Scientists in Antarctica found something should not exist, very worried, how is this going on?

Every planet has two poles, whether it’s Venus or Mars. Naturally, the earth also has two poles, and the polar region is often the coldest place on a planet. Venus is a purgatory planet, the surface temperature is as high as 460 degrees Celsius, but the temperature of the two poles is not high.

The average temperature of the earth is about 15 degrees centigrade, but the temperature in the polar regions is far lower than this average. It is precisely because the temperature in the polar regions is very low that there is a world of ice and snow, which is covered by ice and snow all the year round. It is the most extreme place of the earth’s surface environment, especially the south pole, which is a forbidden area for human beings.

In the history of human civilization since ancient times, I don’t know how many people have stayed there forever because of exploring the South Pole. Its cruelty is far more terrible than exploring the boundless desert. The existence of Antarctica is very important for the whole ecosystem of the earth, because its cold property can adjust the earth’s environmental temperature, keep the earth’s temperature in a suitable range, and make life survive better.

However, with the rapid development of a large number of industries, carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases have brought great changes to Antarctica. As we all know, carbon dioxide is a very powerful greenhouse gas. The reason why Venus is so hot is that 95% of the atmosphere is carbon dioxide. The earth’s atmosphere because of industrial emissions of carbon dioxide, the concentration is also rising, resulting in the greenhouse effect is more and more serious, the earth’s temperature is also rising.

The rising ambient temperature not only makes people unbearably hot, but also brings some very bad effects on Antarctica. In recent years, scientists have found some broken ice layers and some deep pits in Antarctica, one of which is a mysterious giant pit, which has attracted scientists’ attention. Scientists sigh after studying: this should not exist.

What should not have appeared in Antarctica has now appeared, which makes scientists very worried about it. So what’s the matter with this huge pit? After exploration and observation, scientists said that the area of the huge pit could reach two-thirds of the total area of Manhattan city, and it was still expanding. This kind of “giant hole” is actually a natural phenomenon, which is called “ice lake” by scientists. However, scientists have never found such a large “ice lake” in history, and the expansion speed of this ice lake is amazing.

In fact, it is a normal natural phenomenon that there are some ice lakes in Antarctica, even in the very cold Antarctica in the past, which is mainly caused by strong wind. The strong wind blows away the thin ice layer, and the warm sea water under the ice layer comes up, which makes this area unable to have strong ice and forms a small ice lake.

Therefore, since ancient times, Antarctica has not been a world of ice and snow. There are still some small lakes in Antarctica. They are small ice lakes due to strong winds. The appearance of these small ice lakes has little impact on the ecological environment of Antarctica. However, the giant ice lake discovered by scientists in Antarctica is different. It is not caused by strong wind.

Scientists believe that the appearance of this huge “hole” has a lot to do with ocean currents and monsoons. Perhaps it is due to a variety of coincidences that this natural phenomenon should not have appeared. The appearance of this huge hole also warns us that the Antarctic is undergoing great changes, which are caused by the greenhouse effect, and will bring unimaginable impact on the ecological environment of the whole earth, and also bring great threat to human survival.

Many friends know that the rising temperature in Antarctica will lead to the continuous melting of ice and snow. In fact, as long as friends who have visited Antarctica in recent years can find a fact that the environment in Antarctica is getting warmer and warmer, Antarctica is becoming greener, and a large number of green plants are beginning to appear. Maybe for those who like to travel, it’s a great pleasure for Antarctica to turn green and warm.

But for the ecology of the earth and the fate of all mankind, this is a very bad thing. Relevant professionals have done data survey, if the Antarctic ice completely melt, then the earth’s sea level will rise about 70 meters. This is a very terrible data, because not to mention the rise of about 70 meters, every rise of one meter will bring a great threat to the survival of coastal cities. If the rise of 70 meters, all coastal cities on the earth will be submerged into the seabed.

After losing a lot of land, how can man survive? At that time, mankind may have only two choices, one is to transfer to the outer planet to reduce the pressure of the earth’s survival, the other is to build maritime cities. Originally, the land area only accounted for 29% of the global area, one third of which was desert. Such a small land would be enough to support the world’s 7.5 billion people, but once the sea level rises by about 70 meters, the earth’s land may be less than 10%.

At that time, where should 7.5 billion people go? Apart from moving to the outer planet, we had to build cities on the sea to survive. Of course, whether it’s the transfer to the outer planet or the construction of marine cities, it’s impossible for human science and technology.

Therefore, human beings are in a race against time now. I’m afraid it’s difficult for us to really change the trend of ecological deterioration of the earth. Even if we make some efforts, we can only slow down the ecological deterioration. Finally, the ecological environment of the earth may become an environment that can’t adapt to human survival as Hawking predicted.

Of course, it will take a long time for the earth’s ecological environment to completely deteriorate to the point that it is unable to adapt to human survival, but now it is urgent to improve the melting speed of Antarctic ice and snow. We may really want to live on the sea in the future, so we need to build a lot of marine cities, which require higher technology. Therefore, we should speed up the development of human science and technology. Before the Antarctic ice and snow completely melts and a large number of land is flooded, we can have the technology of marine urban construction.

At that time, from a long-term point of view, the future of mankind was to go out of the earth, go to the starry sky, realize interstellar colonization, and spread the pace all over the galaxy and even all corners of the universe. As long as human beings become an interstellar civilization, we will be able to completely get rid of the shackles of the earth and a galaxy. At that time, the whole universe will be our home.

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