Scientists say that the earth’s day may be longer and longer in the future. Why?

The moon is a natural satellite of the earth. Since ancient times, human beings have a special feeling for the moon. There are many beautiful poems and legends about the moon in ancient times. We all know that when we look at the moon with the naked eye, you can’t see anything, and what you see is also a very fuzzy scene. If you want to see craters and craters on the moon, you have to use astronomical telescopes.

However, some legends or documents handed down from ancient times recorded that people could clearly see craters and craters on the moon at that time. Some people may think that prehistoric civilization has the ability to explore the universe? Some people say that this will not be alien ancient times to visit the earth down?

Whether it’s prehistoric civilization or alien civilization, we’re just guessing. However, many ancient documents have such clear records of the moon. At that time, people could see the moon with their naked eyes, but we have to use astronomical telescopes to see it now. Could people have super strong eyesight at that time? Of course, this is impossible. Later, scientists found out the reason through continuous research and exploration of the moon.

It turns out that through exploration and research, scientists have found that they have been a little bit far away from the earth since they became a satellite of the earth. Although the range is very small, it has been very obvious over the years. Scientists believe that the moon is far away from the earth every year. The distance is about 3.8 cm per year. There is no effect in a short time. However, if it is tens of thousands of years, tens of millions of years or even hundreds of millions of years, the effect is very obvious.

According to some records handed down from ancient times, why people could clearly see craters and craters on the moon at that time was because the moon was relatively close to the earth at that time. When the moon was in the closest orbit to the earth, people could see a super large moon ball, and the scene on the moon would naturally be very clear in front of people’s eyes. Scientists say that as the moon is farther and farther away from the earth, the moon we will see in the future will be smaller and smaller until it can not be seen. At the same time, the impact on the earth is that the earth’s day will be longer and longer.

We now have 24 hours a day. In the age of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, the earth’s time cycle was less than 19 hours a day. In earlier times, the earth’s time cycle was shorter. So why is the moon moving away from the earth? It’s actually related to the earth’s tides. Under the gravity of the moon, the earth is caused by tides. Under the action of tides, the gravity between the earth and the moon will be affected. This is the reason why the moon deviates from the earth.

At present, it takes 27 days for the moon to go around the earth. When the earth and the moon first started, 4.6 billion years ago, it only took seven days for the moon to go around the earth. At that time, the moon was super large. When it stood on the earth, it seemed to be close to our eyes when the moon rose. Of course, the moon at that time was certainly more beautiful than it is now, and there were no craters.

The gravity of the moon acts on the sea water on the earth, but the earth is not static. It keeps rotating. When the sea level towards the moon on the earth is absorbed and raised by the moon, the sea area is far away from the moon with the rotation of the earth. The gravity of the local high tide water can absorb the moon, but the sea area is not facing the moon (due to the rotation of the earth), so the moon is pulled forward. This is equivalent to widening the orbit of the moon.

If the moon deviates from the earth, the rotation speed of the earth will be slower and slower, and the time of the earth’s day will be longer and longer. A few billion years ago, the time of the earth’s Day was only six hours, but now it is 24 hours. After several million years, tens of millions or even billions of years, the time of the earth’s day will be longer and longer. So will the moon eventually break away from the earth’s gravity? Scientists think it’s very unlikely.

When the moon gradually moves away from the earth, it will eventually move to a relatively stable position at a certain point in time. Some scientists believe that when the moon’s deviation from orbit reaches the maximum, it will be affected by the earth’s tidal gravity, and then turn back and slowly approach the earth. At that time, people on the earth will see the moon bigger and bigger.

In ancient times, people had many illusions and good wishes for the moon, but for modern human beings, the moon is no longer mysterious. Human beings have gone out of the earth to explore the universe, and there are many lunar probes. The United States has realized the manned landing on the moon 50 years ago, and China’s chang’e-4 will realize the first landing on the back of the moon 20 days later.

It can be said that the mysterious veil of the moon is being gradually uncovered. In the future, human beings will build bases and living cities on the moon. Human beings will migrate to the moon, travel to the moon and exploit the rich resources on the moon. It doesn’t matter that the moon is getting farther and farther away from the earth. With the continuous development of human science and technology, when human civilization is powerful to a certain extent, we can even artificially change the orbit of the moon, make it closer to the earth, and maybe return to the orbit of the moon hundreds of millions of years ago. At that time, we can see a super large moon.

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