Scientists intercept signals from 50000 years ago, most of which have been deciphered, but there is nothing we can do

The universe is terrible!

As we all know, the earth is in the solar system, and the sun is a star in the solar system. The solar system is just one of the galaxies in the Milky way. There are 150-400 billion stars in the Milky way. We can imagine how small we are.

Therefore, to find another earth like planet in such a large space, the probability is not small. Although from the current situation, through the existing level of scientific research, human beings can not explore a reason, but we can not blindly deny that we are the only one in the universe. What’s more, we also received a distress signal 50000 years ago. What’s the matter? Let’s look down.

In 2015, the deep space radio telescope set up in Australia by the United States received a signal with complex modulation. After various studies, the main information in it was finally deciphered. The general meaning is as follows:

There’s an explosion in the fourth universe. We’re in the No. 12 region of the galaxy. We’re in a very dangerous situation. I hope someone can help us.

According to the signal attenuation curve, some experts roughly infer that this signal is emitted from a position about 50000 light-years away, that is to say, this signal has been in the universe for 50000 years.

I can’t believe it when I see you! It’s a signal from the universe, and it’s also a signal from the universe 50000 years ago. Although it’s incredible, for scientists, it’s a breakthrough in the exploration of extraterrestrial life.

According to reports, after receiving the signal, a deep space communication radio telescope in Australia pointed to this area, and then acquired a strange signal, a repetition rate signal. If translated into what we can understand, it is probably a “beep”, which disappeared one day later, and then a modulation signal with unknown meaning.

Since then, human beings have contacted with outer space again, but without any result. Although there is no response, human beings have not stopped contacting with the universe. What is the difference between human beings and aliens? 50000 years ago, they had the ability to send signals to aliens, and human beings have not had the opportunity to formally receive signals. Therefore, the gap between human beings and aliens is still very large Big.

Today, it is still very difficult for scientists to find the source of the signal, which makes people wonder what happened on the day when the distress signal was sent 50000 years ago and whether it existed. But now, people can only leave these problems for the future. With the development of science and technology in the future, we will be able to find the source of the signal.

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