’ own at that time? They taught the ancient Egyptians to fly airplanes.

Not to mention, this conjecture of netizens is not impossible. Some scientists also think that ancient Egypt 3000 years ago was a mysterious place, and the grand pyramid could not be built with the technology at that time. Now more and more scientists think that the pyramid was built by aliens. Since Egyptians often visited and helped build pyramids in Egypt at that time, it’s not surprising that there were airplanes. All aliens could come to earth from distant galaxies. Of course, technology is powerful. It’s not easy to build a few backward airplanes.

It was because the ancient Egyptians saw these alien built airplanes, which were able to get wind in the sky. At that time, they didn’t use airplanes as artifact, and the aliens also taught the ancient Egyptians how to fly airplanes. This experience must have been deeply impressed, so later, Egyptians took the plane as a sacred object, and made its shape and structure into murals. Even the coffin cover of the pharaoh was painted with the plane, which probably meant to ascend to heaven.

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