Scientists say the earth stopped turning green 20 years ago. What is the reason behind it?

Scientists say the earth stopped turning green 20 years ago. What is the reason behind it?

In people’s eyes, the earth is a blue planet, which provides rich resources and suitable environment. If it were not for the earth, all living things would not have a home. What is more disappointing is that with the development of science and technology and the frequent growth of global population, the resources on the earth are increasingly exhausted. In particular, many human beings who only seek their own selfish desires have been destroying the environment, leading to the disappearance of the original face of the earth.

A satellite has taken a bird’s-eye view of the earth. I didn’t expect that the originally vibrant earth has become a gray, cloudy state. Human beings are gradually aware of this problem, although they have also made corresponding rescue measures, but the damage has been very serious. What is gratifying and lamentable is that China has done extremely well in afforestation. Scientists say the earth stopped turning green 20 years ago. What is the reason behind it?

The US satellite found that almost 20% of the world’s Green comes from China, which shocked other countries. In the early days of China’s development, many countries criticized China as the country that did not know how to protect the environment. After many years, China has become the most important and indispensable part of the earth. Although China is slowly restoring the earth to its original appearance, scientists warn us once again that the earth we live on has stopped turning green and changed beyond recognition. Why on earth?

It’s not that afforestation can restore the earth’s former appearance. Even if it is restored, these scars will never disappear. Now the earth has been damaged too much. If we want to add a little vitality to the earth, we must realize the importance of ecological environment and maintain ecological balance. Nowadays, the oxygen occupied on the earth is more and more scarce. Oxygen is an indispensable resource. All organisms on the earth must maintain oxygen to survive. However, the excessive rise of carbon dioxide has reached 40 billion tons, which is a serious problem that can not be ignored. So human beings should devote themselves to the project of protecting the earth.

The earth is the only home for human beings. What’s worse is that the global warming is becoming more and more serious, which is seriously related to all human beings. Scientists are worried about the rapid melting of Antarctic glaciers. These consequences are not very tolerable. In the final analysis, the occurrence of many natural disasters is the punishment of nature to human beings, and the fundamental reason is that human beings cause them. If it were not for the endless destruction and demand of human beings to the earth, the earth would not be like this.

Many resources on the earth are exhausted day by day, and many resources can’t be further developed. If we can’t find substitutes, these resources will be completely gone, and will never be seen again. Therefore, we should protect the earth within our ability, take good care of the earth’s environment, and control the demand for resources, so as not to waste. How do you feel when you see what the earth looks like today? You can leave a message for interaction.

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