Scientists received a mysterious signal. It was a call for help from aliens!

According to French media reports, scientists from the former Soviet Union and the United States have studied mysterious radio signals from outer space. According to the analysis, this signal is a distress signal sent from a planet 50000 years ago. An American astronomer who did not want to reveal his identity told the French Press: This is an amazing breakthrough. Our computer has successfully translated the most important part of the radio signal to the effect that: please instruct us to enter universe 4 and explode.

“We are in danger. We are in Galaxy 12. This strange information was translated into words that people could read by experts in both countries, but they kept it secret. The astronomer said: “it’s very simple. By mathematical calculation, we estimate that it is an ancient spaceship, or a planet. It seems to be looking for some direction to help them out of trouble. This incident is really shocking. “

Through our efforts, we have preliminarily calculated that this news has been sent out at least 50000 years ago, and it may be even longer. After making contact with outer space by radio, Australian astronomers asserted that the earth is not the only planet in the universe that exists in human beings. Those astronomers said that the alien civilization world had sent information to the earth hundreds of years ago, but the earth’s radio telescope was invented 50 years ago, and in the wrong direction.

Herbert, project leader. “So far, all the radio telescopes in the world have been installed in the northern hemisphere, not in the United States or Europe,” Dr. Berkeley said. They don’t notice signals from the southern hemisphere sky.

And is it really receiving extraterrestrial information from this side of the earth? In Australia, a radio telescope using state-of-the-art space age technology has nearly 10000 channels that scientists use to listen to repeated high-frequency extraterrestrial signals.

The alien message has been recorded and sent to experts all over the world for analysis. At the Australian terminal, scientists are working day and night trying to find the planet from the information.

If there are aliens, then, for the purpose of human beings, one is to communicate through radio waves, the other is to send planes to explore, which is reasonable. To this point, scientists put forward the following assumption: assuming that aliens exist, the planet they live on is older than our earth, and has developed earlier than human beings. They can make self replicating and replicating machines, just like viruses that infect organisms.

The robot we developed has a high level of artificial intelligence and can complete all kinds of tasks according to human wishes. We can also imagine that aliens have mastered the technology of computer self replication, so they will send robots to perform tasks.

The robot flies a special kind of aircraft in the place where the aliens live. After a long journey, it arrives at a certain star system, stops there, looks for the trace of intelligent creatures, establishes a transit station, and if not, flies to another star system by the aircraft.

In this way, the investigation will be carried out step by step and relevant information will be sent back at any time. Because the robot has the ability of self-healing, it can repair itself without physical injury, intelligence decline and other disadvantages, and can make new robots, which can stay in the transfer station to work, and can also develop planetary remanufacturing aircraft.

Therefore, when we receive alien information on earth, it is probably through these working robots to contact the base camp or contact each other. Therefore, some scientists still hold a positive view on the possibility of the existence of aliens.

But there is a question, have aliens ever had contact with us? Some scientists believe that, in addition to some mysterious UFO contact events of the third kind, in general, aliens do not want to contact people on earth, but hide.

Why? Due to the huge gap in science and technology between the earth and aliens, there is inevitably a gap between them that is difficult to cross. Perhaps, aliens are following such a theory: never interfere in the developing civilization, but to hide themselves.

That is to say, the aliens are just monitoring us, not intervening. Maybe they will ask questions that are a little bit better than our understanding ability, so as to stimulate human thinking.

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