Scientists say that oxygen may be a chronic poison that “devours” an organism every 80 years?

How much impact does oxygen have on life on earth? Scientific research shows that we may have misunderstood it!

There are endless resources on the earth, such as water, sunlight, oxygen and so on. They play a vital role in every living thing. Oxygen, in particular, will react with many substances to form more novel substances, such as carbon monoxide, iron oxide, alumina, etc. we often encounter them in our life. For example, if a piece of iron is exposed to the air for a long time, it will rust as time goes by. This is what happens because it reacts with oxygen.

The importance of oxygen to every living thing

In the early days of the birth of the earth, free oxygen on the earth was extremely scarce. Most of the oxygen existed in the form of compounds. Early life lived in the form of no oxygen. At that time, many organisms died due to lack of oxygen. With the gradual development of the earth, there are more and more oxygen, and more organisms live here. For every living thing, oxygen is indispensable. When people breathe, they need to absorb a lot of oxygen to maintain their life. Even if people enter space, they must carry a lot of oxygen. After all, there is no oxygen in space. How much impact does oxygen have on life on earth? Scientific research shows that we may have misunderstood it!

Once people leave oxygen, they can’t breathe and easily suffocate to death. However, many people think that oxygen may be a chronic poison. When cyanobacteria release oxygen through photosynthesis, many organisms will go extinct because they can’t adapt to oxygen.

The role of oxygen from a scientific point of view

From a scientific point of view, when an object exceeds a certain dose, it will turn into a poison. For example, excessive drinking water will cause water poisoning. If the oxygen content is too high, it is also easy to cause oxygen poisoning. The oxygen composition in the air can not be determined. If it is all oxygen, it will cause human beings to fall into fainting, pathological changes and even death. Therefore, most of the oxygen on the earth has oxygen Other gases, which only account for 21% of the atmosphere, have little effect on people’s health due to the small dose.

Oxygen is an active substance. When it enters the human body, some oxygen will lose the extranuclear electrons and become oxygen free radicals. These oxygen free radicals will plunder the extranuclear electrons in cells and cause damage to human cells. This is the evolution process of every organism. So oxygen is a chronic poison, not without a reason. According to scientific research, it takes 80 years on average for oxygen to kill a person. People’s life span is limited, and it is difficult to live to such a high age. Therefore, we ignore that oxygen is a chronic poison. In fact, it does harm to human body, but the harm is small.

Not only oxygen will produce free radicals, but also air pollution and ultraviolet radiation will produce a large number of free radicals in the human body, which will lead to diseases. There are many factors that affect human life in life, and oxygen is one of them. In the final analysis, the benefits of oxygen are greater than its harm to the human body, so it leaves a very good impression in the inherent human cognition. Although it is harmful, every living thing can’t do without it. What do you know about oxygen? You can leave a message for interaction.

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