Scientists’ judgment of “dark matter” is wrong in the beginning? Is there evidence that the world is virtual?

If we want to understand the universe, we must first understand “dark matter”. Dark matter is an invisible matter that may exist in the universe, and it is the main component of cosmic matter.

Scientists speculate that 5% of the matter in the universe is what we can see, and the remaining 95% is all dark matter. Dark matter fills the whole universe, so it’s everywhere in our lives.

Its characteristics are invisible, untouchable and even imperceptible. How do humans know it exists when they can’t feel it? Why do scientists think the existence of dark matter is very important to human beings?

Scientists observe a galaxy very far away from the earth through astronomical telescopes. They find that the galaxy is a disk like rotating all the time. When the galaxy rotates, it should throw out all the surrounding celestial bodies. But why is it the opposite?

At first, scientists thought that the reason why the celestial bodies were not thrown out was because gravity dragged them back, so gravity and centrifugal force balanced, so their position did not change.

But later scientists found that this is not the case, because the speed of rotation of the galaxy is greater than the force of gravity, that is to say, it rotates too fast, according to the mass relationship, the gravity can not hold them. So why don’t these planets fly away?

This shows that something has suppressed it, so scientists suspect that there is a large amount of dark matter outside the galaxy, and the dark matter locks them in. Dark matter is like a boundary.

What are the components of dark matter? We always have to use scientific methods to verify that it really exists, so scientists all over the world began to do all kinds of experiments to find the answer.

Xmass experiment

There is an underground laboratory in Japan, in which scientists put a large water tank, in which there is a tank full of liquid xenon. According to scientists’ conjecture, if there is dark matter, it will emit light when it collides with xenon. Therefore, if it emits light, it means that dark matter exists.

But after more than five years, the jar still didn’t respond as expected. So they’re a little shaken now, because there’s more dark matter than we can see, so to speak, everywhere. So the jar doesn’t need to be put in the designated position, as long as it exists, it will glow.

So it is possible that people’s judgment of dark matter is wrong from the beginning. We all guess what it is based on the existing material form. It may be changing all the time, or it has nothing to do with the present matter.

Because there are too many things in the universe that can’t be explained, there are all kinds of conjectures and theories. Scientists even spend their whole lives trying to prove that their conjectures are right.

The world is actually virtual reality

Elon Musk, the founder of space X, thinks that the human world is virtual. He says that there is only one in a billion opportunities for people to live in the real world.

Then we are a piece of program code living in a virtual world. Here is some evidence about this.

Evidence 1: the probability of human birth is zero

In the vast universe, the earth is born, life is born on the earth, and life is born of people. The probability is actually very small. Some scientists have given a very appropriate example, which can make you feel it all at once.

You know Swiss watch! There are seven or eight hundred parts in the watch, a lot of them. When you take apart all the parts of the watch and throw them into a large swimming pool, and then use the water in the pool to rotate, can you reassemble the watch again?

As you can imagine, the possibility is almost zero, but in the universe, miracles exist. So some people think that the emergence of the world is not accidental, it is artificially operated.

Evidence 2: the universe is similar to brain cells

It can be seen from the picture that there is a neuron in the middle of human brain cells, which then diverges through neurons. Is it a coincidence that the universe is the same? Or did the people who made the world follow the structure of neural network to make the world?

Evidence 3: there is an upper limit to speed

At present, the fastest speed in the universe is the speed of light, which is the upper limit of all speeds. So why is there an upper limit to speed?

The earth is actually a program in a computer. When the speed of things in it exceeds the speed of light, the load of the computer becomes larger, so the programmer sets a maximum speed for the light. Nothing can exceed this speed, so that the operation of such a computer will not be affected.

Evidence 4: the faster the speed, the slower the time

In Einstein’s theory of relativity, he said that if some matter can run at the speed of light, its time will slow down. Why is it slowing down?

This can be explained through the virtual world. In the big computer of the universe, when many things are moving at the speed of light, the speed of the computer will slow down. For example, if you open a program or game that takes up a lot of memory, your computer will slow down.

Evidence 5: quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics cannot be explained by science at present. Quantum mechanics can also be understood through virtual world. For example, in order to ensure the running speed of our computer, it is decided when the program in it runs until we need to observe. In this way, it can save its own space, memory and so on.

So people have come to a conclusion that the universe is a quantum computer. And we are a program in the big computer of the universe. Who wrote this program?

It’s impossible to know. Maybe we are more advanced civilizations than us. We are their “virtual life game”, but in this virtual world, we are too real together, so we can’t really detect the difference.

What do you think of this? Welcome to comment area.

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