Scientists locate the location of extraterrestrial signals, 240 million light-years away from the earth, which has been repeated so far

In another galaxy, the Milky way, lies not far from the solar system. According to the investigation of scientists, there are thousands of stars and planets in the Milky way, and hundreds of them have the same ecological environment as the earth. That is to say, there is a great possibility of breeding life on these planets.

Since mankind stepped out of the earth and entered the wider outer space, the exploration of the moon, Mars and other stars has never stopped. In order to find resources similar to the earth, life was born, but time passed too long, but there was no result.

Every year, scientists catch some mysterious extraterrestrial signals, but it is difficult to determine the exact location of these signals in the universe. Recently, scientists analyzed a mysterious alien signal that had been captured. Experts have finally determined the source of this mysterious alien signal, which is about 240 million light-years away from the earth. Astronomers say this is a major discovery.

According to experts, this mysterious radio signal lasted only a few milliseconds and came from a star in the origa galaxy. Dale fall, of the National Radio Observatory in Socorro, New Mexico, said it was an unusual galaxy, and the earth was a small, high-grade star.

The exploration made scientists make great progress in detecting the rapid radio burst in the universe. In fact, before that, scientists didn’t know whether these mysterious signals came from our galaxy or from other parts of the universe. Now, it’s really exciting to confirm the location of extraterrestrial signals for the first time.

Professor shriharsh Tendulkar, from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, told the scientists of the astronomy group that the Hubble telescope observation results give us a very clear image. There is a very bright star in Auriga galaxy, which is the place where the extraterrestrial signal is emitted. According to experts, the star is located in a galaxy about 20000 light-years in diameter. Scientists believe that the extraterrestrial radio storm was caused by a flare in the dense core of a young neutron star after the protostar exploded.

There have been theories that the rapid radio bursts were caused by alien technology, but current research may deny that. Interestingly, at the same location in the frb121101 galaxy, the previous findings showed 11 flashes. So far, there is only one kind of FRB in the universe.

Astronomers added that the rapid radio burst is the only known object in the sample, and its characterization is very important for understanding the rapid supercritical radio transients. Through this new study, experts determined that this will lead to scientists on earth receiving very bright fast radio burst signals. Although the source of the signal has been identified, the artificially generated signals still need to be considered and tested.

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