Scientists have put forward a crazy plan: dig through the earth, is this possible?

The earth is the home for human survival, and human beings only live on the surface of the earth. And the earth’s interior makes many people have countless guesses, is the earth’s interior hollow or solid? What’s inside the earth? Is there a geocentric man inside the earth? For these problems, the current human science and technology can not go to a detailed answer.

Through scientific and technological means, scientists now have a preliminary understanding of the earth’s interior, but they don’t know more about it. So scientists once came up with a crazy plan: dig the earth through, so long as they can dig deep into the earth’s core, they can have a comprehensive understanding of the structure of the earth’s interior.

So in 1989, the Soviet Union, the United States, Britain, Japan and Germany cooperated to mobilize the most advanced technology of the world’s developed countries and try to penetrate the earth.

Scientists from these countries have been in the Panamanian Strait, directing engineers to dig holes from the bottom of the sea to the center of the earth – drilling. The sea floor there is 3.5 kilometers above the ground level, which is a favorable area for penetrating the earth.

In the 1990s, this undersea cave has reached a depth of 1850 meters (long before it was dug through the earth), and the measured water temperature is 165 ℃. The scientists are going to drill all the way down. If this plan can be realized, human beings will have a comprehensive understanding of the earth’s internal structure, material composition, temperature, pressure and other conditions, which will be of far-reaching significance to the development of the earth’s deep rich nickel, iron, gold, silver and other minerals, as well as the prevention of earthquake, volcano and other geological disasters.

The former Soviet Union also drilled holes in the KORA Peninsula in northern Russia, trying to drill deep into the earth’s core. The project took more than 20 years, with the deepest drilling reaching 12262 meters. But in the end, the plan was terminated, and the official explanation was that the funds were insufficient. But the internal news revealed that when the drill bit reached more than 12000 meters, suddenly there were shouts and screams from the depth of the drill bit. At that time, the people on the scene were scared. Some people said that we got into hell, and later there were recordings spread. The sound was really like the screams of people, and there were a large number of people, obviously a kind of scream with fear.

The drilling project of the former Soviet Union was forced to stop. In fact, the depth of 12262 meters is only equivalent to drilling through 0.2% of the earth’s radius. At most, it only drilled through a skin. It is said that the 12000 meter drilling was relatively smooth at the beginning, but it took more than 10 years to complete the 200 meter drilling. However, this happened at the moment of drilling It’s a mysterious event.

No one knows what’s going on in the deep of the earth’s core. However, it’s impossible for the current human drilling technology to drill into the earth’s core. The more we drill into the earth’s core, the higher the temperature is, the harder it is, and the higher the pressure is. Some scientists even suspect that there may be a hollow space inside the earth. If so, the possibility of geocentric civilization will not be ruled out.

Although human beings do not have the ability to drill to the center of the earth at present, with the continuous progress of science and technology, we believe that one day we will be able to develop machines that can drill to the center of the earth. At that time, the secrets of the earth’s interior will be discovered, but we hope that we will not touch all kinds of minerals in the center of the earth. The strong magnetic field of the earth’s energy protects the earth. The key is that there is a big magnet inside the earth. If human beings go to mine iron and other ores in the heart of the earth for their own development, the earth’s magnetic field will weaken day by day until it disappears. At that time, without the protection of the magnetic field, the sun’s radiation will drive into the earth, and the survival of human beings will face the test of life and death .

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