Scientists say that the earth’s climate crisis is already very serious, and it will be too late to take measures

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Human beings are the only intelligent life on the earth and the overlord of the earth. For this home where human beings have lived for millions of years, we should have taken good care of it, but with human activities, the earth’s environment began to deteriorate. Some people may think that the deterioration of the human ecological environment began when we entered the era of science and technology, but in fact, as early as tens of thousands of years ago, our ancestors began to destroy the earth’s ecology.

Take the Sahara desert, the largest desert in the world, for example. It covers an area of 9 million square kilometers, almost the same area as China. How did such a vast desert come into being? In fact, the Sahara desert was an oasis a long time ago. Since our ancestors discovered this place and began to live and settle here, it has become a desert as time goes on.

From this we can see how serious the damage of human activities to the earth’s ecology is. Of course, because the earth itself has a very good self-healing ability, and in ancient times people were manual labor, there was no industry, so some damage to the earth can also be self-healing.

Until mankind entered the era of science and technology, a large number of industries appeared, and the deterioration of ecology entered a new stage. The impact of the rapid development of industry on the earth’s ecology is very serious, and with the rapid development of human science and technology, this impact is more and more terrible. Let’s take the most important carbon dioxide emission as an example, which is a serious greenhouse gas.

Before there was no industry, the main source of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was human respiration. These carbon dioxide gases can be effectively absorbed by plants to form a stable circulation system. However, after the industry joined in, the carbon dioxide released far exceeded that released by human respiration. In addition, in order to develop industry, human beings cut down a large number of trees and lost important carbon dioxide absorption devices.

So the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere began to increase, and the increase of carbon dioxide means the aggravation of the greenhouse effect, the earth’s temperature is also rising. At the beginning, we may not feel any obvious impact, but with the rising global temperature, when the temperature rises to a certain stage, the impact becomes more and more obvious.

So the global temperature has risen to a dangerous situation, the rapid melting of glaciers in the north and south poles and the frequent occurrence of typhoons due to ocean warming. At the same time, the sea level is also rising. According to the calculation of scientists, if all the glaciers in the world melt, the sea level may rise by about 60 meters. At this time, most of the earth’s land will no longer exist.

Heike vesper, marine protection director of WWF Germany, predicted that with the collapse of fish resources caused by sea level rise and ocean warming, by 2050, the 1 billion people living in coastal and low-altitude areas in the world will face a survival crisis. At that time, in order to avoid floods, large-scale population migration may be triggered, especially in developing countries.

The sea level rise caused by the rapid melting of glaciers will not only make people lose more living homes, but also make energy and food in crisis, which will seriously affect the progress of human civilization. Some scientists once speculated that the earth may have entered the sixth mass extinction, because the ecological deterioration has led to the extinction of species every year.

If the sea level rises by about 60 meters, many creatures on the earth will face extinction crisis. Therefore, scientists are warning about the climate crisis almost every year. The earth for human survival has reached the moment of life and death. If we can’t take effective measures, it may be very difficult for human survival in decades.

Hawking has also made a prediction on the deterioration of the earth’s ecology: Hawking believes that with the current ecological deterioration of the earth, by 2050, the earth may no longer be suitable for human survival. In order to control the ecological deterioration of the earth, we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly. Therefore, many families appeal that human beings should act quickly, and all countries must act immediately, so as to ensure that the earth has a more positive and better future.

Obviously, the trajectory of today’s climate change has been completely out of the control of mankind, and mankind is no longer the “ruler” of the earth who can transform nature wantonly. It’s about the survival of human beings and nature. We all have a mission and responsibility.

Although everyone knows that the earth’s climate crisis is becoming more and more serious, can human beings make a decision to reduce emissions substantially? Xiao Bian thinks it is unlikely. As we all know, a large number of greenhouse gas emissions mainly come from industry. The combustion and use of fossil energy can not avoid greenhouse gas emissions. We need to stop a lot of industrial development if we want to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

So is it possible to stop a lot of industry on earth? Obviously, it’s unlikely. Once a large number of industries stop developing, it means that human Coto will also stop developing, and even continue to regress, which we don’t want to see. What’s more, the earth is not a unified planet. The development of industry is related to many interest groups. Will people be willing to ask the United States to shut down all industries?

If we really want to do so, it is estimated that the third world war will not be far away. It can be seen that it is not feasible to reduce the emission of the earth by stopping the development of industry. However, the rapid development of human civilization and science and technology cannot be stopped. This is related to the future of mankind. We should know that with the continuous increase of global population and the depletion of earth’s resources, if we can’t get rid of the shackles of the earth and realize space mining in the future, then mankind will be trapped on the earth forever until the end of civilization.

The development of industry can not be stopped, so the greenhouse gas emissions of industry are difficult to be effectively controlled. So can we stop releasing greenhouse technology? For example, all fuel vehicles on the earth are not allowed to go on the road and use. Can this plan work? If we can really do that, we can naturally reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We need to know that the annual emissions of fuel vehicles in the world are very large, which can be called the second largest source of greenhouse gases.

But everyone knows that this plan is difficult to carry out. The reason is very simple. Cars are an important pillar of the global economy. If this pillar is broken, many interest groups in the world will be seriously damaged. It is strange that people do not work hard for you at that time. If such a plan is easy to carry out in China, take the COVID-19 as a saying: the whole nation will soon be able to automatically rise up by sealing the city and wearing masks.

But not in Europe and the United States. The reason is that the real owners of Europe and the United States are those large interest groups. Will people agree if you break their car pillars? Of course not. Therefore, in order to get fuel vehicles out of the stage, the effective way is to replace them with new energy vehicles, such as electric vehicles. However, the performance of electric vehicles is far less than that of fuel vehicles, so it is difficult to replace them.

It is for various reasons that although every year scientists come out to warn of the climate crisis and call for a substantial reduction plan, the annual atmospheric carbon dioxide is still reaching a new high. In fact, the reason behind this is very simple. Human industry and scientific and technological development cannot be stopped. There is only one way to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, that is, powerful new energy sources can completely replace the current fossil energy sources, such as controlled nuclear fusion.

If human beings achieve controllable nuclear fusion, it is estimated that if you let people use fossil energy, they will not use it. Their energy levels are not at the same level at all. Unfortunately, it may take a long time for controlled fusion to be realized, and scientists are not confident that it will be fully applied before 2050. It may not be until the end of this century. Before that, it is estimated that the trend of ecological deterioration on the earth will be difficult to change, and human survival may become more and more difficult in the future.

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