Scientists have found that the underground “dark biosphere” has a large area, and there are at least millions of kinds of life

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The earth is a life planet rich in species. Speaking of earth life, many people may think of surface life and marine life. Few people will pay attention to underground life. Perhaps in the eyes of many people, underground life is nothing strange, just some simple life with very few kinds.

However, in some new studies, scientists have found that there is a huge “dark biosphere” underground, which is twice the area of the surface ocean, and there are at least millions of kinds of life. The research was carried out by more than 1000 scientists through a 10-year collaboration.

Researchers at Lloyd’s and the deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) predict that there is a deep biosphere beneath the earth’s surface, occupying 2-2.3 billion cubic kilometers, almost twice the volume of the world’s oceans. Like the ocean, there are countless life forms unknown to human beings in the underground biosphere, which contains about 15-23 billion tons of carbon, equivalent to 245-385 times of all carbon on the surface.

The results are based on data from hundreds of experimental sites around the world. The researchers analyzed microorganisms extracted from sediment samples 2.5km deep on the seabed and from surface wells and boreholes 5km deep. The results show that bacteria and archaea are dominant in the deep biosphere, accounting for 70% of all bacteria and archaea on the earth. How many species there are is still unknown. But scientists at the deep Carbon Observatory say there are expected to be millions of different types of organisms, which need further research.

After reading this research report on underground dark life, I believe many people will be shocked and incredible. I didn’t expect that there was such a rich biosphere underground that we didn’t care much about. At the same time, it also enables scientists to have more knowledge of life. The earth’s biosphere is complex and diverse. In addition to the life that depends on oxygen and photosynthesis, there are also a large number of dark creatures that do not depend on oxygen and photosynthesis in the dark environment underground.

Underground life is basically the oldest living things on earth, they thrive, are basically bacteria and archaea. Underground life is different from the life on the earth and the sea. They do not rely on oxygen and photosynthesis, but mainly rely on the trace chemical energy obtained from the rock environment. This is a group of awe inspiring, unimaginable organic life.

Moreover, there is another obvious characteristic of underground life, that is, its life cycle is extremely long, and its life span is far greater than that of the surface and ocean. A few underground dark creatures can survive for thousands of years. I believe many friends are very envious of such a long life span. The main reason for the long life span of underground life is that their metabolic activities are very slow, they are dormant for a long time, and their energy consumption is far lower than that of surface and marine life.

At present, scientists are only exposed to a very small part of the underground biosphere. Although it is only a very small appendix, the significance of the discovery is significant. The underground dark creatures are far more complex and mysterious than we thought. Although we have only found some simple life of microorganisms, no one can guarantee that there is no more complex advanced life in the underground biosphere.

You know, since ancient times, there have been some legends about the underground world and underground civilization. Whether they are legends or real is an underground world that we don’t know. There is no way to explore them with the current technology of human beings. We should know that the earth is a sphere. Human beings and many of their creatures only live on the surface. The deepest ocean is only more than 10000 meters, and the radius of the earth is about 6371 kilometers.

One of the deepest underground boreholes is the Kela ultra deep borehole, reaching 12262 meters. It looks very deep, but it doesn’t even break the earth’s crust. The crust layer is only the thinnest and outermost layer in the underground world. The mantle layer and the geocentric layer are thicker than each other. The exploration of the dark biosphere is just a thin layer on the top of the crust.

It is still unknown whether there will be more mysterious and complex organisms in the deepest crust, mantle layer and geocentric layer. Some people may say that the mantle layer is a high-temperature and high-pressure environment, all of which are liquid substances, so it is unlikely that there will be life. The temperature and pressure in the core layer are higher, so it is unlikely that there will be life.

However, new research has found that the mantle layer is more complex than we originally thought. Through the exploration and study of seismic wave data, scientists have found that there are giant mountains in the mantle layer, which are far more magnificent than the earth’s Mount Everest. What about this giant mountain range? Why can it exist at such high temperature and pressure? Does the existence of mountains mean that there may be mysterious space in the mantle? Will there be life if there is space?

It can be seen that the underground world is far more complex and mysterious than we imagined, and the types, quantity and life forms of underground life may be far more than we imagined. It is possible that the earth’s interior really exists, and the legendary underground civilization is not completely impossible. Unfortunately, with the current technology of human beings, we can only make a vague guess through seismic waves to explore the situation inside the earth.

If you want to really understand the situation inside the earth, you still need to be able to enter the earth’s interior. In the future, with the rapid development of human science and technology, it is possible to drill the mantle layer or even the core layer of the earth with stronger heat-resistant materials. At that time, the true face of the underground world will be shown to us.

The final Research Report of scientists on the underground dark life network will be published in October 2019, and the time is approaching. At that time, we can see the latest research results of scientists on the underground biosphere, and see what major discoveries will be made, which will open people’s eyes. Really start to recognize the underground world and the biosphere of the earth.

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