Scientists say that the earth’s temperature may return to 50 million years ago, but why not be happy?

At present, the earth’s environment can be said to be very severe. Many countries have formulated relevant protection policies for global warming, and the rising trend of temperature has not been obviously controlled. On September 11, scientists claimed that if the greenhouse effect does not slow down, the earth’s environment in the future may be the same as it was 50 million years ago.

The earth’s environment 50 million years ago

In the early days of life, the earth’s environment was still very bad. What was the earth like 50 million years ago? At that time, the earth had been hit by an asteroid. The power of the asteroid after it hit the earth was 1 billion times that of the atomic bomb. The number was too large to allow the mass extinction of the organisms on the earth at that time. The earth was covered by high-intensity radiation, and the plants could not carry out photosynthesis and gradually withered. Only some tiny marine creatures survived in the form of shells. Scientists discovered these shells in the process of archaeology. After studying these shells, scientists discovered the environmental temperature of the earth at that time.

65 million years ago, the earth’s dominant dinosaur perished. Since then, the earth’s environment has experienced four climate states: ice room, cold room, greenhouse and warm room. These climate States will affect the content of greenhouse gases, and then affect the earth’s temperature. The earth at that time can be described as fireball. By analyzing the shell fossils of amoeba, scientists believe that the temperature of the earth was very high at that time. Now the earth’s temperature is still rising, we have entered the greenhouse stage, if this situation can not be controlled, then we are not far from the warm room, at that time, the earth’s atmosphere is surrounded by thick carbon dioxide, plants can not carry out photosynthesis, the earth’s temperature continues to rise, gradually becoming a “fireball”.

Human beings are going to experience

The environment 50 million years ago?

The earth has experienced a glacial period. In our opinion, the transition from ice chamber to warm chamber should take millions of years. In fact, it only takes a few hundred years. Although we are also controlling climate warming, we can not curb the development of industry. The continuation of human civilization can not do without the support of industry. With the intervention of human behavior, the transformation process between the two may be accelerated. Maybe less than 100 years, we will experience the earth’s environment 50 million years ago.

The scientist’s remarks have also sounded an alarm for human beings. There are too many dangers caused by global warming. The disappearance of low-lying countries and the extinction of polar bears may appear in the future. The main culprit for these phenomena is human beings.

Therefore, environmental protection is still the focus of every country’s efforts. No matter when, environmental problems can not be ignored. Only when the earth’s environment returns to a state of balance, can human civilization continue to develop.

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