Scientists speculate that the earth may be a conscious living body, and human beings are only temporary residents

In the age of science and technology, human beings seem to be more and more masters of the earth, and less and less look at nature. As long as the scientific and technological strength of human beings is strong enough, we can be above the nature of the earth.

So does man have a day to conquer nature? If the earth’s nature is just a law of natural circulation, just a dead thing without any vitality, then it will be sooner or later for human beings to defeat nature. However, with the rapid development of human science and technology, we have more knowledge of all things, nature, universe and life. Some scientists put forward a very bold conjecture, that is the earth Gaia hypothesis.

Many people may have heard of this Gaia hypothesis, which is a conjecture put forward by British scientist James Lovelock in the 1960s. James Lovelock thinks that the earth may be a self-conscious living body. Everything on the earth is a part of this living body, and human beings just live on this body temporarily. In a sense, human beings are equivalent to parasites of this living body.

If the Gaia hypothesis is true, not only human beings are parasites of the earth’s life, but millions of other kinds of life are parasites of the earth, except that human beings are more advanced parasites of wisdom. So why call this hypothesis Gaia hypothesis? In fact, we should start with Gaia.

Gaia is the mother of the earth in ancient Greek mythology, born at the beginning of chaos, is the God of creation after the deification of the earth. Her appearance represents the beginning of the world from chaos to order.

Gaia’s position in Western myths and legends is only somewhat similar to that of our eastern empire. The difference is that Gaia’s status is more respected, she gave birth to the Greek gods, even the Lord of the gods Zeus is her grandson.

James Lovelock compares the earth to an intelligent life body with self-regulation ability. The ocean, the earth, resources and magma are all part of this intelligent life body. These parts of life cooperate with each other to maintain the ecological stability of the earth, so that life on the earth can continue to evolve.

As we all know, life has its own metabolism, through which the material and energy between the body and the environment form an orderly and healthy self-renewal. The core of life is metabolism, which is the most essential difference between life and other substances. Does the earth have its own metabolic function?

If we carefully study, think and observe, you will find that the earth really has its own metabolism. From a macro perspective, we can see the earth as a living body. You will find that the earth’s ecological cycle is very similar to the metabolism of the human body?

The asthenosphere beneath the earth’s lithosphere continuously ejects hot magma to the surface, forming spectacular volcanic eruptions and new crust. At the same time, the earth is constantly swallowing all kinds of materials from outer space to enrich its crust and mantle. Therefore, the earth also has its own respiratory, digestive and excretory systems. Don’t you think this is a complete life system?

At the same time, 71% of the earth’s surface area is the ocean, and the water cycle is the most important in the whole ecological cycle of the earth. In the past, we thought that the earth’s water cycle is the cycle of the surface and atmosphere, but later research found that there is a lot of water in the earth. The water inside the earth returned to the surface through volcanic eruption and other geological activities, and participated in the whole process of water cycle.

If these are not enough, let’s talk about the earth’s strong ecological restoration ability. I believe many friends know that the earth has undergone many ecological upheavals in the long 4.6 billion years, especially in the history of life, there have been five mass extinctions, each of which was caused by the earth’s ecological upheavals. Even if the 65 million year old dinosaurs died out, it is still a disaster Because an asteroid hit the earth and caused ecological upheaval.

It must be very terrible that more than 80% of the earth’s organisms can be wiped out. However, even such a powerful ecological upheaval did not destroy the earth, but after the extinction, it was repaired for a period of time. The earth’s ecology returns to the beautiful scenery of the past again. Isn’t this powerful restoration ability just a kind of expressive ability of life?

Although the solar radiation has been continuously increasing in recent years, the surface temperature has always been stable; even if the ocean salinity is destroyed by many factors, it has always maintained a balance; even if there are continuous natural disasters around the world, it can still recover after a period of time.

Who on earth is regulating these biota and abiotic activities? There is no doubt that only the earth itself, the whole earth’s ecosystem is “living”. Only the living ecosystem can constantly adjust itself, adapt to or repair the changing ecological environment. And this kind of self equipment and recovery ability is unique to life.

70% of the surface of the earth is water, which is also called the water ball. 71% of the material of the human body is also water. Besides the human body, most of the other components of life are also water. Why is the water content of the human body so similar to the surface area of the earth? Is this a coincidence or is there a hidden setting behind it?

In addition, we can also find many unusual things on the surface of the earth. For example, on the line of 30 degrees north latitude, there are many miracles, such as Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, the Chinese dragon trellis, the legendary sunken continent, the mysterious Bermuda delta, the “Hanging Garden” of Babylon, the “Dead Sea” of Jordan, and the gold lettering of ancient Egypt Is it a coincidence that the pagoda, the Sphinx, the ruins of the ancient Maya civilization and the world’s deepest Mariana Trench are all on this line?

And in the most mysterious area of the earth, the earth’s interior, scientists hear the constant mysterious buzz through special seismometers. What kind of sound is this? Although we can’t hear the sound, it is very clear in front of a special seismograph. Through this exploration, we find that the earth has been moving, breathing and making its own sound since its formation.

In recent decades, the continuous progress of human science and technology has brought constant damage to the earth’s ecology. Some people believe that human activities and industrial production can destroy the earth in the future, making the earth a desolate planet like Mars and Venus. Is that really the case? If we can simulate and restore the five mass extinctions on earth, you will find that the damage of human beings to the earth is nothing at all.

The impact of human industrial pollution on the earth’s ecology is negligible, even if one day due to human pollution on the earth, it has been unable to adapt to human survival. However, in tens of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years or even longer, the earth will still recover slowly through its self-healing ability and become a beautiful planet again.

Therefore, this achievement of mankind is impossible to destroy the earth. We can only temporarily affect the ecological changes of the earth. Although the earth provides us with a living environment, it is not as kind as we think. It treats us like sacrifices, leaving us to live and die.

The earth is an autonomous life. If there are harmful factors in her body, she will take the initiative to fight back against these destabilizing behaviors and “purify” those harmful creatures. This form of life may be what we call the natural law of the survival of the fittest.

If the earth is really a conscious being, it will clean up its disadvantages. Therefore, the occurrence of ecological upheaval is very normal. At this time, we have to think of the extinction of dinosaurs. Did dinosaurs really die out when an asteroid hit the earth? If the Gaia hypothesis is true and the earth is a conscious living body, will it be that the earth consciousness felt that dinosaurs could threaten the earth, so it had to destroy them in the end.

After the destruction of dinosaurs, earth consciousness chose to let humans replace dinosaurs. Finally, we can become an intelligent civilization, but now, due to a large number of human industrial activities, it may also affect the life of the earth. So in the future, if Gaia’s consciousness finds something bad, will it also end human beings?

Man is neither the master nor the manager of the earth, but just one of the creatures living on the earth. If one day, the earth Gaia consciousness discovers the threat of human beings, it is also possible to launch a mass extinction event again, so that human beings disappear completely. Therefore, human science and technology to speed up the pace of development, only we have become an interstellar civilization, in order to completely get rid of the shackles of the earth.

Of course, the above-mentioned Gaia hypothesis is just a guess of scientists. Whether the earth has consciousness and whether it is a living body still needs our continuous efforts to explore. If, in the future, scientists prove that the earth is a conscious living body, it may be a subversive cognition of human beings. But at that time, maybe more people felt fear.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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