Scientists have found the secret of hair turning white. It may not be a dream to turn white hair into black hair in the future

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It is said that from the day of birth, human beings have to experience all kinds of sufferings in this world and come to this world to suffer. Whether in ancient times or in modern times, most people have to go through all kinds of pressures and sufferings, except for a few people who have not suffered much in their lives.

Especially in the modern era when science and technology are more and more developed, although people’s lives have changed greatly due to science and technology, and the quality of life is getting higher and higher, people’s pressure is also growing. I believe that many post-90s and post-00s friends are most touched. Students are the happiest, no worries and no pressure period. After finishing school and entering the society, people will face all kinds of pressure, such as the pressure of employment, the pressure of house and car when they get married. After going to work in the company, we have to face more cruel competitive pressure.

It can be said that modern young people live under various pressures almost every day. Even if they start their own businesses, they also have to face more competitive pressures. It’s no easier than working young people. For most ordinary people, a house will have to pay the efforts of people’s whole life. When all kinds of pressure is gone, you will basically enter the old age and enter the old age.

The pressure of young people is getting heavier and heavier, which is reflected in a very obvious feature of the body, that is, the appearance and increasing number of white hair. I believe many people know that in the past, hair whitening was the patent of middle-aged and elderly people. Only when people get old, their hair will gradually turn white due to the decline of their physical function. Therefore, we often say, “gray haired old people”.

However, this situation has changed in today’s society. Not only the old people’s hair will turn white, but also the young people’s hair has begun to turn white. I believe that you or your young friends have white hair, and some young people are less than 30 years old, and their hair is all white. And this kind of hair turns white, the trend of younger is more and more obvious.

Now when we enter the campus and the young people’s group, we will find two common phenomena: one is that more and more young people are wearing proximity mirrors; the other is that in the young people’s group, there are fewer and fewer people with completely black hair (except for hair dyeing), and more and more young people will have some white hair.

Maybe some people will say that it’s OK for your hair to turn white, just go and dye it. But in fact, frequent hair dyeing is harmful and unhelpful to both hair quality and human body. You can understand that regular hair dyeing is not good for your health. The trend of hair becoming white and younger has also attracted the attention of scientists. Some scientists began to explore the mystery of making hair naturally black.

The reason why hair can change color is determined by the melanin cells in hair and hair follicle stem cells, which has been explored by scientists for a long time. However, scientists have not really understood how they affect the change of hair color. Nature has never really been able to make hair naturally turn from white to black.

Some time ago, British media reported that scientists have discovered the root cause of human long hair and how to treat long white hair through research. Scientists have discovered a signal protein called Wnt in melanocytes and hair follicle stem cells.

This protein can coordinate the pigments in melanocytes and hair follicle stem cells. When people are young, Wnt signaling protein is very active. It can coordinate the pigments in the two kinds of cells very well. In this way, the hair of young people is generally black, while the Wnt signaling protein will become less active in the elderly or those who are in poor health or under too much pressure to stay up too late The degree of hair loss will also be reduced. In this way, the pigment of melanocytes and hair follicle stem cells will lose balance, and people’s white hair will grow out.

Through experiments on mice, scientists have successfully used this method to make mice’s hair turn black. It can be seen that this Wnt signaling protein is indeed an important factor in hair discoloration. If we can successfully apply it to the human body, maybe human beings can realize the natural transformation of white hair into black hair, and never worry about white hair again.

However, although scientists have found that Wnt signaling protein is an important factor in the transformation of black hair into white hair, the deeper mystery behind the decrease of Wnt signaling protein activity is still unknown. Although scientists know that the activity of Wnt signaling protein will decrease with aging, decreased body function, and too much stress, it is still a mystery how this effect is realized.

Of course, for ordinary people, we don’t need to understand the deeper mystery of Wnt signaling protein, we just need to know that it can make white hair black and white. As long as we can restore the activity of Wnt signaling protein in melanocytes and increase the activity through certain methods, then the hair will turn from white to black and remain black all the time.

It is possible that in the near future, white hair will disappear forever just like some diseases of the past. People can inject a vaccine that affects the color of their hair when they are young. This vaccine can permanently keep the Wnt signal protein in the melanocytes in a healthy and active state, so that no matter how much pressure a person has, no matter how long he stays up, his hair will not turn white, even if he is a centenarian You can still keep your beautiful black hair.

I believe many young people are looking forward to this, who do not want to have a beautiful black hair. Now scientists have found the secret of black hair turning white, and have started experiments on mice. It is believed that it will be applied to human soon. The real realization of the permanent blackening of natural white hair is no longer through some hair dyeing methods, but also harmful to the body.

The power of science and technology is so powerful, it can constantly change the fate of mankind, it is possible that in the future, disease is no longer a worry, any disease can be cured, and the cost is very low. People no longer worry about getting sick and can live a healthy life until they die naturally. Perhaps in the future, human aging will become very slow, even at the age of 80, the appearance is about 30 years old. At that time, appearance is the most unreliable thing to judge a woman’s age. An 80 year old woman can also pretend to be a 30-year-old beauty. You can’t see it from her appearance. That’s the magic of technology, and we’re looking forward to it.

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