Scientists overthrow the theory of evolution! Expert: human is not ape evolution, the gene overlap of pig is higher than that of human

Human beings, as the master of the earth, have never stopped exploring the unknown world. Whether we go back thousands of years, even hundreds of millions of years, or in the future, we are moving forward. Therefore, the origin of human has always been an issue of great concern to scientists.

Many scientists believe that Darwin’s theory of evolution is the basic theory of the origin of human beings. Human beings evolved from apes, while apes evolved from primitive monkeys. However, in this century, with the rapid development of science and technology, experts in various fields have found all kinds of cultural relics and historic sites far beyond the history of modern civilization. These findings do not prevent us from questioning the theory of evolution. Perhaps there is another explanation for the origin of human beings.

Modern biologists believe that the theory of evolution has its merits, but there are also shortcomings. According to the evidence of modern biological science, the amino acids of human and chimpanzee are very similar. Scientists once believed that there were primates on the earth first, and then some of these animals died out, and the other part evolved into two kinds of organisms, one is modern monkey, the other is ape. Humans have evolved into two types: apes are the ancestors of humans. So humans evolved from primates in the first place. But now, the scientific community has a new understanding that human is not evolved from ape.

Scientists who hold this view believe that: in the process of biological evolution, there will be some fossils in the transitional period of evolution, but our biologists have never found such fossils, so they think that humans may not have evolved from apes. Darwin’s rule of reproduction is that there are one person first, then two, and so on. In this principle, there is an initial one, that is, where does the first human individual come from? This question has not been answered, and it seems inconclusive to attribute it to God’s creation. Therefore, the question of where people come from has always been one of the difficult problems for scientists to explore.

Contemporary scientists believe that although apes and humans have high genetic similarity, they are not the only species most similar to humans. The researchers found that mice also have genes very similar to humans.

Moreover, the researchers also found that there are more gene combinations between humans and pigs than that of apes. In this case, humans may have evolved from pigs! These are just conjectures. After all, Darwin’s theory is also based on conjecture, not absolute. Therefore, with the continuous development of human science and technology, more and more advanced instruments can be detected, and the problem of human origin will gradually be strongly confirmed!

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