Scientists have successfully revived the frozen worm of 42000 years ago, which is a remarkable achievement

Human beings have been exploring space for more than half a century. Although they have made some achievements, there is still a long way to go before they can really explore space. There are two factors restricting human exploration of space, one is the speed of spacecraft, the other is the life span of human beings.

The universe is vast. Even if the speed of a spaceship reaches the speed of light, it will take us hundreds of years to reach the nearest earth like planet suitable for human survival. However, the life span of human beings is only a few decades. What can we do to solve this problem? The way scientists think of it is to freeze.

Human body freezing technology has always been an important topic for scientists. Compared with a dormancy, the metabolism of the human body will become very slow and the life time will be very long after it is frozen. It will thaw when necessary. This technology has extraordinary significance for some incurable patients. For modern incurable diseases, patients can choose to freeze and wait for the future medical treatment When it’s cured, thaw it.

One of the more important applications of freezing technology is in the future interstellar navigation. When humans need to go to a distant galaxy, it may take hundreds or even thousands of years. During the voyage, they can choose to freeze and thaw until they reach the target galaxy. Although it may be hundreds of years ago, frozen humans feel that they have just made a mistake Dream.

Of course, freezing can’t last indefinitely. In order to make human beings freeze for a longer time, we still need to make continuous research and breakthroughs. In order to make breakthroughs in freezing technology, scientists focus on those ancient frozen worms. In Siberia, the northern hemisphere of the earth, there is a permafrost that has been sleeping for tens of thousands of years. In this permafrost, there are some frozen insects of tens of thousands of years ago.

Recently, two scientists brought back a batch of frozen worms obtained from permafrost in Siberia to the laboratory. These frozen worms have been frozen for 42000 years. According to the principle, they should have died. However, scientists still have a glimmer of hope for them. If there is an ancient virus that can survive for hundreds of thousands of years, this batch of multicellular organisms may not be able to survive There will be miracles.

Scientists put these frozen worms on the Petri dish, but a miracle happened, and two of them unexpectedly came back to life. Although only two of the more than 300 frozen worms in the laboratory have been resurrected, this is also a great achievement, which makes scientists very excited. Through this resurrection experiment, human beings have new knowledge about the viability of multicellular organisms. At the same time, it is also a major discovery, which lays the foundation for future breakthroughs in biology and cryology In the near future, there may be good news that the human body freezing technology has made another major breakthrough.

Only more than 300 frozen worms were retrieved from the permafrost in Siberia this time, and two of them were revived. There are still many frozen worms and ancient viruses in the permafrost. Scientists are confident that more frozen worms tens of thousands of years ago will be revived in the future. There may be another situation, that is, with the rising global temperature, will the permafrost die It will recover naturally. At that time, will these insects and viruses that have been frozen for tens of thousands of years also revive in large numbers?

The resurrection of two small frozen worms is of extraordinary significance to human beings. The most important thing is to point out a direction for the breakthrough of human freezing technology. Although human freezing technology is still in its infancy, far from being able to survive after freezing for tens of thousands of years, with the deepening of research, it is believed that human freezing technology will be very advanced in the future Advanced.

With advanced freezing technology, there will be a breakthrough in human interstellar navigation and space exploration. We can set out to distant galaxies without having the courage to live long enough. Hundreds of years and thousands of years in the frozen state are just a flick of a finger, maybe an interstellar voyage. When the astronauts return to earth again, the earth has passed thousands of years.

Freezing technology can also make some people who want to see the earth thousands of years later realize their dreams, freeze you up, thaw you after a thousand years, and cross the future in an alternative way. What do you think of this, guys? When you really have advanced freezing technology, will you choose to freeze yourself and wait for a thousand years to recover? Welcome to comment below.

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