Scientists receive a mysterious signal, which lasts for 90 days. Who sent it?

Experts have captured a group of mysterious signals, repeated every 157 days on average, sent by aliens?

The earth is as small as a mole ant in the universe, not to mention human beings. It is estimated that a small star can make human beings suffer from extinction. The dinosaur event 65 million years ago suddenly disappeared, which is still fresh in our memory. We all suspect that it was caused by the impact of an asteroid. Many scientific evidences directly point to it, because with the dinosaur’s strong physical advantage, without the emergence of natural disasters, it could not go extinct at all. If dinosaurs still exist on the earth, there will be no human affairs at all.

In the vast space, scientists have been thinking about a question: will human beings be the only life in the universe? The answer is obvious. There are countless stars in the universe, and the probability of the existence of extraterrestrial life is quite high. Therefore, human beings have always believed that there is an extraterrestrial civilization in the universe. As for why we have been looking for so long and have not found any trace, there may be another reason. Experts have captured a group of mysterious signals, repeated every 157 days on average, sent by aliens?

Scientists capture fast radio bursts

In order to explore alien civilization, human beings have developed many high technologies, such as radio telescopes, detectors, satellites and so on. They are eager to understand the depth of the universe through these high technologies. However, human’s ability is limited. After so many years of exploration, we have not found any news about alien civilization, which makes people feel frustrated. When scientists are observing space, they have caught a group of mysterious fast radio bursts, which are quite fast. If they don’t observe them carefully, they will be ignored.

Seeing this group of radio bursts, scientists are very excited and suspect that it is related to alien civilization. It comes from radio astronomical phenomena outside the galaxy. What is a fast radio storm? It generally lasts only a few milliseconds. In a very short time, it can show extremely high brightness, which is equivalent to the energy released by the sun for a day. So far, 11 FBR events have been proved. The FBR event first observed in 2017 is called fbr010724. Among many FBRs, only fbr121102 is the most active.

The movement of these mysterious signals

According to the relevant research results, it will be repeated about every 157 days, lasting 90 days of pulse activity, and 67 days in a state of calm, so the endless cycle, as for its causes, scientists are still thinking, why does it happen? Where did it happen? It is not known yet. Some scientists have preliminarily determined that it may erupt in a highly magnetized region, and its scintillation phenomenon is very obvious, which can be seen at a glance. People can’t help but wonder whether it is from an alien civilization.

It is impossible for human power to send such a strong signal. Only alien civilizations can do it. If they do, what is the purpose of sending this signal? Human beings have been searching for them for so long and have not found any trace of their existence. Where are they hiding in the universe? These problems have puzzled scientists for a hundred years, but they are still unsolved. What do you think of the signal captured by experts? Do you think it’s from an alien civilization? You can leave a message for interaction.

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