Scientists have received a rare signal from two black hole explosions, 7 billion light-years away from the earth!

Since the first time we took pictures of black holes, we have clearly realized how small human beings are in front of the universe. On September 2, scientists claimed that they had detected a special cosmic signal. The signal was not from a star, but lasted for a short time. It was from the collision of two black holes. They’re two seven billion light-years away. That is to say, when these two black holes exploded, the earth was only over 6 billion years old, and the signal we received was in the past.

The explosion scale of black hole

In our opinion, this data is really amazing. Seven billion light-years away, we are very far away. Now, this string of signals is enough to explain the multidimensional nature of the universe. According to the detection results of scientists, the scale of the explosion caused by their collision is second only to the big bang, which is the second largest explosion event recorded by human beings. All along, black holes are full of mystery. No one knows what kind of world there is inside the black hole and what the consequences will be after being swallowed by it. The density of black holes is very large, no matter what stars, as long as close to it, it will be swallowed.

New black holes are created

Scientists believe that there are only very small and very large black holes in the universe. The smallest area is similar to that of a small city, and the largest one is worth hundreds of millions of suns. In fact, the two exploding black holes were not discovered by scientists this year. In May last year, they received this signal. They calculated that the mass of the two is extremely large, one is 66 times that of the earth, and the other is 85 times that of the earth. After the collision, the two black holes not only released huge energy, but also produced a larger black hole, which is 142 times the mass of the sun.

Black hole signal

Human beings have launched a number of detectors into the universe. In addition to monitoring the cosmic environment, they will also receive mysterious signals. The signal that scientists found this time was captured by the detector. After their two collisions, the detector sent a short audio signal. The duration of the audio signal was very short, only 1 / 10 of a second. Scientists claimed that the signal was a bang, and there was no following.

So, in the vast universe, planetary collisions often occur. Now scientists have captured two black holes. In our opinion, black hole collisions are no longer special cases. We still have a long way to go before we can really unravel the secrets of the universe. Just when the black hole theory was first put forward, many people thought that it did not exist, but was just the whimsy of scientists. Now we realize how ridiculous this idea is. The universe actually has unlimited possibilities.

These two black holes are too far away from the earth, and the signal we receive is only the sound of 7 billion years ago. What do you think of this mysterious signal?

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