Scientists predict that in 2100, human appearance may change, good or bad?

Millions of years ago, after billions of years of evolution, life on earth finally gave birth to intelligent human beings. After the birth of mankind, it took millions of years of evolution to have the present scientific and technological civilization.

In the whole life history, evolution has been running through the whole life history, whether it is a simple life or a high-level life like human beings, it is inseparable from evolution. Although it is only about ten thousand years for human beings from Homo sapiens to modern people, the speed of development is amazing. At the same time, Homo sapiens and modern people also have obvious changes in appearance.

Evolution is not random. What guides the direction of evolution is closely related to the living environment. The direction of biological evolution is determined by nature and the ecological environment. Compared with ordinary organisms, the direction of human evolution is more affected by the living environment of human civilization.

In the future, no matter how the internal evolution of the human body will be, from the most intuitive appearance, there will be obvious changes with the present human. This change will become more and more obvious with the growth of time. There may not be much obvious change between human beings and modern people after a thousand years, but the difference between human beings and modern people after ten thousand years may be very big.

These are just normal human natural evolution, but with the rapid development of human science and technology, the impact of science and technology on the direction of evolution may become more and more important. Some time ago, some scientists openly predicted the appearance of human beings in 2100 A.D., triggering a discussion.

Some people may think that 2100 A.D. is only 980 years away from now. In less than a thousand years, there should be no obvious change in human appearance. You know, 1000 years ago, people looked almost the same as modern people. If so, what will human beings change after a thousand years? Scientists wonder if it makes sense to discuss this?

However, according to the prediction made by scientists some time ago, there may be obvious changes in human appearance in 2100 A.D.: the neck is thick, the back is hunched, and the hands become claws. In addition, there is a strange detail, that is, a second eyelid may grow on the eyes. Why do scientists make such future predictions?

The main reason why scientists make such predictions is that human beings will be more and more influenced by science and technology. For example, after entering the era of science and technology, the number of sports is less and less, more and more people are sitting in the office for a long time. With the development of network technology, playing with computers and mobile phones has become the mainstream of society.

I believe many people can see around them. There are more and more people playing with mobile phones. From 80 years old to 10 years old, almost all men, women and children are playing with mobile phones when they are free. People who have been in this state of office for a long time are more and more hunchbacked, and their neck muscles are becoming stronger. These changes are natural evolution in order to adapt to the state of office.

In addition to the thick neck and hunchback, due to long-term exposure to electronic products, human skulls will become thicker and thicker in order to protect the brain, while hands will “evolve” into claws in order to grasp mobile phones. One of the most bizarre is that humans have a second group of eyelids to filter the light emitted by various intelligent products.

It can be seen that although the rapid development of science and technology has brought more convenience to our lives and made human civilization more developed, it will also bring some side effects. These side effects include the increasingly serious damage to the ecological environment, including the choice of the direction of human evolution. The reason why there is no difference in appearance between human beings a thousand years ago and modern people is that there was no science and technology in ancient times and they were basically in the age of cold weapons.

In the age of cold weapons, people can’t live and work without sports, so evolution will be very slow. If human beings have been maintaining the age of cold weapons, it may take ten thousand years to see the obvious evolution of appearance. However, once we enter the era of science and technology, it means that we have liberated our hands and labor, and the number of hands-on labor will be less and less.

I believe many people know that human science and technology has begun to develop towards the era of intelligence. I believe that before long, artificial intelligence will enter all walks of life. At that time, human labor will be basically replaced by intelligent robots, and human’s job is to sit there and command these intelligent robots. So in the future, people’s activity time will be shorter and shorter, sitting in the office at work and still sitting at home after work.

Moreover, the emergence of various kinds of advanced intelligence will make more and more people less and less willing to move, and more and more lazy. In this case, the technological environment will quickly promote human beings to enter a new round of evolution. But it’s hard to say whether this kind of evolution is good or bad.

Of course, these are just some guesses made by scientists. In fact, in 1000 years’ time, the appearance of human beings will change. Although it may be influenced by science and technology to a great extent, the power of science and technology is beyond our imagination. If in the future human beings have completely solved the mystery of life and have the technology of arbitrarily editing and changing genes, then the direction of human evolution will be controllable, and there will not be those predictions made by the above scientists.

You know, everything about human beings, including appearance, is controlled by genes. If we master the genetic technology, even if the technology will have a bad impact on the natural evolution of human beings, we can also use the genetic technology to correct it, so that there will be no hunchback, thick neck, fingers evolving into claws and other phenomena.

In any case, science and technology serve human beings. As long as science and technology are powerful, human appearance and appearance may not change much even after tens of thousands of years. Of course, appearance and appearance may not have obvious changes, but there may be great changes inside. With the help of genetic technology, human’s future physical fitness may become more and more powerful and become a powerful new human.

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