Scientists resurrect animal brain for the first time. What is its guiding significance for human life exploration?

After the big bang, various galaxies were formed, the solar system was born 5 billion years ago, the earth was born 4.6 billion years ago, and life began to appear. The earth has also become an intelligent life planet, and human beings are the only intelligent life on this planet.

After entering the road of scientific and technological development, human beings have been studying the mysteries of life. Whether it is simple life or intelligent life like human beings, what life is has been puzzling scientists. Any life has life and death, and complex animals have a brain, which is the core of the existence of complex life. Human beings can become intelligent life, and the core is that human beings have a developed brain.

In the past people’s cognition, when a person’s heart stops beating, it means that the person has died. However, scientists have found that a few people have the phenomenon of suspended animation. After the heart stops beating, it does not mean that the person has died. It is possible that the person can still survive through some heart resuscitation technology. Therefore, later, scientists reset the death, that is When the heart stops beating and the brain stops working, that is, brain death, is the real death.

Science is progressing and scientists’ exploration of life is also progressing. The most complex organ of the human body is the brain. Scientists have been exploring and studying the mystery of human brain, especially the mystery of life and death. Although science now believes that once a person’s brain dies, it means that the person has died, scientists are still seeking new breakthroughs and trying to find out the big difference Brain death may also have the possibility of resuscitation.

On April 18, the science journal Nature published the latest Yale University study: the pig brain successfully revived after 4 hours of death, and maintained for at least 6 hours. What’s going on? To talk about this, we should start with a brainex system established by American scientific love, which is a set of extracorporeal artificial circulation procedures similar to dialysis machine, pumping experimental solution into the brain for research and exploring the mystery of the brain.

The scientists chose 32 pig heads from a slaughterhouse, which should have been discarded directly, and the neuroscientists from Yale University took them back to the laboratory. Four hours after the pig died, the researchers connected the isolated pig brain to the brain perfusion system, brainex. Then the preservative solution was injected into the pig’s brain, and chemicals were added to prevent neurons from discharging to protect neurons from damage. At the same time, it also prevented brain activity from starting again, showing signs of recovery of consciousness.

During the next 6 hours of perfusion, 32 brains recovered the circulation of main arteries, small vessels and capillaries! The brain’s immune system seems to be working! Some neurons even had spontaneous synaptic activity, which was an amazing phenomenon. At that time, the experimental scientists were shocked. When the research report was published in the journal Nature, it was even a sensation in the scientific community.

Although scientists are not sure whether their technology is suitable for the dead human brain, it provides an important research direction for human beings. In the eyes of many people, there may be some ethical and moral problems, but the pace of science is moving forward step by step, especially the research and exploration of the brain. Any possible major discovery is a great progress for human beings. So what is the guiding significance of this experiment of pig brain resuscitation for human life exploration?

This experiment tells us a truth that “death is not death”. Both animal brain and human brain are the most complex organs in life. In the past, pig brain death also means pig death, but new research tells us that pig brain may recover in the laboratory after death.

Although the first resuscitation experiment of pig brain only showed some basic signs of resuscitation and did not restore consciousness, is it possible to restore consciousness of dead pig brain in future exploration and experiments? This is not entirely impossible. Although it is impossible at present, it may not be impossible in the future.

If the pig brain after death can really achieve consciousness recovery in the future, does that mean that the human brain may also come back to life after death? Once this research is realized in the future, it will be of great significance to human beings. As long as it does not violate the moral standards, it will be an epoch-making progress for human beings.

For example, in medicine, when performing various operations, sometimes death occurs. At this time, the brain activity stops, which means that the person has died. But if human beings have realized the recovery technology after brain death, then after brain death, the operation can still continue. After the completion of the operation, the brain can be resuscitated to restore consciousness. In this case, we can basically say goodbye to the mortality of the operation, and even the most complex operation can be successfully completed.

This experiment also has a guiding significance, that is, the problem of human life span. Although life has life and death, it is impossible to achieve immortality, the life span of different lives is also different. In fact, human life span is not long in the biological world, and human beings are eager to obtain a longer life span. Although human life expectancy is directly related to the continuous decline of human organs, the brain is the center, which manages all organs. As long as the brain does not die, life expectancy will increase substantially.

If the future brain resuscitation technology can be mature and applied, the human brain will not be afraid of death, which will indirectly greatly increase the human life span. In fact, once human beings have solved the problem of brain recovery, they may have a better understanding of the brain, and may really uncover the secrets of the brain. There are too many secrets hidden in the brain, which are no less than the secrets of the universe.

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