Scientists have found that what was once abandoned by human beings appears again. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

I believe many friends know the truth of survival of the fittest, which is not only applicable to nature, but also to human society. Take the present workplace for example, survival of the fittest is the most prominent. As long as you are not good enough or better than you, you will be eliminated. If you want to not be eliminated, the only way is to keep learning and constantly improve yourself. It’s never too old to learn. Learning is the best way to overcome the survival of the fittest.

In the life circle of nature, survival of the fittest is also an eternal truth. In the billions of long life history, I don’t know how many species have been eliminated by this rule of survival of the fittest. So is this law applicable to human evolution? It may be said that nature’s law is that things compete with nature, the fittest live, and the fittest survive. Nature also adapts to the road of human evolution. Is that really the case?

We all know that human beings originated from anthropoid apes millions of years ago. On the way from anthropoid apes to human beings, genes are constantly mutated, and organs are constantly evolving and renewing. Let’s take human organs as an example. In the course of millions of years of evolution, there are some organs that are useless, continue to degenerate, and finally disappear, such as Fabry bone.

This kind of bone is common in mammals, especially in primates. For example, monkeys, orangutans and so on, but due to the small role of this bone, in the process of human evolution, it is gradually replaced by the modern kneecap. So is this Fabel really a useless organ for human beings?

If it is a useless organ for human, it will not appear again after it degenerates and disappears in the process of human evolution. However, according to modern medical research, Fabry bone has made a comeback. As early as 1875, scientists found that Fabry bone began to reappear in some people. According to preliminary statistics, at that time, 11% of the total number of people had Fabel bones.

If the latter proportion does not increase, scientists will not pay much attention to it. However, in 2019, scientists will find that the number of people with Fabry bone has increased to 40%, and in 144 years, the number of people with Fabry bone has increased nearly four times. This has to attract the attention of scientists. From this data, we can see that the trend of faberi bone reproduction has been unable to change.

It is possible that in more than 100 years, all human beings will have faberi bone. At present, scientists have not yet figured out the reason. However, there is no definite answer as to whether the reappearance of faberi bone is good or bad for human beings. So why did faberi bone reappear after disappearing for countless years? Isn’t this against the natural law of evolution of survival of the fittest?

Scientists have put forward two possible conjectures about the reasons for the reappearance of Fabry bone. One is that it may be related to the fact that humans began to pay attention to exercise. Scientists believe that with the development of various sports, such as the Olympic Games and Asian Games, there are more and more athletes. Therefore, the function of fabeibone is to enhance the strength of joints, resist the pressure of the body, and avoid friction.

Is the above explanation reasonable? In fact, as long as we carefully analyze, you will find that there is no reason. Does the amount of exercise of modern people increase? I believe that many people will not support such a view. In fact, with the continuous progress of human science and technology and the continuous advancement of industrialization, the frequency and frequency of people’s movement are becoming less and less.

Of course, we do not rule out that athletes do exercise a lot, but the athletes in the world only account for a very small proportion of the total number of human beings. And in the general population, can adhere to the movement of people is very few. Therefore, after entering the era of science and technology, the amount of exercise is actually decreasing, not increasing. I believe all my friends can agree with this.

Furthermore, can the amount of exercise of modern people be compared with that of the ancients? I believe everyone knows that there is no comparability. In ancient times, there was no modern technology. People at that time, whether they were working or traveling, basically relied on sports. They did basically physical work, and the amount of daily exercise was larger than that of modern professional athletes.

So from the perspective of the amount of exercise, modern people can’t compare with the ancients. But why didn’t fabeigu reappear in ancient times? Did it choose the age? Does it not reappear in ancient times, but appears in modern times thousands of years later? It can be seen that the reappearance of Faber bone has nothing to do with exercise. Of course, since the choice of faberi bone appeared in modern times, it shows that there must be some factors in modern times to promote the appearance of faberi bone.

What is this factor? It may be the second conjecture put forward by scientists: diet. If you want to ask the ancients and modern people in which aspect of life is the most obvious difference, it is estimated that the diet. I believe many friends understand that in ancient times, very few people were able to have enough to eat. Most people were basically hungry, let alone nutritious.

In ancient times, the main reason why people did not have enough to eat was that the yield of crops was very low, and the variety of crops was relatively small, so the nutrition naturally could not keep up. Therefore, the average life span of ancient people was relatively short, about 40 years old. In modern times, grain production has increased significantly, the variety of agricultural products has also been enriched, and a variety of nutritious food has been emerging.

I believe that in modern times, even the poorest people will not be starved to death because of insufficient food, as in ancient times. Modern people can be poor to death, but basically there will be no starvation. In addition to full meals, with the continuous improvement of living standards, nutrition is more and more adequate. It is possible that it is the continuous sufficiency of nutrition that makes faberi bone reappear. This explanation is most likely close to the truth.

144 years ago to now, people’s living standards have been continuously improved, and nutrition has been constantly sufficient. The proportion of people with faberi bone has also increased from 11% to 40%. This explanation is reasonable. If the reproduction of faberi bone is really due to adequate nutrition, it means that faberi bone is not a useless organ. On the contrary, it may be a very useful organ for human beings.

During the evolution of human ancestors, faberi bone retreated and finally disappeared, probably because it needed sufficient nutrition to maintain its strong function. But for the human ancestors, not to be starved to death is to thank God, what about adequate nutrition. Therefore, with the development of evolution, the faberi bone can only be degraded and replaced by the modern kneecap bone.

From this point, we can also see that the modern kneecap is actually a helpless choice in the process of human evolution, because at that time, the human ancestors could not maintain adequate nutrition. Under the principle of survival of the fittest, they had to give up the better Fabel bone and chose the modern kneecap. The modern kneecap is not very strong, which can be seen from the fact that many people have joint fire.

Especially when a person enters old age, the function of the knee bone is greatly reduced. Many elderly people have severe arthritis and cannot walk and move normally. Now the appearance of faberi bone may be good news for human beings. Perhaps with it, human knees will be more powerful, there will be no joint problems, and they can walk normally when they are old.

Of course, all this is just a kind of conjecture for us. What will be the impact of this faberi bone reappearance on human beings? It still needs constant exploration and research by scientists. Perhaps in the near future, scientists will fully understand what is going on with the recurrence of Fabry bone? We can also understand the possible impact of its reappearance on human beings.

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