Scientists have made a major discovery on Mars, which has given us a further understanding of Mars

The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. Originally, we should take good care of and protect the earth. However, as human beings enter the era of scientific and technological development, the rapid development of science and technology has brought great improvement to people’s lives, and human civilization has also made epoch-making progress.

However, with the rapid development of science and technology, the earth’s ecological environment is constantly damaged, a large number of vegetation is disappearing, sand and dust weather continue, and various natural disasters are gradually increasing. Coupled with the rising global temperature, the earth is rapidly consuming life. It may not be long before the earth becomes a planet no longer suitable for human existence.

At that time, we had to choose to leave earth and emigrate to other planets. It’s not so easy to immigrate to other planets. First of all, we need to find a planet suitable for human survival. Due to the limitation of human science and technology, the earth like planets in the solar system will not be accessible for a long time in the future, so we can only search for the second earth in the solar system for the time being.

Scientists have discovered that the only planets in the habitable zone of the solar system are Venus, earth and Mars. Venus has a very harsh environment, with a surface temperature of more than 400 degrees. It’s a purgatory planet, not suitable for human survival. Mars and the earth have many similarities, but it is not a natural planet suitable for human survival.

In addition to these three planets, other planets are in the habitable zone, which is not suitable for human survival. In the end, scientists have no choice but to regard Mars as the hope of future human migration. However, to survive on Mars, a series of modifications are needed. Therefore, in recent decades, scientists have increased their exploration and Research on Mars. Only when Mars is fully understood can we carry out the following transformation plan.

With the continuous in-depth study of Mars by scientists, people have more and more knowledge of Mars. Scientists want to understand two factors, one is whether there is water on Mars, the other is whether there is life on Mars. These two factors are of great significance to the future transformation of Mars and the migration of Mars. If there is water on Mars, the transformation of Mars and the survival of human beings on Mars will be greatly guaranteed, which is also the key to the success of human transformation of Mars.

So is there water on Mars? According to the probe on Mars, traces of water have been found on Mars. However, scientists are surprised that the water on Mars does not freeze at minus 68 degrees. This discovery makes scientists very happy. We all know that water begins to freeze below zero, and the temperature difference between day and night on Mars is very large. If there is water on the surface of Mars, it is probably due to the formation of ice.

If the water on Mars can not freeze in the environment of minus 68 degrees, it can only show one fact: the salinity in the water is very high. It is because of the existence of these salts that the water can not freeze in the environment of minus 68 degrees, and the salinity is not low.

The non freezing liquid Lake discovered by scientists is not on the surface of Mars, but an underground lake. Although it is an underground lake, the temperature of the environment is also very low. Originally, it was thought that such a low temperature should be a frozen lake, but unexpectedly it was a liquid lake. This discovery is of great significance for humans to transform Mars.

This shows that there is a huge liquid ocean on Mars, especially underground. If the groundwater can be pumped to the surface, it will be very beneficial for the transformation of Mars. The discovery of Martian water is of great significance. For life on earth, water is fundamental, not the source of life. With water, it is possible to be born.

Mars can find underground liquid water, it is possible that Mars will also have the existence of life. Through more and more Mars discoveries, scientists speculate that Mars may not be like this long ago, it may also be a green planet like the earth, with water, thick atmosphere and life. But later, I don’t know why, the Martian atmosphere continued to disappear, and a large amount of liquid water on the surface also evaporated, slowly becoming such a desolation.

In fact, from Mars and Venus, we can also see the future of the earth. Maybe the earth is still a green planet, but how human beings do not protect the environment, it is possible that in countless years, the earth will become a desolate planet like Mars and Venus, and a purgatory planet.

If human beings have to leave the earth in the future, Mars is not our ideal planet for migration. It can only serve as a transit station for human beings to survive temporarily. The real planet for human migration is still outside the solar system. The universe is vast and vast. There are hundreds of billions of stars in the Milky way. There are many earth like planets very similar to the earth in the Milky way.

Scientists have discovered many earth like planets within tens of light-years from the earth through astronomical telescopes. Many of them are very similar to the earth. The nearest one is only 4.8 light-years away from the earth. Once the speed of human beings has made a major breakthrough in the future, with the ability to fly at sub light speed, it will be possible for human spaceships to reach this planet, and we can migrate to the natural green planet outside the solar system.

Of course, it’s not easy to make a major breakthrough in the speed of the spacecraft and realize sub light speed or light speed flight, and the earth may not have much time left for human beings, so the first step is to step up the exploration and transformation of Mars to prepare for future human migration.

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