Scientists put forward six ways to improve memory, how many have you done?

Human is the only intelligent life on earth. The reason why human can become intelligent life is related to the rapid evolution of human brain. And the human brain is also an important goal of scientists’ research. One of the important topics of brain research is to improve the memory of the brain.

I believe many friends know that some people in the world are born with a strong memory, while others are born with a poor memory. Many people may know that there are people who can never forget the past in this world, especially a few children who have excellent memory since childhood. They can remember the content after reading it once, and they are called child prodigy.

There is a TV program “the strongest brain”. People on this program have a stronger brain than ordinary people. One of the important performances is that they have a strong memory. And the memory of the human brain will continue to weaken with the growth of age. I believe many friends will have this feeling. When I was young, my memory was particularly strong, but when I grew up and joined the work, my memory became worse and worse, and I often lost everything. Why?

Some people may think that the strength of human memory is innate, but scientists don’t think so. Except for a few special examples, most children and adults with strong memory can continuously enhance their memory through postnatal training. Therefore, scientists put forward eight suggestions to improve their memory.

1、 When we are young, we can remember a lot of things. One aspect is that attention is easy to concentrate. On the contrary, when we grow up, our mind is confused and it is not easy to concentrate on remembering things. “A lot of forgetfulness is just because you don’t listen or focus at first,” scientists said If you really want to learn or remember something, focus.

If you are easy to lose your wallet, in order to improve your memory, you can make a note in your mind every time you put down your wallet, which is equivalent to paying attention to the wallet. At this time, your memory of the wallet in your brain will be strengthened, and it is not easy to forget your wallet. Xiaobian often does this himself. Xiaobian easily forgets to lock the door when he goes out, often at home No one, but the door wasn’t locked. Fortunately, there were no thieves.

Later, Xiao Bian saw this method of concentration proposed by brain scientists, and the situation was much better. Every time I went out, I would concentrate on locking the door in my mind. Since then, there has been no case of forgetting to lock the door when I went out. This method was later applied to the work, work efficiency put forward a lot, memory really strengthened.

2、 Practice makes perfect. It’s easy for us to remember things when we were young. Besides being easy to concentrate, another important reason is that practice makes perfect. I believe many friends still remember that in primary school and junior high school, they recited the texts every morning, and the teacher would often spare the class to let the students recite the texts. By reciting them again and again, the articles and knowledge are firmly imprinted in our minds. Even after decades, we can still remember the texts recited as children.

However, when we grow up and take part in work, we seldom do this kind of recitation of articles or other knowledge. For those who need to recite things repeatedly, their memory is strengthened instead of weakened with the passage of years. This shows that the practice makes perfect method can really continuously strengthen our memory.

Of course, practice makes perfect. The way to improve memory is not only by reciting articles repeatedly, but also by many aspects of our daily life. For example, when you want to buy a gift for your sister, you can remind yourself repeatedly to buy a gift for your sister for fear of forgetting. In this way, your memory will be strengthened, and you will not forget to buy a gift for your sister because of other things. Why can practice make perfect strengthen memory? The explanation of scientists is that this can strengthen the neural pathways in the brain.

3、 Keep a diary every day. I believe many of my friends used to keep a diary when they were children at school, but they gradually lost the habit of keeping a diary when they grew up. In fact, keeping a diary can effectively improve our memory, which can help us consolidate the storage of facts and events in the long run. Review the important details of daily events or life in the form of diary.

Basically, every great scientist always keeps a diary from childhood to old age. It is such a good habit that scientists can keep a good memory even when they are old. Your great scientists like Einstein and Tesla, their diaries are a great wealth of human beings.

4、 To ensure adequate sleep, the physical process of memory storage in the brain depends on sleep, so don’t be stingy with sleep. According to the research of scientists, when we sleep, the memory storage ability of the brain is the strongest, and a lot of memory storage occurs when we sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, many memories can’t be stored and consolidated, and memory will naturally decline. Therefore, enough sleep is also very helpful for improving memory.

5、 More exercise, I believe many friends have heard: “life lies in exercise”, exercise for the improvement of various functions of the body has a huge role, which has been confirmed by science, more exercise of various organs of the body will protect activities, protect health. The operation of the brain needs the body to provide energy. Only when the energy is sufficient, can the brain work more efficiently.

Therefore, exercise is also very helpful for promoting brain learning and improving memory. A study shows that people who learn foreign language vocabulary while walking are better at remembering what they have learned than those who learn to sit at the same time.

6、 To have a healthy mental state, physical diseases are sometimes easy to cure, such as you have a cold, take a few cold medicine can be cured. But mental illness is often more difficult to treat, often no good drugs to treat. Mental illness is the role of the brain, it is the terrible situation of memory loss.

Through the research found that depression is especially related to short-term memory problems, anxiety and stress will make it difficult for you to concentrate on learning, if you have mental illness, you will find it easy to forget something, but also difficult to remember something. Therefore, it is very important to maintain and improve memory and maintain a healthy mental state.

The above six methods to improve memory are just some of the methods proposed by scientists, and many other methods can also effectively improve memory. Moreover, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, the study of human brain will continue to deepen, and human memory will be stronger and stronger in the future. It is possible that in the near future, scientists will develop a brain drug, which can greatly improve memory and enable everyone to have the ability to never forget. At that time, human learning ability will be greatly improved, which can better serve human civilization and make human science and technology develop faster.

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