Scientists say that Neanderthals are expected to be resurrected. What will happen if they succeed?

Scientists say that Neanderthals are expected to be resurrected. What will happen if they succeed?

Once there was a very hot topic on the Internet. There are three kinds of people in the world, men, women and Neanderthals. Perhaps this is a joke of netizens, but in the long history of human evolution, it is not difficult to find that there have been many kinds of people. In the process of research, scientists found that in addition to our ancestors survived, there was another kind of people, that is, Neanderthals. According to some data, it has been tens of thousands of years since their disappearance, and some information and clues left behind are even more imperfect. Fortunately, with our advanced technology, we can study and repair Neanderthal genes. Can you believe it? In fact, Neanderthals are close relatives of human beings.

There is no essential difference between Neanderthals and us. So far, there are still some people in the world who have their lineage, but the proportion of these people is very small. Scientists say they’re more robust, but their IQ doesn’t seem to be very high. Perhaps it is because of this that they are doomed in evolution.

According to the information obtained at present, about tens of thousands of years ago, the place where they lived was very close to the habitat of our ancestors. There was even contact and communication between the two groups. However, due to the essential difference, it was like a scholar meeting a soldier. It was reasonable to say that they did not talk with each other over time.

Among the remains of some natural city life, scientists have found the remains of suspected Neanderthals, but most of them have been made into an ornament. Some people speculated that there might have been a great conflict between the two tribes at that time, and Homo sapiens with high IQ slaughtered the Neanderthals. Others speculate that this may be a unique belief. Up to now, there is still no suitable answer to explain how the Neanderthals disappeared from the earth.

Recently, scientists hope to clone Neanderthal genes through some medical means, and even hope to revive them, which sounds very incredible. If they are rashly revived, it may cause great ethical problems, even chaos in the whole world, and the final consequences are unacceptable to human beings.

The laws of nature are more complicated than we think. We can’t start to create or clone other species on our own. Technology is actually a two-sided sword. When we hold it in our hands, we may also be hurt. For the real reason why Neanderthals disappeared, now we can only from some clues left by them. How do you think they disappeared from the earth at that time? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area.

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