Scientists have solved five unsolved mysteries that once puzzled many people, each of which is full of mystery

The earth has been born for 4.6 billion years, but human beings have only appeared for millions of years. With the continuous progress of human civilization, our understanding of the world and the universe is also increasing. However, there are still many unsolved mysteries in the world waiting for scientists to solve, and scientists live up to their expectations. Through continuous efforts, one unsolved mystery after another has been solved and their mysteries have been uncovered Today, Xiaobian is going to introduce five of them, each of which was once full of divinity and troubled many people.

1、 Giant statues of Easter Island. The most mysterious one on Easter Island is the Moai stone statue on the island. More than 1000 huge half faced stone statues have been found on the island, of which 600 are neatly arranged on the stone island by the sea. Stone statues vary in size, 6-23 meters high, weighing about 30-90 tons. They have a peculiar image and a serious look. Facing the sea, they seem thoughtful.

Over the past 300 years, countless historians and archaeologists have been trying to solve the mystery of these giant statues on Easter Island. Many sci-fi disaster movies have quoted these giant statues. There are also many folk legends about these giant statues. It is said that this is Stonehenge. Once activated, a series of mysterious phenomena may occur. There are also legends that these giant statues are not products of the earth, but were built by alien civilizations.

So are these huge statues really as mysterious as folklore? Through a series of investigations and studies, scientists have finally uncovered the mystery of the giant statues on Easter Island. It turns out that these huge ancient statues were not built by witches, but carved with stones, and moved from one part of the island to another. A video from National Geographic Channel shows that it’s quite easy to move a 90 ton statue a few miles with simple tools and a group of people.

Scientists can move a 90 ton boulder by using some forces and a large number of people. We should not underestimate the wisdom of the ancients. Although the ancients did not know the specific principle of these forces, they can still do it. Therefore, these giant statues were actually carved by the ancients, and then passed through a large number of people Move to Easter Island.

2、 There is a mysterious signal from space. The universe is vast and vast. Scientists never doubt the existence of alien civilization. However, due to the limitation of human science and technology, we have no way to go out of the solar system to look for extraterrestrial civilization. However, scientists have not given up looking for extraterrestrial life and civilization, and put their hope on the signal of extraterrestrial civilization.

If the alien civilization has entered the galaxy and is a powerful civilization, it must be inseparable from radio communication. It is possible that the alien civilization has already discovered the existence of the solar system and the earth, but it is not sure whether there is an alien civilization on the earth. Because the distance is too far, the alien civilization can not reach, so it can only send radio waves to the earth to confirm whether there is human existence. If human beings can receive such signals of alien civilization, they can find and confirm the existence of alien civilization.

In 1997, a strange signal from space was received. It’s so unexpected and unique that scientists have named it “wow.” all along, they’ve tried to decipher this signal, find out which Galaxy it came from, and then accept it again, but they didn’t succeed Many people think that this mysterious and unique signal may be the greeting signal sent by alien civilization to human beings, so is this signal really a wireless electromagnetic signal sent by aliens?

After 20 years of research, scientists finally cracked this signal in 2017, but many people were disappointed that this signal was not a signal from an alien civilization, but a natural phenomenon caused by two comets.

3、 Where are the Mayans? As for the existence of prehistoric civilization, scientists no longer hold a negative attitude through the discovery of archaeological sites. Among the relevant records of the earth’s history, there are also many records about prehistoric civilization, among which the Maya civilization and Atlantis civilization are the most concerned. Through some records, these two civilizations have great civilization strength.

Among them, the Mayan civilization is the most recorded and the most widely spread. The architectural engineering of the Mayan civilization has reached the highest level in the world, and it can carve and process solid stones. Through long-term observation of astronomical phenomena, we have mastered the cycle of solar eclipse and the motion law of sun, moon and Venus; sculpture, painted pottery and murals have high artistic value and are known as “Greece of America”.

Mayan civilization is an ancient civilization with advanced writing, art, architecture, mathematics and astronomy. It used to be a prosperous country, but one day it seems to abandon its own city, mysteriously disappeared, no one knows why? Scientists have been studying the Mayan civilization continuously. Through years of research and exploration, scientists have finally solved why the Mayan civilization abandoned the built cities.

Through research, scientists have found that the disappearance of the city where the Maya civilization abandoned itself was actually caused by the Maya themselves. Because the Maya civilization was a very prosperous civilization at that time, the development of civilization was very fast, and the natural demand for resources was also large, so a large number of trees were cut down. As a result, without the protection of forest, desert invasion and drought, the Mayan civilization had to give up the construction of the city, and moved to find a new oasis.

4、 UFO incident in Roswell Area 51, 1947, in Roswell Area 51 of the United States, an object considered to be a UFO crashed on the ground. The government didn’t give a good explanation, so the whole story triggered a lot of arguments and rumors about aliens. This incident caused a great sensation at that time. Many people thought that it was an alien flying saucer that crashed into the earth. Is that true?

In fact, some scientists later studied this and found that the fact is not what people think. If you carefully observe the crash object at that time, you will find that there is radar on it, which is the standard configuration of our human aircraft. In fact, it was a hot-air balloon developed by the United States to detect the sound waves generated by the Soviet Union’s atomic bomb test. It just fell down and exploded by accident.

Since the project was top secret at that time, the United States naturally needed to keep it secret and not explain too many things to the outside world, so people thought it was an alien flying saucer. Later, after the end of the cold war, the United States also came forward to explain the whole incident, saying that the hot-air balloon they studied fell down, but many people didn’t believe it and thought it was just a cover up. However, some careful friends found the existence of radar from the photos of the wreckage at that time, which was a product of human beings.

5、 The mystery of crop circles. Crop circles first appeared in the 1980s. Since then, crop circles have been discovered one after another, and they all appeared overnight. Therefore, many people associate crop circles with aliens and think that they are made by alien civilization. The reason why people have this kind of thinking is that it is impossible to create such a big crop circle overnight by human power.

So what is the truth of the matter? Later, many scientists studied it and finally solved the secret of the crop circle. In fact, the so-called crop circle is made by human beings. As long as you are a careful friend, you will find that more than 90% of the crop circles are found in the UK, and they are concentrated in several areas. Do aliens choose where to make the circles in more than 30 years? Why don’t countries and regions in the world go and love Britain alone?

Later, with simple ropes, ladders, boards and other tools, scientists easily and quickly created the crop circles, and published a manual on how to draw circles in the field. Through this manual, no matter how large or complex the patterns of wheat fields can be made with simple tools. As long as the number of people is larger, a large-scale strange circle of wheat fields can be made overnight.

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