Scientists have found two ways to get through wormholes, but without two substances, it is impossible to achieve them

The universe is vast, with countless galaxies and stars. No one knows how big the universe is. With the current science and technology of human beings and the use of astronomical telescopes and other observation equipment, we can observe the stars tens of billions of light-years away, but this is far from the whole universe. The scope of the universe that we can observe now may only be a small part of the whole universe.

Although human beings can see some celestial bodies and galaxies hundreds of light-years and thousands of light-years away with the help of astronomical telescopes, the distance of light-years is too far for human beings. With the speed of our current human aircraft, it will take tens of thousands of years to walk a light-year distance, let alone explore the cosmic sky hundreds of light-years away. Therefore, speed is the most important way to limit human exploration of the universe If we can’t make a major breakthrough in speed, we can only explore in the solar system, and the development of human civilization will also be restricted. If we want to get out of the solar system and become a high-level civilization at the top of the universe pyramid, we must first make continuous breakthroughs in speed.

As we all know, the distance of the universe is measured in light years. Even if the speed of a spaceship reaches the speed of light, the scope of the universe that can be explored is very limited. Take the Milky way for example. The diameter of the Milky way is 150000 light years, and the solar system is on the edge of the Milky way. Our spaceship flies at the speed of light, and it will take at least 100000 years to get out of the galaxy. This is a time that makes people despair. It tells us that just like the speed of human aircraft has reached the speed of light, it is basically impossible to get out of the galaxy, and the galaxy is just one of the countless galaxies in the universe.

Therefore, in order to truly explore the universe and gallop freely in space, the speed must reach superluminal speed. Only when the speed of a spaceship can fly at superluminal speed, can it be possible to travel all over the universe to explore the mysteries of the universe, and human beings can become an advanced civilization. However, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of an object in a vacuum can only be infinitely close to the speed of light, that is, the speed of light It is said that the speed of light is the limit of speed, let alone superluminal speed. However, superluminal speed exists in the universe. Last year, scientists observed that the speed of matter emitted by a binary star collision in the deep universe reached superluminal speed.

Since the existence of superluminal matter in the universe, it shows that superluminal flight is completely possible. But it is unrealistic to let the spacecraft fly directly at superluminal speed. It needs to completely subvert the existing physical theory, which is obviously impossible. So scientists try to find other ways to realize superluminal flight.

I believe many friends have seen some sci-fi movies, which describe a kind of wormhole crossing that can easily achieve superluminal flight. Scientists are interested in this method. Many scientists in the scientific community are studying wormholes, and many scientists also believe that wormholes exist, but it is not so easy to really realize wormhole crossing. Through infinite theories and structures, scientists have made great efforts to solve the problem Thinking has found two ways to go through wormholes, but these two ways need the support of two substances. Without these two substances, everything is empty talk.

1、 Quantum world

I believe many people have heard of quantum mechanics. It is the foundation theory of modern physics. Quantum mechanics studies the micro world. In fact, the micro world is a high-speed quantum world. After the micro world is discovered by scientists, they try to study and prompt them. But when scientists really study the micro world, they find that it completely subverts human cognition.

The micro world is totally different from the macro world. The rules in the macro world are not applicable in the micro world. The micro world is uncertain, many things are completely regular, and the structure of the whole world is very unstable. At the same time, scientists have also found a very strange phenomenon in the micro world, that is, particles in the micro world can easily penetrate some objects. For example, in the macro world, a small ball is trapped in a room surrounded by walls. It is impossible for it to escape. But in the micro world, it is difficult for you to trap a particle. It will always escape in your incredible eyes Out of the bag.

Through continuous research, scientists have found that the original quantum world often has the phenomenon of space tearing, and many tiny cracks are actually the door of space in our imagination, which we often call wormhole. This discovery makes scientists very excited. It is also an important direction for human beings to break through wormholes. It is possible to make wormholes in the micro world and in the macro world.

However, although the quantum world and the macro world depend on each other, they are two completely different rules of the world. If we want to achieve wormhole crossing in the macro world, we need a kind of magical material.

This kind of magical material can communicate with the space cracks in the micro world, so as to open the wormhole in the macro world, so that the spacecraft can pass through the wormhole and fly faster than light. But what is this kind of material? There is no clue how to obtain scientists, so we can only study them slowly.

2、 Black hole crossing

As we all know, black hole is the most attractive object in the universe. Its powerful phagocytic power makes it impossible for any matter to be phagocytized. A larger black hole can even devour a star. At the center of the galaxy is a huge black hole. Its super strong gravity also attracts other galaxies in the galaxy to revolve around it. Although there are few black holes in the universe But there are also many. Scientists speculate that there is a great possibility that there will be a huge black hole in the center of every huge galaxy like the Milky way.

So what is this black hole? Scientists have no final conclusion on its truth, and the modern black hole theory was proposed and improved by the famous physicist Hawking. Hawking proposed the existence of gravitational waves according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, proving that our universe is actually a geometric structure. In fact, our universe is like a film on which all celestial bodies press. In this process, the distortion and deformation of a film is actually gravity.

The black hole is a celestial body with super strong gravity, and its super strong pressure has penetrated through the cosmic film, because Hawking thinks that the black hole is a natural wormhole, and its other side is a white hole. When it passes through the black hole, it passes through the cosmic space, and can instantly reach the other side from one side of the universe, which is also a kind of superluminal flight.

Scientists speculate that there should be a lot of natural wormholes in the universe, such as black hole. They are all hidden, and it is not easy to find them. However, the super phagocytic ability of black hole is an important way to find black holes. As long as there is no matter in the space somewhere in the universe, light will disappear when it passes through this area, so this location has great potential There can be black holes

Although we know that a black hole may be a natural wormhole, through which we can easily fly at superluminal speed and reach the space tens of light years or even hundreds of light years away in an instant, it is very difficult for a spaceship to pass through a black hole. As long as our spaceship tells the black hole, it will be torn into countless pieces by the black hole. Therefore, if you want to pass through a black hole safely and stably, you need another kind of material, which is negative energy.

Negative energy is relative to positive energy, which is a bit similar to antimatter, but different from antimatter. The characteristic of negative energy is that it can neutralize positive energy. If a spaceship wants to enter the center of a black hole, it must have a way to counteract the pull of the strong gravity of the black hole, and negative energy can do it. If we can use negative energy to make a device to cross the black hole When the hole is opened, the negative energy device is operated, and the spaceship is covered with negative energy shields, which can neutralize the gravity of the black hole and make a stable state. In this way, the spaceship can safely pass through the black hole and fly faster than light.

These two methods are the two ways that scientists have found for wormhole crossing, but it is still very far away to realize them. However, the potential of human beings is unlimited. I believe that in the future, scientists will be able to overcome this problem and make human beings fly faster than light speed and become the advanced civilization in the universe.

What do you think of this? What are your ways to fly faster than light? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your own unique opinions and opinions.

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