Scientists have found that the whole universe is in motion, so what does the universe revolve around?

I believe many friends know a truth: “motion is absolute, static is relative”, this view in our first physics, the teacher has told us. According to the different reference objects selected, there is no absolutely static thing in the world, they are all in a relative motion.

Particles in the micro world can’t stop forever, they are always in motion. I believe many friends know that the temperature has a lower limit of absolute zero, which can only be infinitely close to but can not reach. The reason why the temperature can not drop to absolute zero is that the thermal motion of particles causing temperature change can not completely stop.

Particles are always in motion. What about the macroscopic objects we see? Even if the object is composed of particles, particles are always in relative motion, then the object naturally does not exist absolute static. We focus on the earth where human beings live. We can’t feel the movement of the earth when we stand on the earth. But when we walk out of the earth and look at the earth from space, you will find that the earth is not only circling the sun, but also rotating, with the rotation speed of 466 meters per second.

When we stand in the solar system, we can see that all planets and other celestial bodies are in a kind of motion, and there are no completely static celestial bodies and matter. The only celestial body that we can see in the solar system is the sun, so does the sun really stay still? Of course not. When we stand in the solar system and look at the sun, we think that they are stationary, just like when we stand on the earth and look at the earth. But when we walk out of the solar system, you will find that the sun is orbiting around the center of the galaxy at a high speed, and its cycle can reach hundreds of millions of years.

Although we can’t see the rotation of the solar system around the silver center in the solar system, we can observe the movement of other stars and galaxies outside the solar system around the silver center. It can be said that all stars are moving. So is the Milky way still? Of course not. When scientists observe galaxies as big as the Milky way through telescopes, they find that they are also in motion, not only rotating their own galaxies, but also circling other centers.

For example, we found that Andromeda galaxy is rotating at the same time, and is getting closer to the Milky way step by step. It can be seen that our Milky way is also rotating at the same time. The center of this rotation may be the mass center of another larger galaxy, such as Virgo supercluster.

The super galaxy where the Milky way lies is the Virgo supercluster, a large galaxy cluster hundreds of millions of light-years in diameter. But even such a huge cluster is spinning around the center of a larger galaxy, and it’s spinning itself. Therefore, scientists have found that all galaxies, celestial bodies and matter in the universe are moving, so our universe is moving all the time.

By studying and observing various phenomena in the universe, scientists can basically determine the fact that the universe is constantly rotating. But what puzzles scientists is that if the universe is also spinning, what is the universe spinning around? Stars revolve around a supermassive black hole, which can provide super strong gravity. The center of the galaxy’s rotation must also be a massive existence, possibly a black hole with a larger mass.

The object that can attract the whole universe to move around it must be beyond our imagination. Scientists still can’t understand it. They don’t know what kind of existence it will be, whether it is a super black hole or something more mysterious? Of course, when we are in this cosmic space, we can’t feel the rotation of the universe. This is the same reason that we can’t feel the movement of the earth when we stand on the earth.

If we want to really explore the mystery of the rotation of the universe, we may need to go to the edge of the universe or even out of the universe one day. Only by standing outside the universe and observing our universe, can we really understand how the universe rotates and what it will be around the center of rotation. Many people may ask: is there a universe beyond the universe?

As a matter of fact, scientists have put forward pluralistic cosmology a long time ago, and with the progress of science and technology and the increasing knowledge of the universe, more and more scientists begin to support pluralistic cosmology. It is possible that it will prove to be a correct guess in the near future. When human beings know the existence of multiverse, the next step is to figure out how to get out of the universe or observe the world outside the universe.

If we want to get out of the universe, we must first understand how big our universe is and how much it has expanded. Although the universe has been expanding at a high speed since the big firecracker, there is no doubt that it has a boundary, but we don’t know what the boundary of the universe is. As long as we can calculate the rate of expansion of the universe, we can calculate how big the universe is.

The range of the universe that we can observe now is 920 light-years, which may be just the tip of the iceberg of the whole universe, or the boundary of the universe may be very close to the range that we can observe. The speed that a spaceship needs to reach the boundary of the universe is beyond our imagination. Ordinary superluminal flight may not be able to reach the boundary of the universe. Maybe only the wormhole that scientists suspect can.

There are two ways to get out of the universe. One way is for the spacecraft to come directly to the edge of the universe, and then go through the edge of the universe to enter the space outside the universe. Through space beyond the universe to other universes. If the universe is pluralistic, there may be a huge mysterious space beyond our imagination. In this space, there are countless kinds of universes, including the old, the young, the destroying and the emerging.

Another way to get out of the universe is to break space and create a wormhole connecting space outside the universe, which is more efficient and more difficult. Either way, it’s too far away for humans. We can’t even walk out of the solar system, let alone out of the universe.

If we stand outside the universe, we will see even more shocking scenes. The universe of different sizes is just like a planet floating there. While they rotate at high speed, they also revolve around an unknown mysterious object deep in space. Of course, all this is just the conjecture of scientists at present. With the current technology of human beings, we can’t observe the edge of the universe, know how much the universe is, and don’t know what kind of motion the whole universe presents.

However, I believe that as long as human beings continue to work hard, one day we will be able to become a powerful civilization in the universe. At that time, we will be able to cross the universe, travel to every corner of the universe, go to the edge of the universe, see how the universe is expanding, and go out to explore other universes. We are looking forward to that day.

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