Scientists have suggested blowing up the moon, the earth will be like spring all the year round, is this really good?

I believe everyone is familiar with the moon, which has been with the earth for at least 4 billion years. According to the current research on the origin of the moon, it is believed that in the early Earth, a Mars sized planet collided with the earth to form debris.

The moon was formed very early. It witnessed the evolution of the earth, the birth and evolution of life, and the birth and development of human beings. The position of the moon in the hearts of mankind is also very high, especially in the hearts of the ancients, the position of the moon is even more than the sun, why did the ancients have such a special preference for the moon? The reason is also very simple. One is that the moon is very bright and big in the night sky. Looking at the moon from the earth, it emits holy white light and is very beautiful.

Another reason is that there were no lighting devices in ancient times. If people walked at night without the lighting of the moon, it would be very difficult and dangerous. It is the existence of the moon that makes it easy for people to walk at night. Therefore, we can see that in many ancient poems, many praise the moon.

With the continuous development of human civilization, into the era of science and technology, we also know the true face of the moon, it is not beautiful at all. In the field of vision of the astronomical telescope, the surface of the moon is full of craters, which makes it very desolate. In 1969, man successfully landed on the moon and saw the desolate moon from a short distance.

With the deepening of scientists’ exploration of the moon, we know more and more about it and know that it has a great impact on the earth. Because the mass and volume of the moon are too large for the earth, gravity has brought many bad effects on the earth.

After understanding this, scientists once proposed to bomb the moon, and this proposal is not far away. It was put forward by a Russian scientist in early 2000. The scientist thinks that the existence of the moon has several major problems, which have a lot of bad effects on the earth. For example, the frequency of earthquakes has something to do with the moon.

I believe we are not unfamiliar with earthquakes. The earth is a planet with frequent earthquakes, and there are many earthquakes every year. And people have suffered a lot in the earthquake, so how does the moon affect the earth’s earthquake? It’s mainly due to the strong gravity of the moon.

If careful friends will find such a phenomenon, that is, there are very few earthquakes at the poles of the earth, and there are very few seismic activities in the Arctic circle. Generally, earthquakes are concentrated in the middle and low dimensions. Why? The reason behind this is related to the moon. The earth is a rocky planet, which depends on the earth’s core, mantle and crust from inside to outside.

The mantle layer is a melting environment with flowing magma everywhere, while the crust floats on the mantle. We can imagine a board floating on the water. In this state, the crust is not so stable, as long as there is wind and grass, it will move. And outside the earth, there is a moon that is about a quarter of the earth.

Every turn, the strong gravity will pull the crust, so that the crust slightly uplift, when the moon turns past, it will return to its original position. A fall will aggravate the movement of the crust, so that the crust is easy to crack and produce extrusion collision, so the earthquake appeared. Without the moon, the number of earthquakes on earth would be very small, not as frequent as they are now.

The moon can also cause tides. The main reason for the rise and fall of tides in the ocean is that the moon’s gravity pulls the earth’s crust. It will also pull the ocean, making it rise and fall again and again. In addition to earthquakes and tides related to the moon, the earth’s four seasons are also formed by the moon’s gravity, and the moon also makes the earth’s orbit appear skewed.

It is precisely because the existence of the moon has brought some bad effects on the earth that the Russian scientist suggested that human beings should blow up the moon, so as to keep the four seasons like spring and reduce the number of earthquakes. However, such a proposal has not been supported by many scientists. In the eyes of most scientists, it is a bad idea and a madman’s behavior.

If we really blow up the moon, not only will the earth not be like spring all the year round, but it may also cause real ecological upheaval, so that the earth will lose its qualification as a living planet and become a desolate planet. Why? Isn’t the existence of the Moon bringing some bad effects to the earth?

Yes, the existence of the moon does bring frequent earthquakes, more severe ocean tides and so on. But let’s not forget that the moon has existed for at least 4 billion years. The moon has participated in the formation of the whole ecosystem of the earth. Because the mass of the moon is relatively large, its gravitational impact on the earth is very obvious.

As early as more than 4 billion years ago, the moon and the earth formed a system, which together created the excellent ecosystem of the earth. An excellent ecosystem is a necessary condition for the birth of life, so the early primitive life was born 3.8 billion years ago.

It can be said that the birth of life on earth is closely linked with the moon, and the moon and the earth have formed an unbreakable relationship in more than 4 billion years. The fate of the earth’s ecology has been closely bound with the moon. If we blow up the moon, the Earth Moon system will change greatly because of the loss of the moon.

At this time, the earth’s original deflection under the influence of the moon will be corrected. It seems that this correction is a good thing, but don’t forget that the earth’s ecosystem formed 4 billion years ago was built on the basis of the original skew. Now that the earth needs to be corrected, the original ecosystem will also need to be corrected, destroying the old and forming a new one.

In the process of the replacement of the old and the new in this ecosystem, life on earth can not survive. This is not a simple mass extinction, but a complete mass extinction of life. The earth was born 4 billion years ago, and all life will disappear until the earth’s ecology is renewed, new systems are born, and new primitive life will appear after a long evolution.

Thus it can be seen that the moon is not only unable to bomb it, but we should also protect it well and not easily destroy it. If the moon is gone, the earth will continue to exist, but human beings will lose this home which has existed for millions of years.

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