Scientists overturn Darwin’s theory of evolution, but fail to find the origin of human beings. Are human beings really aliens?

We have known Darwin and his theory of evolution from childhood through textbooks, which describes how man evolved from monkey to man. But now this theory seems to be about to be overturned. In recent years, there have been increasing doubts about the theory of evolution, and many evidences have been found to prove that the theory of evolution is wrong. However, some people still believe that the theory of evolution is reasonable, or how to explain the evolution of human body.

The evolution of species is an extremely complex process. In the Darwinian era, the concept of gene has not been produced, and the description of species is more through the study of appearance. It seems not rigorous to prove that man evolved from ape. According to the theory of evolution, in order to adapt to the environment, the body of a species will make corresponding evolution, that is to say, in order to survive, a tiger may slowly evolve into a whale living in the sea.

It is an undeniable fact that biological evolution is scientific, but evolution is also a little bit of evolution of the body, which has a basic point. One point is that the hypothesis of species evolution can not be realized, that is, from one species to another, even if it is a gene mutation, it also needs to have its own organ to be mutated, and it is impossible to produce another organ that does not exist in the body. Moreover, the gene mutation of ordinary individuals is difficult to completely pass on the mutated genes to their offspring, and it is obviously impractical to gradually form a population.

In this case, how do humans come from? Is it true that, as some experts say, humans come from the alien sphere. After coming to this planet, because people are creatures with high intelligence, they develop slowly and finally become the master of this planet. In the process of ruling this land, they are also evolving to adapt to this land. This can also explain why there are some redundant or undeveloped organs in the body.

Although the theory of evolution is not rigorous for the current scientific theory, it also provides a direction for people to think. The theory of evolution itself is also a hypothesis, and Darwin is skeptical of his works. Therefore, we should not excessively pursue the correctness of the theory of evolution, but should use the thinking direction brought by the theory of evolution to better expand people’s vision and serve the future science better.

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