Scientists have received signals from the universe 7 billion years ago, confirming Einstein’s prediction

With the rapid development of science and technology, human civilization can go out of the earth and explore the universe without the birth of a group of great scientists in modern science, such as Newton, Einstein, Tesla and so on. Among these scientists, Einstein is the one who has made the greatest contribution to mankind. I believe very few people have never heard of Einstein.

Einstein is a scientific wizard. His greatest contribution to mankind is the theory of relativity. The research achievements of his life have created his irreplaceable position and glory in the field of physics. Einstein had his own unique views in the exploration of physics and the universe, and he also put forward many advanced conjectures. At that time, many people might not understand these conjectures and thought that they were not true. But later, scientists verified those conjectures one by one and proved that they were correct.

Among them, gravitational lens effect is a phenomenon predicted by Einstein’s general relativity. Gravitational lens effect is that when light passes near galaxies, galaxy clusters, black holes and other celestial bodies with huge gravity, it will bend like a convex lens. According to the irregularity of the changed light lines in the extraspectral band, the age and distance of the luminous galaxies can be calculated.

Lens can enlarge the image, can reduce things, can be positive image, can be inverted image. These are appearances. Essentially, all lenses do the same thing, that is, they distort light. As the name suggests, the gravitational lens is because the path of light is changed by gravity. And gravity is the common property of all things (as long as it exists in the universe, there is no non gravity), so gravitational lenses are everywhere. I am a gravitational lens, and so are you.

Gravitational lens effect in Einstein’s time, because there was no advanced instrument and no way to prove its correctness, and at that time people did not pay attention to it, did not spend too much time and energy to study it. Until modern times, scientists began to verify Einstein’s predictions one by one, and the gravitational lens effect was picked up again in space We are looking for the phenomena that can prove it.

The advanced equipment of modern science has provided great help to prove the gravitational lens effect. Not long ago, scientists received a cosmic signal from 7 billion years ago in the space laboratory. The discovery of this mysterious signal once again proved the gravitational lens effect proposed by Einstein at that time.

The confirmation of gravitational lens effect is of epoch-making significance for human beings to study and explore the universe. It can help us to detect many unknown celestial bodies, and also help us to receive signals from the depths of the distant universe. Some of these signals are from celestial bodies, while others may come from alien civilizations. And scientists have indeed invented relevant telescopes and detection equipment through the gravitational lens effect, discovered many celestial bodies in the universe, and received many mysterious signals.

It’s only more than half a century since human beings stepped out of the earth. In front of the vast universe, human beings are extremely small. Our current technology is not worth mentioning at all. Our spacecraft does not have super fast speed, and now we can only explore within a limited range of the solar system. If we want to explore the mysteries outside the solar system, we can only use powerful astronomical telescopes and other observation equipment.

It is with these great scientists that human beings can put forward various theories and hope to explore and study them even when they can’t reach their targets. Otherwise, the celestial bodies that we can detect are only in the solar system. Especially in the search for alien civilization, scientists have determined that there is no alien civilization in the solar system. If we want to find an alien civilization, we can only find it outside the solar system, but our spacecraft and detectors can’t fly out of the solar system. What should we do?

At this time, we can only rely on astronomical telescopes and other observation equipment, such as the China sky eye radio telescope. Although we can’t see whether there is an alien civilization on a certain planet, as long as the alien civilization is not still in the primitive civilization, it is necessary to use communication. In this way, it is inevitable that radio waves will be sent to the universe. Moreover, the more powerful the civilization is, the stronger their communication ability is, and the stronger the radio waves are naturally. These radio signals may pass through gravity in the universe If the lens effect is diffused into the deep space, it may be received by human receiving equipment.

There are people in the universe, like human beings, who will actively send super strong radio wave signals to the universe. The purpose is also to be received by other civilizations. Such signals will be more powerful and easier to be received. In the universe, there are many kinds of radio signals. On earth, radio signals are everywhere. As long as you have relevant equipment, you can receive them.

The radio signals in the universe are the same. They are everywhere in the universe, so scientists receive a lot of cosmic signals. Of course, a large part of them are sent out by some cosmic objects, such as pulsars. Only a few of them are likely to be signals of alien civilization. Only by cracking these mysterious signals can we know what the specific contents of the signals are. However, it is not so easy to crack the signals of alien civilization. Only when human science and technology are further developed and more advanced equipment is available in the future, maybe there will be hope to crack these suspected signals of alien civilization. At that time, human beings will be able to determine whether there is an alien civilization in the universe.

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