Scientists say: there are some unreasonable aspects in human physiological structure. Why is it so?

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4.6 billion years ago, the earth was born in the habitable zone of the solar system. 600 million years later, the earth, which has formed a perfect ecological environment, gave birth to early simple life, which lived in the ocean. To complete the evolution from simple life to complex and advanced life, we need a law of nature, that is evolution.

Evolution is the core of the road of life evolution. Only through evolution can life be upgraded again and again, and finally intelligent life is born. Naturally, human beings have evolved from the simplest life step by step. This time is very long and may take hundreds of millions of years. However, when we talk about the origin of human beings, we usually start from the day when apes learned to walk upright.

According to this point in time, human beings were born about 3 million years ago. For millions of years, human beings have evolved from the Hairy Ape to the present human life. Some people may say that such a long time of evolution is enough to make human body evolve perfectly. Is this really the case?

The results may come as a surprise to many people. Through research, scientists have found that human evolution is not as perfect as we thought. At present, there are still some unreasonable aspects in human physiological structure, which will have a great impact on human health. What are the specific unreasonable aspects? Now let’s look at it together.

The first is unreasonable: human beings are all premature babies. I believe many people know that human beings are mammals in nature, and the way mammals give birth to their offspring is basically the same. All babies need to be conceived in the mother for a period of time before they are born. Human babies need to be conceived in the mother for 10 months, which is called October pregnancy.

In terms of gestation time, human beings have greater advantages than other mammals, because the longer they stay in the mother, the more nutrients the baby can absorb and the healthier it will be. Although human babies are pregnant for a long time, their development after birth is quite different from that of other animals.

I believe many friends know that baby animals can learn to stand soon after birth. For example, lambs can walk on their own within an hour after birth. The same is true for other baby animals. They can walk on their own for hours or days. And the development of the animal baby after birth is very fast, a few months time is a big baby, soon can leave their parents to live independently.

But human babies are not like this after birth. We all know that it takes about a year for human babies to learn to walk independently after birth. To be truly independent, it will take longer. Why do human babies develop so slowly after birth? In fact, it is closely related to the development of the brain.

We all know that the behavior of animals, including human beings, is controlled by the brain. The brain is equivalent to the central control center, which can control all animal behaviors, including speaking, walking and so on. The main reason why babies of animals can adapt quickly, learn to walk and live independently after birth is that the brain of animals can be fully developed in the mother.

But the human brain needs another four years after birth to be fully developed. Why? In fact, all this has to do with human evolutionary selection. We all know that our ancestors chose the direction of brain evolution, and the evolution of the brain led to a larger head than other mammals.

It’s no problem that the human brain is bigger, which means that our intelligence is higher, but the bigger the brain, the higher the requirements for the female pelvis. If a human baby’s brain chooses to be fully developed in the mother, then the head will be larger and need a larger pelvis to accommodate it. However, the larger pelvis is not conducive to human walking, so women’s pelvis does not adapt to the birth of the larger head baby, resulting in human birth, it is easy to die of childbirth.

In order to solve this problem, our body has evolved a set of rules, that is, let the baby brain is not yet mature. In this way, the death rate at birth is not so high. After the baby is born, the baby’s brain continues to develop. So, to some extent, humans are premature.

The second unreasonable place: the mechanism of vomiting. I believe many people have experienced vomiting. When we have a severe cold, we are prone to vomiting. When we are carsick and have a bad stomach, we are also prone to vomiting. I believe every friend who has experienced vomiting knows that it is a very uncomfortable taste. Once we have experienced it, we don’t want to experience it again.

Some people may say that vomiting is a physiological mechanism, which is very reasonable. Why is it unreasonable? Don’t worry, let’s listen to what experts say. Nature has given humans vomiting mechanism in the process of evolution, originally to protect our bodies from toxic food.

There are many “sensor” like cells in the stomach. When they detect that the food coming into the stomach is not right, they will immediately give a warning. At this time, the stomach receives the message and pushes the food in the opposite direction. At the same time, the mouth will automatically secrete saliva to protect the teeth from being dissolved by the gastric acid. Then, you will vomit.

The above is the mechanism of vomiting, which has played an important role in the long life of human beings. However, when human beings enter the era of science and technology, this vomiting mechanism makes many people feel uncomfortable. In ancient times, there were few people who had vomit experience, but in modern times, there are many people who have vomit experience.

In our ears, there is a small part that can sense balance: the vestibule, which can detect the changes of the body in space and tell the brain where you are. This is originally a good thing, but the human eye also has the ability to see where you are, so there is such a situation: when we are in the car playing with mobile phones, your eyes tell the brain that you are in a static state, not moving.

But the vestibule of your ear tells the brain that you are moving now. At this time, the brain will receive two completely opposite instructions, so the brain “crashes”: whose information should I believe? This kind of state reflects to our body, can produce vomit, that is why we are carsick, airsick reason.

You think it’s complete except for carsickness? Of course, it’s not that simple. In fact, when we give a speech in an interview or on a major occasion, you may be over nervous. At this time, your brain will also receive two opposite conflicting messages. At this time, your physical performance is still vomiting. Do you think it’s embarrassing to encounter this state?

Therefore, modern people are persecuted by the vomiting mechanism, and often vomit for various reasons, which will cause harm to the human body. Frequent vomiting is easy to damage the esophagus, because there is no anti gastric acid substance on the esophageal wall, and it is also easy to cause electrolyte confusion. After reading these, do you think the vomiting mechanism is very unreasonable? Without this mechanism, we would not have carsickness, airsickness and vomiting.

The third unreasonable place: the human cervical spine, spine and thoracic vertebra did not keep up with the pace of evolution. Human beings have evolved into intelligent life by walking upright. If we have to walk upright for a long time, the bone will be worn seriously. However, the important bones of human beings are not as strong as those of some animals.

Because the skeleton is not strong, so when we are old, we will not be able to move. And many elderly people will have a variety of bone diseases, bones become very fragile, accidentally fall a somersault may be completely paralyzed or even lost their lives. And after walking upright, the distance between the brain and the heart becomes longer, which means that the heart needs to strengthen its blood supply ability to reach the brain. In this way, the burden on the heart will be increased, so people are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Of course, the unreasonable parts of the above physiological structure are also normal, in line with the law of human evolution. At the same time, it also shows that the road of human evolution has a longer way to go, and these unreasonable places will be improved and corrected in the future. Even when human science and technology develop to a certain extent, we can use genetic technology to artificially modify, so that human beings become a more perfect advanced life.

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