Scientists say that the discovery of a cosmic wall, about 15 billion light-years away from the earth, will the theory of the universe be rewritten?

For the universe, in many people’s cognition, it is a vast and boundless space. According to modern universe theory, it originated from the big bang 13.8 billion years ago. The big bang gave birth to the universe, and the universe has been expanding rapidly since its birth.

Through the big bang theory, we can see that the universe is an infinite space without boundaries. However, a team of astronomical scientists from Italy published their latest discovery in the journal New Scientist, that is, there is a cosmic wall with a diameter of about 3.5 billion light years in the universe.

If the universe wall really exists, then the modern universe theory may be rewritten. Does the universe wall really exist? Cosmologists have always been controversial about whether there is a boundary in the universe. Some scientists once proposed the bubble theory of the universe, believing that different universe spaces are wrapped in a huge bubble, and there is a barrier between the bubbles, which is similar to the wall of the universe.

The universe wall proposed by the Italian astronomical research team has a diameter of about 3.5 billion light years. In this largest area, the temperature may be close to absolute 0 degrees, and the common matter in the universe basically does not exist here. In other words, it is a silent dead place.

So does this wall exist? Standing on the basis of modern universe theory, this universe wall is impossible to exist. Although modern theory holds that this universe wall is impossible to exist, silent space like the universe wall exists in the universe.

In modern cosmic theory, there is a name for this kind of space, that is, the void of the universe. I believe many friends know that universal gravitation is the core power of matter movement in the universe. Stars, planets and other celestial bodies are formed under the condensation of universal gravitation, and a galaxy is formed under the action of different numbers of stars.

However, the universal gravitation of different universes is also different. The denser the matter is, the stronger the gravitation will be. Under the action of gravitation, the matter will continue to gather to form stars, planets and galaxies. The gravity of the gathered matter will be more powerful. At this time, it will continue to absorb the matter around the galaxy.

However, the space gravity with sparse matter is naturally weaker. The matter in this space area can not resist the gravity of other areas with dense matter, and a large amount of matter begins to lose continuously. Finally, a series of “open space” astronomically called cosmic holes are formed, and the essence of the cosmic wall is actually such cosmic holes.

The Milky way belongs to the Virgo supercluster, and within the scope of this supercluster, there is a huge hole with a diameter of 100 million light-years. The cosmic hole in the constellation Jiangbo has a diameter of about 3.5 billion light years. So the so-called cosmic wall observed by Italian astronomers is actually a huge cosmic hole.

There are so many holes in the universe like this. The Hubble telescope has exposed the deep space of the universe many times. Scientists have combined the exposure photos together, and we have seen a beautiful deep space world.

In this picture, we can see a large number of galaxies, and there are many dark areas between galaxies. These dark areas are holes in the universe, and their diameters are very large, basically more than 100 million light-years.

Seeing this, I believe many friends have understood that the cosmic wall observed by Italian astronomers is not a real cosmic wall, so does the cosmic wall really not exist at all? For this question, it is difficult for scientists to give a definite answer.

Although the modern universe theory thinks that the universe wall does not exist, science is constantly developing, and human’s understanding of the universe is constantly updating. We’re not really sure whether the universe is big or not yet? Is there a boundary in the universe?

If there is a boundary between the size of the universe, then the universe wall may also exist. More importantly, scientists also put forward the conjecture of multi cosmology. If this conjecture is correct, there will be a space barrier between different parallel universes, and this space barrier is the real cosmic wall.

Of course, to prove the pluralism of the universe is not something that human beings can do with the present technology. It also requires us to continuously develop technology and make continuous efforts. Perhaps in the infinite future, we will find the real universe wall. At that time, we may be able to understand the world outside the universe through the universe wall. We are looking forward to this day.

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