Scientists say that two major events may happen in the future solar system. What will be the fate of mankind?

The home of human survival is called the earth, and the home of the earth’s survival is the solar system. For the earth’s life and human survival, the stability of the solar system is the most important. If there are some major changes in the solar system, it will affect the safety and stability of the earth, the life of the earth and the survival of human beings.

So will the solar system be stable forever in the future? I believe many friends understand that no matter the earth or the whole universe, there can be no eternal environment. I don’t know how many ecological changes have taken place on the earth in the past 4.6 billion years, and how many ecological changes have taken place on the universe in the past 13.8 billion years.

In the same way, the solar system can not remain unchanged for 5 billion years, and there will also be some major changes in the future solar system. Scientists speculate that there may be two major events in the future solar system, each of which is directly related to the fate of the earth and human beings. So what are the two big things?

First thing: five billion years later, the life of the sun will come to an end. Before human beings entered the era of science and technology, we knew nothing about the sun. In ancient times, people thought that the sun was a God and an eternal existence, but when we entered the era of science and technology, especially after we went out of the earth, we had more and more knowledge of the sun.

Now, we all know that the sun is actually a star, and the star is a common kind of burning celestial body in the universe. Its light and heat bring some light and warmth to the dark and cold universe. Moreover, stars are also important elements processing and refining plants in the universe. At the time of the big bang, most of the elements born were hydrogen and helium, and there were no other heavy elements.

Later, after the birth of stars, hydrogen was continuously transformed through internal nuclear fusion, and oxygen and other elements appeared. The elements that can be transformed by stellar fusion are also limited. To form a lot of heavy elements, another evolution of stars is needed, that is supernova explosion. Only a supernova explosion can form more heavy elements.

Therefore, a large number of heavy elements on earth are the products of supernova explosion, which is also the origin of the solar system. According to the research of scientists, the solar system should have originated from the continuation of a supernova explosion 5 billion years ago. The huge energy generated by the explosion made the solar nebula generate power at that time, thus forming a stellar sun.

All kinds of heavy elements produced by supernova explosion also formed eight planets and other asteroids. Therefore, the earth and the solar system are rich in heavy elements, and the supernova explosion is actually the result of the end of the life of massive stars. We all know that stars are not eternal. They also have their own lifespan. The larger the mass, the shorter the lifespan.

Red dwarfs like the sun are only small and medium-sized stars, whose mass can make the sun live for 10-11 billion years. Now the sun has gone through 5 billion years. In another 5 billion years, its life will come to an end. The reason why the life of the sun has an end is that the hydrogen fuel needed for solar fusion is exhausted.

We should know that the main material of the sun is hydrogen, and the internal nuclear fusion is constantly consuming hydrogen. When the hydrogen of the sun is consumed, the life of the sun will come to an end, and the hydrogen nuclear fusion will stop, and the sun will not continue to expand at this time. The expansion of the sun is very terrible, will continue to devour mercury, Venus, thus threatening the earth.

When the sun’s orbit extends near the earth’s orbit, the earth will become a fireball, a purgatory world. At that time, life on earth will no longer exist. If human beings want to survive, they can only migrate to Mars. Even if we get to Mars, it won’t be long before the expanding sun engulfs the earth, it will still be close to Mars, and Mars can’t survive for a long time.

Therefore, once the sun becomes a red giant, it means that the solar system is no longer suitable for human survival. At that time, if human civilization still exists, it may have become a powerful interstellar civilization. I have the ability to leave the solar system and survive in other galaxies. Even like wandering earth, we can transform the earth into a planet that can migrate and leave the solar system with the earth.

The second major event: Venus impacts the earth. As we all know, Venus is the closest planet to the earth, known as the sister planet of the earth. Although Venus and the earth are very similar in mass and volume, their ecological environment is very different. One is a beautiful life planet, the other is a purgatory hell environment.

It may be said that the orbits of Venus and the earth are very stable. If it is not for the destruction of the sun, how can they collide in the future? In fact, in the future, the possible reason for Venus to collide with the earth is not because of itself, but from mercury, a third party.

There were hundreds of planets in the early solar system, but at that time, the solar system was still very unstable, and there was a planetary collision war between the planets. At that time, the earth also collided with a primitive planet named “Theia”, and the debris produced by the collision formed the present moon.

Although the orbits of the planets in the present solar system are very stable, it is difficult to guarantee that there will be no planetary impact in the future. Scientists predict that because Mercury is very close to the sun, its orbit is very unstable. As the Sun continues to expand in the future, mercury may be thrown out by the sun. Once Mercury is out of orbit, the first threat is Venus. Who made it closest to mercury.

If mercury collides with Venus, the stable orbit of Venus will be broken. If Venus is out of its orbit, it may collide with the earth. If Venus collides with the earth, it will be a terrible disaster. You should know that the mass of Venus is very close to that of the earth. If two rock planets about the same size collide head-on, the final result is that both Venus and Venus will collapse and become fragments.

Some scientists speculate that there might have been a beautiful ecological planet before Venus and earth long ago. Later, the planet collided with Venus and was destroyed. Because of this collision, the ecology of Venus changed dramatically, and its orbit also changed in the opposite direction.

Of course, even if such a collision happens in the future, it may be billions of years later. If human civilization still exists, it is believed that it has already become a powerful cosmic civilization, and naturally has a strong civilization strength to solve the crisis facing the earth. It can be seen that the universe is not a safe environment, and no one knows when the accident will happen. Only a strong civilization can cope with all kinds of possible cosmic disasters.

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