Scientists put forward three conjectures about the future of mankind. Do you think they can be realized?

Human is the only intelligent life on earth. It has been millions of years since its birth. The long evolution has made human grow up step by step. The beginning of the industrial revolution has brought mankind into the era of scientific and technological development, and human civilization has really ushered in a glorious moment.

Everyone can see the rapid development of science and technology, especially the development of science and technology in the past 100 years, which is incredibly fast. Every day, new technology appears, and every day makes people’s life more and more convenient. One of the most obvious changes is the arrival of the intelligent era. Nowadays, mobile phones have become a necessity of people’s life. Whether it’s shopping or other things, most of the cash used to pay in the past is now paid by scanning code.

People can go out without cash, but they must take their mobile phones. As long as they take their mobile phones, they don’t have to worry about where they need to spend money. This is the major change that science and technology has brought to people’s lives, and this change is still with the rapid development of science and technology, and the passage of time is faster and faster, so what changes will appear in the future of mankind? In fact, there may be many changes in the future. Scientists have predicted five of them. Do you think they can be realized?

First, people’s means of transportation will be completely eliminated. Nowadays, bicycles, motorcycles, cars and airplanes all have wheels, two or three or four. Vehicles can’t be used without wheels. Like an airplane flying in the sky, it also needs wheels to take off and land. Ships sailing in the ocean also need this kind of wheel, otherwise they will not be able to move forward.

These are the vehicles we use now. They all need the support of wheels. Will they be like this in the future? In the future, there will be great changes in the means of transportation, which will become more and more advanced. The wheel may disappear. To make the vehicle work normally without wheels, it must be able to float.

In fact, as long as human beings realize anti gravity technology, the wheel can say goodbye to the times. With the rapid development of human science and technology, anti gravity technology is inevitable for human beings to go to the interstellar. The future will be an era of space exploration for all people, and the important tools are aircraft and spaceships. To enable the whole people to enter the era of space exploration, the aircraft must realize anti gravity technology.

And anti gravity technology has always been a goal of scientists’ research. Although there are not many achievements now, it is very likely to be realized in the future, as long as it is realized. Whether it’s a spaceship or a car or an electric car that we use in our daily travel, we will enter the era of levitation, so we don’t need wheels.

Second, with the maturity of artificial organ technology, as long as it is a life, it will inevitably get sick. Whether it is an ordinary animal or a human intelligent life, it is inevitable to get sick. The main reason why human life is not so long is that with the growth of age, organs are constantly failing. If we can make our body organs constantly bring forth new ones and keep them healthy and young, then our life expectancy will also increase greatly. Although we may not be able to live forever, we believe that it will be OK to live for hundreds or thousands of years.

One way to keep the organs of the body constantly updated is to develop real genetic technology, and another way is to replace them with new healthy and young ones. Organ transplantation is an important technology in modern medicine. It makes many people who are seriously ill and need to change their organs survive.

However, modern organ transplantation uses other people’s organs, and it is difficult for other people’s organs to match perfectly with their own body. After successful operation, it also needs long-term drug maintenance to reduce rejection. Moreover, organ transplantation can not prolong human life. It is just a measure that modern people have to take when they are seriously ill and need to change their organs.

There are no two identical people in the world, and human organs are not 100% matched. Even twins born of the same egg have different organs, mainly at the genetic level. As long as 100% of the perfect matching organs can achieve no rejection, as if they were their own organs.

The organ with 100% perfect matching can only be made in one’s own body, and the artificial organ in the future can be realized. This is a kind of stem cell reconstruction technology, and also a key research field of modern science. Once it matures, we can use our own genes to produce 100% matching body organs, so that there will be no rejection after transplantation. Once the technology of artificial organ is mature, organ transplantation is expected to become a trend of the times. It’s not to change organs when you are sick, but to live a long life.

Third, artificial intelligence has become a good helper in people’s life. Human civilization has entered the age of intelligence. The core of the age of intelligence is artificial intelligence, which is the hub connecting the age of intelligence. In recent years, the development of artificial intelligence is very fast, followed by smart home, intelligent robots also began to enter people’s lives.

An important carrier of artificial intelligence is intelligent robots. China has also successfully developed beautiful intelligent people. Japan has also launched a robot wife some time ago, which has been wildly snapped up by people. Although the current artificial intelligence is still mechanized and not too advanced, with the continuous development of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence will be constantly updated, and intelligent robots like those in science fiction movies will appear.

One of the strengths of artificial intelligence is that it can learn by itself. Apart from its own consciousness and emotion, it is no different from human beings. Moreover, its ability in data processing is countless times stronger than human brain. It will become an important helper for human beings in the future. Intelligent robots will enter thousands of households in the future, and will become the trend of the times like mobile phones, especially beautiful intelligent robots. They will go into all walks of life to help humanity. Every home will have an intelligent robot, which can wash clothes, cook, do housework and so on. Human beings will fully explain it. They only need to use their brains to invent and create. All the work that needs to be done can be handed over to the intelligent robot.

Of course, some people will worry, what if artificial intelligence evolves its own consciousness and thinking? Will there be a war between humans and robots at that time? There are not many people who have such worries. The great physicist Hawking once warned that artificial intelligence may threaten human beings in the future.

We don’t know whether artificial intelligence will give birth to its own consciousness and threaten human beings in the future, but it can bring great changes to human civilization and make human science and technology develop faster. Especially in the future era of space exploration, the role of artificial intelligence will be greater. Even if artificial intelligence will one day give birth to its own thinking consciousness, it may be thousands of years or tens of thousands of years later. Perhaps at that time, scientists will have new technologies and methods to restrict the intelligent evolution of artificial intelligence.

In fact, there will be many changes in human civilization in the future, such as the operation of computers by consciousness, the emergence of virtual world, etc. they are all brought to us by science and technology. Only by continuously developing science and technology can mankind become a strong man in the universe and explore the ultimate mystery of the universe.

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