Scientists have found that there is a huge amount of space grease in the universe, which is not conducive to the flight of spacecraft

The vast universe has numerous celestial bodies, including planets, stars, asteroids, black holes and so on. In many people’s cognition, the universe is a vacuum environment, which is very empty. However, with the continuous in-depth study of the universe, it is found that the universe is not empty. There are many kinds of materials in the seemingly vacuum universe.

Most of these substances are invisible to the naked eye, so we think that the universe is a vacuum environment with nothing. The theory that the universe is not empty has been widely recognized by the scientific community. For example, dark matter is the main matter in the universe, but we can not see its existence. We need special professional instruments to find the tip of the iceberg of dark matter.

In addition to these mysterious substances, a new study by scientists has found that the vast universe may also be filled with a lot of toxic oils. I believe our friends are familiar with oils. We have to deal with them every day in our daily life. Some oils can help human beings, such as lubricants. With oils, they are poisonous.

So how do scientists find out that there are a lot of poisonous oils in the universe? It turned out that a scientific team accidentally discovered it while analyzing and studying the synthetic interstellar dust from asteroid debris in space. When scientists analyzed the composition of the synthetic interstellar dust, they found this kind of space grease, and their content may be amazing.

To further determine how much grease there will be in the universe, experts from an international team of researchers from the University of New South Wales mimic the synthesis of these organic molecules as the asteroid’s carbon outflows. The carbon plasma was expanded into vacuum at low temperature, and the material was collected, and then the abundance was analyzed by using the combination of magnetic resonance and spectroscopy. The results show that there are about 100 oil carbon atoms in the 1 million hydrogen atoms in the interstellar dust, which account for about a quarter to a half of the total carbon available in the universe.

This is an amazing discovery. Through this ratio, scientists have calculated that the oil content of the Milky way may reach 10 billion tons. What an amazing number it is. It tells us that the vast space is full of this poisonous oil. Some people may expect that this kind of oil will be a kind of beneficial substance, but the research of scientists tells us that it is a kind of cosmic waste and a kind of poisonous oil, which will not bring us any benefits.

So what impact will the existence of so much space grease have on the future exploration of the universe? In fact, its impact can be large or small. Although we can see that the amount of 10 billion tons is amazing, if we put it in the Milky way with a diameter of more than 100000 light years, the average density of distribution is not big, which will not have a great impact on human future exploration of the universe.

Of course, there will be some impact, mainly on the ship may produce some destructive force. When the spaceship is sailing in the space, these viscous space grease will adhere to the surface of the spaceship, making the windshield of the spaceship viscous and fuzzy, affecting our line of sight. If the space grease is attached to the engine, it is more likely to cause bad faults, which will degrade the performance of the engine, affect the power and even directly damage the engine.

The discovery of space grease in space gives us a further understanding of space. At the same time, scientists should also fully consider the situation of space grease when making spaceships. Maybe we also need to install special equipment for cleaning space grease fingers outside the glass of spaceships like car wipers. At the same time, we should strengthen the protection of the engine.

Of course, there are many unknowns in the vast and mysterious universe waiting to be solved by human beings. Space grease is just the tip of the iceberg of the mystery of space that we have discovered. It is nothing in the universe. We have not yet revealed the real mystery of the universe. For example, dark matter may be the biggest mystery of the universe. Uncovering the mystery of dark matter may also reveal the ultimate mystery of the universe.

If there is dark matter, there will be dark energy, which may be the main reason why the universe can continue to expand. For human beings, dark matter and dark energy are still in the stage of theoretical exploration and research. It may take a long time to really discover and capture dark matter, but it will take a longer time to really uncover the mystery of dark matter and dark energy.

However, with the rapid development of human science and technology, as long as it continues to develop, one day we will be able to uncover all the mysteries of the universe and show the truth of the universe to us. At that time, human civilization may have become the most powerful civilization in the universe. What will be the future of human beings at that time?

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