Scientists may have found a second earth, which is 98% similar to the earth. There may be life

Hundreds of years ago, with the invention of the steam engine, mankind officially entered the mechanical age from the handicraft age, which also marks the beginning of the industrial revolution of mankind. Since then, mankind has embarked on the road of scientific and technological development.

With the help of science and technology, human civilization has ushered in a period of rapid development. The rapid development of industry has brought earth shaking changes to people’s lives. At the same time, it has also enabled human beings to realize the dream of flying to the sky, go out of the earth and begin to explore the universe.

Although the rapid development of industry has brought great benefits to human civilization, the resulting ecological environment pollution is also increasing. The rapid development of industrial technology also makes the earth’s resources consume rapidly. In the near future, the earth will be in the era of resource depletion. At that time, the poor ecological environment and resource exhausted earth may not be suitable for human survival.

If human beings want to survive and continue, they can only focus on other planets. In order to realize interstellar migration, we need to find a planet suitable for human survival. The higher the similarity between this planet and the earth, the better. Maybe someone will say, isn’t it better to find a planet exactly like the earth? But in fact, there are no two identical planets in this universe, especially the life planet, and it is difficult to find two identical planets.

Therefore, scientists are also looking for planets that are very similar to the earth. Although such planets are relatively few in the universe, they can still be found. On July 24, 2015, NASA held a media conference call to announce that they found a earth like planet kepler-452b in the constellation Cygnus with a similarity index of 0.98. Once this earth like planet was discovered, it caused a shock in the astronomical world. You should know that although hundreds of earth like planets similar to the earth were found in the past, their similarity is the highest Only 0.65

Now a planet with a similarity of 98% has appeared, which can be called the second earth. The preliminary observation shows that kepler-452b is about 1400 light-years away from the earth, which is a very short distance in the cosmic scale. At the same time, kepler-452b moves around a star that is very similar to the sun. It is also in the habitable zone and may have an atmosphere and liquid water. It is known as earth 2.0, the “cousin of the earth”.

However, there are some differences between this star and the earth. For example, its diameter is 1.6 times that of the earth, its mass is naturally much larger than that of the earth, and its corresponding gravity is also larger than that of the earth. Of course, scientists are most worried about whether intelligent life has been born on a planet that believes so much in earth.

Some people may say, why not worry about the birth of life on it? In fact, scientists don’t doubt that such a beautiful planet will be a death star. It probably has life. Although there may be various forms of life in the universe and different requirements for the environment, there is no doubt that planets with high similarity to the earth have a greater concept of life.

Scientists also speculate that kepler-452b may have given birth to life, but they don’t know which stage of evolution life is still in, whether it is just the primary stage of life or whether there are complex and advanced life. What scientists are most worried about is intelligent life. Before the birth of intelligent life on a living planet, there is no problem for us to immigrate.

But if a planet already has intelligent life, and has formed civilization. If we go to immigrate again, it will be an invasion. There may be a war of civilization or even a star war. Of course, at present, this is only our guess. Whether kepler-452b has given birth to life and whether there has been civilization is still an unknown mystery before we carry out close-up exploration.

However, there is another situation, that is, although the similarity between this planet and the earth is as high as 98%, it is possible that the ecological environment on its surface does not meet the living conditions of human beings. For example, the oxygen content is too low, and the liquid water is also very different from the earth. If the gas that life breathes on this planet is not oxygen, but other gases, its atmospheric composition and environment will not be suitable for human survival.

It is still a mystery whether the ecological environment of the earth is a common phenomenon or unique phenomenon on other living planets in the universe. If the ecological environment and structure of the earth are very few, then even if we find many earth like planets very similar to the earth, because the ecological environment above is very different from that of the earth, it is impossible for human beings to immigrate. Naturally, we can only abandon such planets.

Moreover, for a living planet that has formed its own ecological environment, it is much more difficult to change its ecological environment than to transform a planet like Mars. Because Mars is very desolate, there is basically no beautiful ecological environment for life, which is equivalent to an ecological white paper. As long as the scientific and technological strength of human beings has reached, we can draw all kinds of pictures on this white paper. We can carry out all kinds of ecological transformation on Mars, through which it may become the second earth. This is the reason why scientists pay more attention to Mars, because it is easier to transform in the future, and the probability of successful transformation is relatively high.

Of course, it would be better to be able to find a natural planet completely suitable for human survival outside the solar system. As a natural planet of life, there are more “living” factors in nature, and there are many things that can not be possessed through ecological transformation. And the transformation of Mars to achieve migration is just an expedient measure for human beings before they are really strong and without the ability of interstellar migration.

Once human beings have the ability of interstellar navigation, it is necessary to emigrate to the outer solar system. At that time, we could go to kepler-452b, 1400 light-years away, and see what it was like. If we find that it is basically the same as the earth’s ecological environment, and there is no intelligent life, then it may be the first exoplanet in the future.

However, it is not easy for human beings to explore a planet 1400 light-years in the future. Although 1400 light-years is nothing in the universe, it is a huge distance for human beings. Even if we achieve sub light speed flight, light speed flight, to reach this planet, it will take at least 1400 years, which is obviously not feasible.

Scientists are unlikely to send probes to the planet that will take thousands of years. Because the longer the time, the higher the uncertainty, the lower the success rate. Unless there is a major change in the solar system, such as “wandering earth”, the sun suddenly changes, there will be a helium flash. At that time, humans could only venture thousands of years to advance to kepler-452b. Of course, at this time, the speed of the immigration spacecraft must at least reach sub light speed. If it is at the current speed of the spacecraft, it will take tens of millions of years to reach kepler-452b.

If humans can fly faster than light in the future, it won’t take long to reach kepler-452b. It may take only a few years or even months. The universe is vast and vast, so there must be many planets to meet the needs of human survival. As long as our scientific and technological strength is strong enough and the speed of the spacecraft is fast enough, most of the universe can be reached.

At that time, people didn’t have to worry about the disaster of the universe, and they didn’t have to worry about the destruction of a planet by people. This galaxy is no longer habitable. We can emigrate to other galaxies. Even when human civilization is strong enough, we can build spaceships as big as planets and become a wandering civilization in the universe. We can go wherever we want and be at ease.

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