Scientists predict that by 2779, human beings may disappear. What’s the matter?

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Human beings are the only intelligent life on earth and the only intelligent civilization in the universe. After entering the era of science and technology, with the help of science and technology, human beings have a preliminary understanding of the world and the universe. Through the research and exploration of life on the earth, we find a very cruel fact, that is, any kind of life can not continue forever, and will disappear one day.

We have to know that the earth has a long life history of 4 billion years, and in such a long time, I don’t know how many species of biological races were born, and these races disappeared in the later development. Even the dinosaurs that dominated the earth for 160 million years 65 million years ago did not survive in the end, but disappeared in the ecological upheaval caused by the asteroid impact on the earth.

So can human beings get rid of the fate of disappearance? Maybe many people think that human beings are intelligent life, and also form civilization, which is essentially different from other creatures, so other creatures will disappear one day, but human beings will not. Is this really the case?

In 1993, J. Richard Goth, an astrophysicist at Princeton University, boldly predicted the future of human beings by using a mathematical formula based on the “Copernicus principle”, and published a related paper in the journal Nature. In his article, he pointed out that there is a great chance that human beings will disappear before 2779.

J. Why did Richard Goth make such a bold prediction? Is it a random guess without any basis? Of course not. This is a bold prediction made by scientists through rigorous mathematical reasoning, which suggests that human beings may disappear in 2779. This kind of disappearance is different from the disappearance mode of species extinction. It is a possible result of our own initiative choice after the development of human science and technology to a certain extent.

Maybe someone will ask, what’s going on? Now let’s make some simple scientific reasoning. We all know that mankind has entered the era of science and technology, and we will continue to move forward in the direction of science and technology in the future. Science and technology has brought us beautiful, but also brought a series of ecological and environmental problems.

With the rapid development of human science and technology, the earth’s ecology is also deteriorating rapidly. Scientists predict that by 2045, the earth’s average temperature will rise by 1 degree Celsius. Don’t underestimate this. At that time, the earth’s ecological environment will face the risk of collapse. At this time, people all over the world have realized the seriousness of the problem and began to actively use cleaner energy.

Although more and more people begin to use clean energy at this time, the core of scientific and technological development is still inseparable from fossil energy, so the trend of global warming is still unstoppable. Extreme weather is beginning to sweep the world, and by 2056, millions of species may be extinct.

At the same time, some areas on the earth are no longer suitable for human survival, and more than 140 million people are forced to migrate. At this time, the population of the earth has reached 10 billion, reaching a limit that the earth can bear. By 2080, the rapid development of biological gene technology and nanotechnology, human get rid of the trouble of disease, at the same time, life expectancy also increased significantly.

By the end of this century, the global temperature has further increased, the sea level has risen sharply, and a large number of land has been drowned by sea water. Only at this time, with the joint efforts of human beings, global warming has been controlled, and human beings began to build bases on the moon and Mars to prepare for the future human migration.

By 2180, the long-awaited controllable nuclear fusion was finally completed and put into use. The comprehensive application of controllable nuclear fusion also marks a qualitative leap in human civilization. We have more powerful power technology to build a new home outside the earth. By this time, the lunar base had been fully completed, and the first lunar residents were also transferred from the earth to the moon.

With controllable nuclear fusion, mankind has completely abandoned fossil energy, and the earth has truly ushered in a pollution-free era. The ecological environment is also constantly improving. In the following years, human beings began to expand into the solar system and constantly transform Mars, making it the second livable planet. At the same time, mankind has also built many giant space stations with nuclear fusion as energy in the solar system, and built large space cities.

When human beings are fully developing into space, in order to adapt to the complex and harsh space environment, human beings begin to consciously and constantly transform their bodies by gene optimization and mechanical integration. By 2500 years, mankind has become a real interstellar civilization, with more powerful biological gene technology.

At this time, human beings may have been quite different from our present human beings. They have higher intelligence, stronger strength and longer life span, but in exchange for the semi mechanization of the body. With the rapid development of science and technology, we have also developed the real sense of the quantum computer. With the quantum computer, scientists began to focus on the problem of consciousness transfer.

Consciousness is the biggest secret of the human body. Since ancient times, we all expect to achieve immortality. From the perspective of science, the body can never live forever. Although immortality cannot be achieved through the body, scientists have opened up a new path and started to study the possibility of immortality from the perspective of consciousness.

The reason why human beings call it intelligent life is that we have different consciousness. As long as the mystery of consciousness is solved, perhaps we can achieve immortality. With the help of quantum computer, it took only a short period of more than 100 years for human beings to solve the mystery of consciousness hidden in the brain, making the transfer of human consciousness a reality. In order to realize the dream of immortality, people choose to upload their consciousness to the cloud, or transfer it to a more stable place It’s a mechanical body.

By 2779, all human consciousness has been transferred, and we have finally achieved another kind of immortality. But can human beings still be called human beings at this time? Compared with human beings today, human beings in 2779 are a kind of mechanical consciousness life body, which is no longer the human life in our cognition. So, at that time, human beings may have been another kind of intelligent life. In a sense, human beings in our cognition have disappeared.

According to the rigorous mathematical reasoning and the future development direction of human science and technology, the above development process can be basically realized. Although there may be some obvious differences in time, in the future, no matter controlled nuclear fusion, biological gene technology, gene machinery technology, consciousness transfer technology, etc., all need to be realized on the road of scientific and technological development.

If human beings break the mystery of consciousness in the future and have the technology of consciousness transfer, who can resist the temptation of immortality?

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