Scientists magnified the sand 1000 times and saw a beautiful and magical world

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From the day of the birth of human beings, what we see is the macro world of the earth, and what appears in front of us is also a macro thing. At that time, people would not think that there was a micro world under the macro, and in many cases, the behavior of macro things was determined by the micro world. For example, the temperature rise and fall of very simple objects are actually caused by the thermal motion of molecules in the micro world.

Of course, we can’t see the micro world with the naked eye, so people in ancient times didn’t know that there was a micro world behind the macro world. It is only with the help of science and technology that we can enlarge things many times. After enlarging things, we finally see the mysterious micro world.

From the macro to the micro is a qualitative leap of human civilization. It is precisely because human beings begin to explore and study the micro world that human civilization can have more knowledge of the world. The essence of all things needs to be revealed by the micro world. Now we all know that matter is made up of atoms, and there is atomic structure in its micro world.

And a macro stone can be decomposed into basic particles by continuous decomposition. Everything in the universe is constructed step by step from the micro world. For example, before the big bang, there was only a “singularity” with infinitely large mass and infinitely small volume. This singularity is a particle with extremely small size and extremely large energy.

Then there was the big bang at the singularity, the birth of the universe, and all kinds of basic particles began to appear. Later, these basic particles evolved and formed stars, planets, galaxies and other things in the universe. And the nuclear energy that scientists study and explore is also the powerful energy produced by the interaction between tiny atoms. Thus, the hidden energy of the micro world is beyond our imagination.

If we enlarge a thing infinitely, we can see a vast and beautiful micro world. Is there any difference between micro and macro in our eyes at this time? It doesn’t make any difference. So someone put forward a conjecture: the end of macro is micro. The earth we live on is a macro world in our eyes, but if we stand in the vast universe, the earth is as small as a particle.

There is a beautiful world inside this tiny particle of the earth, so what will the microscopic world look like when some visible things in our eyes are magnified a thousand times? In order to explore this mystery, scientists chose a common material on earth: sand as the experimental object.

I believe we are not unfamiliar with sand. It is ubiquitous on the earth where we live. We can see the shadow of sand on the seashore, desert or grassland. Sand in our eyes is too small, but also insignificant things. Some people may say that sand is such an ordinary material. What can we study and explore in its micro world? Is it still a beautiful world?

Yes, under our macroscopic observation, sand has no characteristics at all. It is a very common and ordinary material. But once we magnify it a thousand times, the scene will be completely different. What we see will be a beautiful world beyond our imagination.

Scientists magnify the sand on the beach a thousand times and see a beautiful crystal world. At this time, the sand is no longer ordinary, but presents a beautiful light of gems. No one would have thought that the micro world inside the sand was so beautiful. If we could walk into the micro world of the sand, it would be as if we were in a beautiful gem palace.

In addition to the sand on the edge of the desert, there is a beautiful world inside, and all kinds of sand microcosms in other places also present different styles. It can be said that the sand on the earth and the micro world are beautiful. Some sand interior presents the gem light, some sand interior presents a bright galaxy. This is the magic and mystery of the micro world. It’s just a small sand world. In fact, except sand, once you enlarge it by a thousand times, you can see a different wonderful micro world.

I believe many people have heard that “one sand, one world, one leaf, one Bodhi” is the wisdom of the ancients. In ancient times, people had realized some relations between the macro and micro. In our eyes, the small and ordinary sand can present a wonderful world inside. Our world is also a beautiful micro world in front of the vast universe.

In the same way, if we regard the universe as a grain of sand, the sand is also a wonderful world in the universe. Some people may say that the universe is so vast, how can it be a tiny micro world? In fact, this kind of cognition is the same as that when we live on the earth, you will not know that the earth is as small as a particle in front of the universe.

From different perspectives, we will see different worlds and our cognition will change. If the universe is pluralistic, one day we walk out of the universe, stand in the vast space outside the universe, and then look at the universe we live in, you may also see a world as small as sand.

In the existing human cognition, there are obvious boundaries and differences between the micro and the macro. However, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, we will realize in the future that the end of the macro may be the micro. There is no clear boundary between the macro and the micro, but the observation angle is different. It is the same reason that motion is relative.

Once a scientist put forward a bold conjecture: our universe may be just a nucleus. Maybe in many people’s eyes, this kind of conjecture can not become a reality, but the development of things is often unexpected. No one knows how our universe came into being? What’s beyond the universe?

If our universe is really just another micro world in the macro world, the impact on human beings will be subversive. Of course, we can’t explore this now. It’s too far away for us. Only one day can we go to the edge of the universe and get out of the universe. Maybe it will be possible to solve the final mystery.

Moreover, the way scientists observe the beautiful world inside the sand may become an important way for us to find extraterrestrial life in the future. We need to know that as long as the earth like planets are not short of sand, will the sand micro worlds of different planets be different? Scientists have magnified the sand on the moon by a thousand times. Instead of seeing a beautiful world like the sand on the earth, they have presented a dark world.

It can be seen that there is a big difference between the sand inner world of living planet and the sand micro world of inanimate planet. If we look at the inner world of sand on different planets, we may be able to find traces of life. If the micro world of sand on a planet also presents a beautiful scene, it is possible that there is life on the planet. Even if there is no life now, there was life a long time ago.

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