Scientists have found that there is a huge sphere outside the solar system, and it is only through it that the solar system can be regarded as out

Our solar system is the first thing we see after we walk out of the earth. Although scientists say that the observable universe can reach 93 billion light-years, in fact, we can’t even go out of the solar system now, and our understanding of the solar system is only a scratch. The reason why human beings can observe a very long range even if they can’t reach it is mainly due to the help of astronomical telescopes and other observation equipment.

It has to be said that the astronomical telescope is the greatest invention in the cause of human space exploration. Without it, the scope of the universe that human can observe will be very limited. According to the latest observation and research data of Chinese scientists, it is believed that the diameter of the Milky Way Galaxy thought to be 100000 light-years in the past is not accurate, and the real diameter of the solar system may reach 200000 light-years.

With the continuous progress of human science and technology, the understanding of the solar system is more and more, so we have a new understanding of the scope of the solar system. In our past understanding, we thought that when we go to Pluto, the dwarf planet, and then go forward, we will get out of the solar system. In the past, there was another kind of understanding: it was thought that when the solar radiation range was out of the solar system, the farthest place that could be affected by the solar wind was called the solar zenith, and consciousness was the extreme position that could be affected by the solar wind.

Voyager-1, which carries the information of human civilization and the coordinates of the earth, was launched 37 years ago and then flew all the way out of the solar system. The purpose is to explore and search for extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization. After several accelerations, its speed has reached 17 kilometers per second, which is very fast.

Voyager 1 has been flying at a speed of 17 kilometers per second for 37 years. At present, it is about 21.2 billion kilometers away from the earth. It has already flown out of the solar top. According to the past understanding of the scope of the solar system, Voyager 1 has now flown out of the solar system, entered the interstellar space, and then moved on. It is possible to reach the next nearby star in countless years.

However, according to the latest understanding of the solar system, this range was broken. Scientists have discovered that there is a huge sphere in the outer space of the solar system, with a diameter of up to two light years. It is known as the Oort nebula. The diameter of the Oort nebula is a staggering two light-years. If you include the Oort nebula, the diameter of the solar system can reach 2 light-years.

The distance of light years is a distance that makes many people despair. At the speed of human aircraft, it may take tens of thousands of years to fly a light year. That is to say, it will take about 10000 years for the spacecraft to fly out of the solar system. In this way, Voyager 1 has only been flying for 37 years, and it is still far away from flying out of the solar system.

Maybe many people are desperate to see such a wide range of the solar system. When will human beings be able to fly out of the solar system. The universe is vast, so the distance light year in the universe is the basic unit, which is equivalent to the meter in human civilization, and the speed of light is only the basic speed of the universe. Therefore, even if the speed of the spaceship reaches the speed of light, it is not fast in front of the vast universe. By contrast, it may not be as fast as the speed of human walking.

It is hopeful to walk around the world on earth, but it may be hopeless to walk through the universe at the speed of light. This is the gap. Therefore, the range of 2 light-years in diameter of the solar system is really nothing. The reason why we think this range is so large that people are desperate is that the speed of our spacecraft is too slow. If human beings want to fly out of the solar system, the speed of the spacecraft must at least reach the speed of sub light. To achieve this speed, we need a huge breakthrough in energy.

If the universe can be born and exist, there must be speed and shortcut. This is the same reason as the birth of the earth. Ten thousand years ago, human beings did not know how big the earth was, and they thought that the earth was so big that they were desperate that they could not go to the end of the earth in a few lives. But now, 10000 years later, we have fast means of transportation, and it’s not very difficult for us to travel all over the world. The reason is that human civilization is developing rapidly, with continuous breakthroughs in energy.

Now we think it’s too difficult to get out of the solar system. The speed of light and superluminal speed are not recognized by modern physics, because according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of physics can only be infinitely close to the speed of light. Modern physics holds that the speed of an object cannot reach the speed of light, let alone exceed it. But in fact, it is possible for an object to break through the speed of light, as long as it breaks the shackles of existing physics. Of course, this is not an easy thing. It may take countless years of human development and human civilization to produce a great scientist like Einstein.

The breakthrough of speed is inseparable from the breakthrough of energy. Only with more powerful energy, the breakthrough of speed is not difficult. For example, once the controllable nuclear fusion, which is being continuously studied by human beings, is fully mastered and realized. Not only will human beings no longer worry about energy, but they can also make more powerful engines. The speed of spaceships will also achieve a qualitative breakthrough, and it is possible to fly at sub light speed. At that time, it will no longer be difficult to fly out of the solar system, and it will no longer be difficult to explore the nearest neighbor star in the solar system.

There’s also antimatter power on top of controllable fusion, which may be able to speed a spacecraft up to the speed of light. On top of antimatter, there is dark matter, which may make the speed of spacecraft exceed the speed of light. With the continuous exploration and breakthrough of human energy, the speed of spaceship will also continue to get breakthroughs, and ultimately master the ultimate energy of the universe. At that time, the speed of spaceship is not what we can imagine. In any case, as long as human beings continue to work hard, it is possible to travel all over the universe. It is only a few hundred years for human civilization to develop science and technology. If human beings are given millions or billions of years of development, all the impossible problems will no longer be difficult.

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