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The earth has a long history of existence. Since the beginning of human civilization, there have been many cultural relics on the earth, such as the Egyptian pyramid and the great wall of China. They have been built for a long time. We should all know that many strong men participated in the construction and protection of the great wall, but we don’t know the secret of the Egyptian pyramid.

There have been many unsolved mysteries on this planet, some of which may be due to the fact that human technology has not yet developed to a certain extent, and some of which have been proved to be absurd. For example, there is no definite conclusion on whether ghosts and gods exist or not. Even if human beings do not really have face-to-face contact with ghosts and gods, many people have a kind of cognition and a special feeling towards ghosts and gods, so it can not be said that ghosts and gods do not exist.

In addition to the ghost theory, there are parallel time and space, and “Mandela effect”. What’s going on? For humans, these may become unsolved mysteries for a long time. Although humans want to solve these mysteries, their ability is limited.

When people travel to Europe, they will see a magical scene, that is mirage. I believe many people have heard of mirage, but they don’t really see it. In fact, the best place to find mirage is in the desert. Mirage reflects a scene to another place through the action of some light, which makes you have visual illusion. Scientists believe that the mirage phenomenon on the European coastline is different from the mirage phenomenon in the past, and it seems to be an unsolved mystery.

Originally, when visitors play near the European coastline, they can see mirages on the sea. Many visitors take photos with their mobile phones and discuss them on the Internet. However, scientists find that the image reflected by this mirage is not the civilization and architecture that will appear in any country in history.

In fact, the mirage phenomenon is not much different from the imaging principle of the camera and the light and shadow refracted by the water surface. Therefore, mirage has always been regarded as everything that happened in ancient or modern history. However, when scientists find that mirage can also reflect something that has never appeared in history, their understanding of mirage may have some limitations.

Many netizens’ answers are even more interesting, saying that this may be the place where aliens live. It can’t be seen in people’s vision, but it will appear in a certain environment. Another possibility is that civilizations in different dimensions also need some opportunity to show to human beings. In fact, there are many similar unsolved mysteries. Do you think it’s the backwardness of human science and technology, or are there some non-human events in the world? Welcome to comment area!

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