Scientists say: it is possible for human beings to achieve immortality in 2045. Is that a good thing?

I believe we are not unfamiliar with the word immortality. No matter ancient emperors or modern US, I believe no one can resist the temptation of immortality. In ancient times, many Emperors tried to achieve immortality, but they all failed.

In the eyes of many people, the law of life and death is the rule of life given by the universe and nature, which we can’t break. Is that really the case? If, before human beings enter the road of scientific development, we really have no ability to break the lofty law of life and death, we can only comply with it.

But when human beings enter the road of science, the greatness of science gives us hope. Science is the supreme law superior to the universe. Everything in the universe can not be separated from the scope of science. As long as we can develop science to a certain extent, we can solve the mystery of life. At that time, it is completely possible to realize immortality with science in theory.

After entering the era of science and technology, many scientists have joined in the exploration of human immortality. For example, ray Kurzweil, a famous scientist in Silicon Valley, is one of them. Ray Kurzweil is a well-known futurologist, inventor, writer in Silicon Valley, and chief engineer of Google.

Ray Kurzweil is a graduate of MIT. He has received nine honorary doctorates and two presidential honorary awards. At the same time, he is also a successful entrepreneur. He founded his own enterprise with his invention and developed a number of high-tech products for the benefit of mankind.

Ray Kurzweil has a habit that he likes to prophesy very much, and his success rate of prophecy is as high as 86%. The collapse of the Soviet Union, the victory of computer over chess king, the emergence of digital assistant, virtual reality and so on were successfully predicted by it. His most famous prediction is the post-90s generation of the last century. He predicted that the utilization rate of the global Internet would soar, and by the beginning of the 20th century, wireless networks would be widely used.

The successful realization of these predictions makes people pay more attention to ray Kurzweil’s predictions. Ray Kurzweil’s prediction of human life expectancy is more bold. He predicts that human beings will officially embark on the journey of immortality in 2029, and will officially achieve immortality in 2045.

2045 is only 25 years from now. It’s really exciting for many people to realize immortality in such a short time. Of course, more and more people still don’t believe that this prediction can be realized. They think that this is a very absurd thing. Human beings can’t achieve immortality.

So is it really impossible for human beings to achieve immortality in the future? Let’s first take a look at what kind of significant effects will science and technology have on the human body in the future? As we all know, the world is divided into macro and micro. Behind the macro world is a mysterious micro world. Many mysteries of macro matter need to be solved in the micro world.

Life is also divided into macro and micro, the human body is a macro thing, and the interior of the human body is a very complex and mysterious micro world, cells and genes constitute the basic elements of the micro world. If we can walk into the micro world inside the human body, you will find that it is a huge world, so how to walk into the micro world inside the human body? The emergence of nanotechnology gives us hope.

I believe you have heard about nanotechnology, which is an important development field in the future. Nanometer is a nanometer, a unit of measurement of length, 1 nanometer = 10 to the minus 9 meters. One nanometer is four times the size of an atom, much smaller than the length of a single bacterium.

Nano materials are much smaller than bacteria, and the nano robots made by nanotechnology are naturally very small, about the size of a bacteria. Such a small nano robot can easily enter the internal world of the human body. It can help us clean up all kinds of garbage in the human body and repair a series of pathological changes such as pathogens and tumors.

With the help of nano robots, the human body will basically get rid of the trouble of diseases, because the root cause of all diseases is the problems in the micro world of the human body. It’s difficult for us to repair with normal methods, but nano machines can easily repair the internal tissues of human body, so that we can get rid of various diseases.

Once nanotechnology is mature, then the nano robot will also take over the human immune system, carry out 24-hour monitoring, clean up all kinds of internal garbage in time, and repair the problem areas. If the human body can always maintain a healthy and good state, then the human life expectancy will naturally increase significantly.

So, after nano robots take over the human immune system, let us not have the trouble of disease, does it mean that human beings achieve immortality? Of course, it’s not so simple. The deepest mystery of the human body lies in genes, which determine everything in the human body. It gives life the rule of life and death, and human beings the rule of death.

Through the continuous repair of nano robots, we can greatly increase the life span of human beings, but we can not achieve immortality. Scientists just saw this result and began to explore immortality in another direction, that is, immortality of consciousness.

If you want to ask where is the biggest mystery of human body? I believe many friends will answer that consciousness is our biggest secret. The reason why human beings are different from other animals is that we are intelligent life. The key point is not the human body, but the intelligent consciousness in the brain. Without this sense of wisdom, human beings are no different from other animals.

And consciousness is very complex and mysterious, it is an invisible thing, invisible, but it is a real thing. Scientists speculate that consciousness can exist forever as long as it is used properly. To make consciousness immortal, it needs another high technology, namely digital human technology.

The idea of scientists is to digitize and save people’s “thinking” on the Internet to achieve immortality in another sense. We call them “digital human”, which in a narrow sense refers to the product of the integration of information science and life science.

Kurzweil also put forward the concept of “consciousness cloud disk”, upload their own consciousness to the computer, so as to achieve immortality on the soul, people will be able to live in the Internet. Even after the realization of virtual reality technology in the future, we can create a virtual world, a virtual universe, and let human consciousness enter the virtual world to survive.

If one consciously wants to return to the real world, one can create a body in the real world, and then load the consciousness into a new body to “resurrect”. This situation is very similar to the reincarnation in Chinese myths and legends, except that the reincarnation in the legend needs to drink Mengpo soup, and the memory of the previous life is gone, while the reincarnation under science and technology will always preserve the previous life Memory.

Theoretically speaking, the immortality of digital life can be realized. Is immortality good for human beings? In fact, it’s hard to make it clear that if all human beings have achieved immortality, and if everyone dies and can be reborn in another body, there may be great pressure on the resources and ethics of the real world. Considering from these aspects, immortality is not necessarily a good thing for human beings.

Of course, if we can strictly manage immortality in the future, it will be a different situation. For example, when people die from the real world, their consciousness is uploaded to the virtual world to live. If people in the virtual world want to return to the real world and “revive”, they need to be strictly checked. Only a small number of people who can make great contributions to human beings have the qualification to return to the real world, while others can only live in the virtual world.

In this way, immortality will not exert too much pressure on the real world, which is also a good thing for human civilization. So can such digital immortality technology be realized in 2045, as ray Kurzweil, Google’s chief scientist, said? In fact, it’s impossible to think about it.

Nano robot would like to achieve, may be around 2045 to get the initial application, but digital life technology is not so easy. Even if we develop digital technology to a higher stage and can create a very real virtual reality world, we can’t upload our consciousness without fully understanding the mystery of consciousness.

It may take hundreds or even thousands of years to achieve all this. Therefore, we should not expect to achieve digital immortality in our lifetime. It is a good thing that we can apply nano machines to practice and let human beings get rid of the trouble of disease.

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