Scientists have received a signal from 1.5 billion light-years away that Hawking’s concerns may come true

In 1957, the first man-made satellite was successfully launched. From this day on, it marks the official development of mankind from the earth age to the space age. When human beings have the ability to walk out of the earth initially, they are full of infinite hope for the vast and mysterious universe.

Only when we really walk out of the earth can we know how vast and mysterious the universe is, and how many secrets are hidden in the dark and cold endless void of human vision. In the exploration of the secrets of the universe, the most important thing we want to understand is whether there is such intelligent life and civilization as human beings in the universe.

In the age of the earth, we are not alone, with seven billion people living together. But when we went out of the earth and began to explore the universe, 7 billion people, no matter what kind of people, all belong to human civilization. Human civilization is lonely in the present universe. Before we found the alien civilization, human beings are lonely.

So does alien civilization exist? Maybe a lot of people will doubt this before we go out of the earth. However, when we really realize the vastness of the universe, this kind of cognition will change fundamentally. Let’s not say whether there will be alien civilization in the vastness of the universe, let’s take the Milky way where the solar system is located.

The diameter of the entire galaxy has reached more than 150000 light-years. In this scale space, there are at least hundreds of billions of star systems, and each star system has a different number of planets. Therefore, the number of planets in the galaxy has reached at least one trillion level. So many planets, a large part of them belong to earth like planets, the number is at least hundreds of billions.

Among the hundreds of billions of earth like planets, even if there is a very small probability of the birth of a beautiful ecological planet like the earth, then the number is not a small number. Although life on different planets has different requirements for the environment, there is no doubt that a beautiful ecological planet like the earth has a higher probability of birth of life and wisdom civilization.

Therefore, from the perspective of the galaxy, there are alien civilizations in the galaxy. And the galaxy is just a dust in the vast universe. There are alien civilizations in the galaxy, so the number of alien civilizations in the vast universe is bound to be too large for us to imagine. If there are countless intelligent civilizations in the universe, how can we find them.

There are mainly two ways to find alien civilization. One is to send a spacecraft to the target planet directly, so that it is easy to find out whether there is intelligent life on the planet. But this way is still too far for human beings. We can’t even land on Mars, our neighbor of the earth, let alone land on planets far away from the solar system.

So, only the second way is possible for us to discover alien civilization. The second way is to receive radio signals from alien civilizations that may exist in the universe. If a civilization develops to the stage of science and technology, and even has become a powerful interstellar civilization, then the alien civilization will also be interested in whether there are other intelligent civilizations in the universe.

Because the universe is too big or the alien civilization has no ability to carry out interstellar navigation like human beings, then the alien civilization may also take the initiative to send out wireless pulse civilization signals to the universe, hoping that other civilizations can receive such signals and know their existence. Human beings have also sent out strong radio signals to the universe, hoping that alien civilizations can receive human signals.

In early 2019, Canadian scientists claimed to have received a radio signal from 1.5 billion light-years away, which repeated five times in a short period of more than half a year. No matter in terms of signal strength, signal direction and signal regularity, this is not an ordinary signal. Many scientists believe that this big probability is a strong pulse signal sent by alien civilization to human beings.

It may be said that 1.5 billion light years is such a long distance, and the fastest speed of a radio signal is only the speed of light, so it took 1.5 billion years for this signal to travel in the universe before it came to the earth. If so, does this civilization still exist? Maybe in the eyes of many people, this signal traveled through the universe for 1.5 billion years before reaching the earth.

However, we should not forget that the power of science and technology is infinite, and the fastest way for radio signals to realize the speed of light is the cognition of human beings under the existing science and technology. We can imagine that if human beings become an interstellar civilization and travel between different galaxies, is it possible to communicate by radio at the speed of light? The answer is No.

For the interstellar civilization, the speed of light communication is too backward. Just imagine that the human expeditionary fleet is in danger 100 light years away, and we need to rescue it. However, if the speed of light radio signal is used for communication, it will take 100 years for the distress signal to reach the earth. At that time, was it meaningful for human beings to rescue? It doesn’t make any sense anymore.

Therefore, the communication technology of the interstellar age must exceed the speed of light. Even if the distance is hundreds of light years, thousands of light years or even tens of thousands of light years, it can communicate in a very short time, or even instant communication. Therefore, if the 1.5-billion-light-year-old wireless pulse signal received by human beings is really sent by advanced alien civilization, it may not have shuttled through the universe for 1.5-billion years. It may take only a few years or even less for the signal to arrive on earth.

Of course, up to now, scientists are still unable to decipher the specific consciousness of this signal. Before we really decipher it, we can only make various conjectures about this signal, and we can’t really determine that it is a signal from advanced civilization. It’s possible that it’s just a celestial signal deep in the universe 1.5 billion light-years away.

Because there are many collision events and explosion events in the universe, such as the collision and melting of black holes, the collision of neutron stars and the explosion of supernovae, they can find strong pulse signals. However, generally speaking, scientists rarely receive repeated strong pulse signals. Once such signals appear, we tend to consider the direction of alien civilization.

This is because the wireless pulse signal sent by intelligent civilization is bound to be very different from the signal sent by celestial bodies in the universe. If the signal received by scientists from 1.5 billion light-years away is sent by advanced civilization, it may not be good news for human beings, and Hawking’s worries may be realized.

As we all know, Hawking is a famous cosmologist in modern times. He has his own unique views on alien civilization. Hawking has repeatedly said publicly that if the earth received a distant civilization signal, human beings must not respond. If we respond, it may bring great disaster to human beings and the earth.

Perhaps the strong wireless pulse signal from an alien civilization is just a bait. If a civilization replies, then the planet coordinates of this civilization will be exposed, and it may encounter the colonization and invasion of an alien civilization. The more powerful human science and technology are, the more awe we have for the universe, especially for the possible existence of a powerful alien civilization, we should be more vigilant. Guys, what do you think of this?

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