Scientists sounded the “alarm”, another resource is facing depletion, no more restraint!

An important resource on the earth is on the verge of exhaustion. How can human beings save it?

The earth is a planet full of vitality, which breeds countless lives. In fact, every life has very harsh conditions. We should not only have a suitable environment, but also have sufficient resources, such as water, oxygen and so on. Water is the source of life, everything in the world can not do without water, once the lack of water in the body, it will destroy the balance of the body. The earth has seven parts of the ocean, and it may use very little fresh water resources, especially in many poor areas. Every drop of water is particularly important to them.

Oxygen and water are equally important. Everyone lives on the earth and absorbs oxygen all the time. If there is a lack of oxygen, we may suffocate and die. The carbon dioxide we emit will be recycled through photosynthesis of plants. These resources are essential. Before human beings entered the era of science and technology, they did not know much about resources and what they meant. However, the development of science and technology requires the use of a variety of resources, resulting in a growing shortage of resources on earth. An important resource on the earth is on the verge of exhaustion. How can human beings save it?

Classification and use of the earth’s resources

The earth is a planet with rich resources. In just a few million years of human development, there has been a shortage of resources. We know that once there are no resources, human beings will disappear in the long river of history, so many people are more and more aware of the importance of resources. The resources on the earth can be divided into renewable and non renewable. Once the non renewable resources disappear, they will disappear completely. Although many scientists are trying their best to find alternative resources, they still fail.

Take phosphorus as an example. Phosphorus is the 15th chemical element in the periodic table of elements. It exists in everyone’s cells and maintains bones and teeth. If there is no phosphorus in the body, maybe your teeth have already lost. Not only that, it can make our heart beat regularly and maintain normal functions. This is true not only for human beings, but also for other living things. Unfortunately, it is a kind of non renewable resource, so far there is no substitute for it.

Phosphorus resource is facing the risk of shortage

At one time, many people thought that phosphorus resources were very rich, and everyone wanted it endlessly. However, today’s lack of phosphorus resources, although it is very important, but the excessive waste of it has never increased the awareness of protection. Phosphorus can also be used in fertilizer to increase agricultural production. According to the investigation of scientists, in the past 50 years, the demand for phosphorus by human beings has increased by more and more, almost five times. According to this trend, the amount of phosphorus used in the future will continue to increase. This situation is not good, and human beings have felt a great crisis.

Once an irreplaceable resource disappears, human beings will face a terrible crisis. However, many people have been wasting too much, using it improperly, causing a lot of pollution. A lot of phosphorus is discharged into the sea, causing serious pollution of the sea water. Many fish have lost their homes and become homeless. Only by effectively protecting phosphorus resources, it will not be exhausted. If human beings continue to use phosphorus resources without restraint, it will disappear one day. What do you know about this phosphorus resource? You can leave a message for interaction.

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