Scientists have found the nearest earth like planet with water, trees and atmosphere

The earth’s population is growing and science and technology are developing rapidly. At the same time, the earth’s resources are also accelerating consumption and the environment is being destroyed. One day, when the earth’s resources are exhausted and the environment is not suitable for human habitation, what should people do?

Human beings have long had foresight. For the survival of future generations, as early as several decades ago, some scientists began to study the human migration plan, constantly sending probes to find earth like planets in the universe to prepare for future migration. It is best to find a planet suitable for human survival in the solar system.

The ideal is very beautiful, but the reality is very cruel. A century later, mankind has explored the moon, Mars, mercury, etc. almost all the eight planets in the solar system have been explored, but no one suitable for human habitation has been found. Although Mars is closest to the earth’s environment, there is no water on Mars, and the climate is also very bad. In order to live on Mars, we must carry out a lot of research on Mars reform. But with the technology available, it’s impossible. It seems that we have to find a ready-made planet, which can be checked in with bags.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the emergence of astronomical telescopes has given us great help, far away places can not go, but astronomical telescopes can see far away. With the help of telescopes, NASA scientists have finally discovered a planet not far from the solar system. There may be a large amount of liquid water on its surface, and the environment is very close to the earth. Through the astronomical telescope, a large area of green can be found, and there may be a large number of green plants on this planet.

Scientists named it wasp-39b. Can wasp-39b become the lifebuoy of human beings in the future? This needs further study. The closer the earth like planet is to the earth, the more likely it is for human beings to immigrate. If it is too far away, it is impossible to immigrate. In fact, many earth like planets have been discovered by astronomical telescopes. Some of them are even better than the earth. However, because the distance is so far away, it is not possible to arrive at the speed of the earth’s aircraft for hundreds of thousands of years. It is obviously unrealistic to live on a distant planet.

The earth belongs to everyone. We should protect it well so as to slow down the deterioration of the earth’s environment and gain time for human beings to develop more advanced spaceships. Perhaps in the future, human beings will step all over the galaxy.

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